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Pimp My Powerpoint !. Creative slides for creative teachers!. Credits: Niamh Parkinson (former PGDE student) Gary Galvin (current 3 rd year BScEd ). You don’t want this…. You want this…. For example…. A picture is worth a thousand words… . English: Vocabulary task. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Pimp My Powerpoint!

Pimp My Powerpoint!Creative slides for creative teachers!Credits:Niamh Parkinson (former PGDE student) Gary Galvin (current 3rd year BScEd)

That the issue isnt how to create slides and add text images but how to do so CREATIVELY and in a way that results in Learning rather than 2

You dont want this

You want thisFor example.English: Vocabulary taskWork in pairs: First words that come to mind on seeing this picture Points for words found more points for more descriptive, evocative words leading to creative writing activity . Max. 3 slides! A picture is wortha thousand words

6Man HeroDarkScaryStrongBraveSpookyHandsomeTallTidyNeatCloudyMoonlitPrince

1 POINT3 POINTSMacabrePensiveEvocativeEnchantingMacho

5 POINTSInterestingDistantHeroicStillComposedAngryConfidentSturdyPowerfulDashingGroomedAristocrat

7Turn on the TV !

Lets watch

Popular culture (tv shows)As a stimulus to engage Or as amore elaborate narrative 8

Simpsons ScienceTeach concept of a biological key (using custom animation)

Begin Here:Do I have a backbone?NoInvertebrateYesVertebrateWhere do I sleep?Do I have fins or limbs?FishAmphibianFinsLimbsDo I feed my young on milk?MammalDo I have feathers?YesNoWaterLandBirdYesWhat type of skin have I ?ReptileNoRough & scalySmooth & moist

Simple Custom animation

Insert Lines and Basic shapes

Or create mind map shapes on http://bubbl.us (export as .jpg use a background image )More Popular Culture


Mr. Rowes Business Plan

I sell up-market cars that have been renovated with superb modern body kits and alloy wheels. There is a lot of interest in my business as everybody loves cars of these types. I am extremely passionate about my business and I am confident that I will make a large profit over the next five years.

At present I have some money to invest in my business but I am looking for a total of 100,000 to build a workshop and renovate the show rooms.

The cars usually sell for between 72,000 and 110,000 euro. I hope to make a lot of money and return the investment in the next 5 years.


Mr. Magners Business PlanMy business has been going for 10 years. It is located in Dublin City Centre.We sell antique jewellery. We have two veryexperienced managers and three sales persons.

Our business has grown steadily over the last seven years and our extensive market research has shown there is a definite potential for growth and little competition in the area.

I am investing 10,000 in my business but I am looking for another 5000 in order to build an extension which will house a show room for our very finest pieces of jewellery.

Our final accounts for the last 3 years have shown profits of above 8000 each year. I have provided a cash flow plan for the next twelve months also.


Ms. Coynes Business PlanI started up my business myself 4 years ago developing educational board games for schools. Since then my business has grown immensly and I now employ 50 staff who are involved in the design, development and distribution of these games. Recent market research has shown a potential market in selling to schools around the country. We currently have several large orders but are struggling to meet demands as production is quite slow.

I am looking for a total of 70,000 in order to purchase machinery that would speed up production and enable me to employ another 2 people.


Format background Add basic Call out Duplicate slides and edit Use own photos to create interest Worksheet to refer to case studies

All you need is 1 slide and a white board marker ! 2212345- 5- 4- 3- 2- 1yx- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 665432123- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6654321024Languages : Hangman game

What is the Swahili word for teacher?_ _ _ _ _ _ _ grrr !26Geography: Features of Rivers Insert lines and shapes MeanderGeography: Features of Rivers 28

Meander29Format: Fill in shape

30MeanderFormat: Draw lines Fill in shape



4746454443424114151617181913o34Get the point (not the PowerPoint!)Use ppt as a stimulus to engage

Control the slide format yourself Add texture or colour to create interestUse your own photos: help from colleagues! Manage contrast text & background colourYOU CAN BE CREATIVE!

Use it to structure an activityDo not use it to structure your entire lesson!


MULLINGAR MILLIONAIRE QUIZTo Sum it all upMost effective if it has a narrative or an activity to engage the studentsYour slides are there to back you up: not the other way around!Draw on popular culture for the stimulus to engage students: tv, music, sport, games etc.39Summary cntdWhen deciding on images, make sure they have a purposeAvoid PowerPointtemplates slidesUse contrast for text & backgroundSharing resources is a good idea but even better if you create them with colleagues40