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Lighting is an important aspect of photography… the lighting you use will determine the mood of your photograph

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  1. 1. Lighting is an important aspect of photography the lighting you use will determine the mood of your photograph
  2. 2. Natural Light light existing from natural sources such as the sun or moon. This type of light is generally best for photography because it is the way our eyes see.
  3. 3. Artificial Light generated from studio lights, built-in or external flash units. Artificial lighting provides flexibility and creative opportunities, especially in situations where there is no natural light.
  4. 4. Ambient Light light that already exists in a scene, either natural (sunlight) or manmade (artificial). Ambient light works well for a variety of photographic genres particularly landscape photography.
  5. 5. Back Lighting light from behind the subject, heading toward the camera. This type of lighting creates silhouettes easily. Combined with certain atmospheric conditions such as fog or airborne dust you can get dramatic effects.
  6. 6. Directional or Side Lighting coming from a specific direction, usually the side. This provides a great deal of contrast, can create long shadows and adds depth to the image. This type of lighting can add a dramatic flare to architectural and portraiture photography.
  7. 7. Diffused or Soft light that is scattered, spread out and not coming from a single point. For example, light on a cloudy day is diffused. This type of lighting reduces contrast and minimizes shadows.
  8. 8. Shadows/Contrast enhances the mood, meaning and appearance of the subject. Without shadows the object may appear plain or flat. Light and shadows creates contrast (range of difference between different tones) which adds depth and interest to an image.
  9. 9. Assignment: 40 Image Contact Sheet plus 2 Best Images Natural Light - 10 images Artificial Light - 10 images Ambient Light - 5 images Back Lighting - 5 images Silhouettes 5 images Side Lighting - 5 images Diffused/Soft Light - 5 images Shadows/Contrast 5 images