physically accurate, photorealistic visualization on- ... physically accurate, photorealistic...

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  • Physically accurate, photorealistic visualization made easy using Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds Max

  • Dave Coldron Product Owner

    Iray+ for 3Ds Max

    George Matos Principal, Blue Marble 3D

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max - Features Rendering • Access to Iray Photoreal and Interactive render modes • Instant scene update using Interactive with Active shade • Very latest versions of iray = significant acceleration on new cards

    Remote rendering • Supports Iray Server for batch and streamed rendering • Supports nVidia VCA for streamed and IQ render • Supports 3DS max batch rendering (via Backburner)

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max - Features Materials •Create and edit multi-layer materials using an intuitive interface with

    multiple presets • Save and restore materials in max material library format (.mat) • Import and export MDL materials for sharing between applications • Support for procedural noise functions • File import for measured materials (.axf ) • Free library of over 300 physically-based materials

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max - Features Lighting • Fast area lights with photometric distributions • Edit and transform lights and see updates in real-time • Emissive materials • Physically based daylight model • Configurable IBL environments • Light analysis tool providing accurate measurement of both

    Diffuse and Specular luminance

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max – Legacy Data

    •Mental Ray Arch and Design •Mental Ray Carpaint •MR Subsurface Scattering Fast •MR Subsurface Scattering Fast Skin •Autodesk materials •Multi/sub-object variants of the above •Photometric lights •Daylight (Sun/sky)

    •Standard lights (spot, point, distant etc) •Standard materials

    Conversion tool

    Direct Support

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max Demo

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max – Case Study George Matos - Blue Marble 3D

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max Demo

  • Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds max – Summary •Iray+ Interactive mode allows you to see updates in geometry, lighting and materials immediately

    •Iray+ Photoreal gives you confidence in the accuracy of your visualisations by being physically based

    •Iray+ for 3ds Max is a fully scalable solution based on iray and leveraging nVidia GPU’s

    •Remote render support opens up a wealth of possibilities for off-machine rendering

    •Continuing development gives you access to the latest versions of iray providing accelerated performance and additional functionality

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