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Slides for workshop held at the Digitally Agile Community Learning and Development event in Edinburgh on 24th January 2013. Pimp Your Online Presence in 6 Steps: http://www.clearmindedcreative.com/pimp-your-online-presence-in-six-steps/ More on the DACLD event: http://www.youthlinkscotland.org/webs/245/documents/DACLDReportJan2013.pdf


  • 1. FacebookGoogle Plus Blog Pinterest TwitterInstagram YouTube Email Newsletter Pimp Your Online Presence
  • 2. Q What would you like to get out of this workshop?Do you feel positively or negatively about your online presence? Are you ready to rhumble?
  • 3. In the first years of the 21st century, a new meaning of the word pimp has emerged in the form of a transitive verb,which means to decorate or to gussy up (compare primp, especially in Scottish usage).This new definition was made popular by Pimp My Ride, an MTV television show.Although this new definition paid homage to hip-hop culture and its connection to street culture, it has now entered common, even mainstream commercial, use. Wikipedia (that most reliable of sources).
  • 4. This.
  • 5. Not this.
  • 6. Pimping your online presence is all about communicating as clearly and cleverly as possible who you are and what youreoering to the world, so that you stand out and are remembered.
  • 7. We all have to do it.
  • 8. The internet wasnt built to make it easy for you to watch Lady GaGa videos.The Internet is a connection machine, and anyone with a laptop or a smartphone is now connected to just about everyone else. And it turns out those connections are changing the world. Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception
  • 9. Can You Afford to Ignore It?
  • 10. Your Digital Identity
  • 11. Personal Online Professional
  • 12. What Story Are YouTelling?
  • 13. Tools for Telling Your StoryTitle and tagline of your website/blogAbout PageEach Blog PostA TweetPhotosVideosCan you describe what you do in 160 characters? (Twitter bio)
  • 14. Q Are you comfortable about sharing your real identity online? Are you willing to show a more personal side online?Are you concerned about the trend towards sharing more online?
  • 15. Google Plus Facebook Pinterest BlogInstagram Twitter Email Newsletter The Building Blocks of Your Blogging Strategy
  • 16. Your Home on the Web Freedom Flexibility Ownership Growth
  • 17. Your website needs to be the central point of all your online communications. Why is this so important?Well by setting up your own space where people can visit, you have freedom to postwhatever you want to post. You have the flexibility to change things and experiment to see what works best. This enables you to build a platform which can potentially grow in value over time. And if you use a self-hosted option, will be the owner of your website/blog. Ideally, you dont want to be reliant on specific services and companies who maychange the rules as they go along (as with Facebook EdgeRank) or rapidly nosedive in popularity (like MySpace).
  • 18. What is a blog?A website or part of a website (web log)easily updated, preferably on a regular basis consists of individual blog posts, which areusually presented in chronological order, withthe most recent post at the top of the page.Can be mainly written, or based aroundphotos, videos or audio.Can allow readers to comment/interact
  • 19. Very few people are ever going to come back to your website if it isnt updated regularly, and if youre not providing valuable or entertaining content. A blog which is updated reasonably regularly is a great way of keeping peopleinterested in what you have to say and what youre doing.Its the dierence between having a website which is like a ghost town, and one which has life and energy about it, and attracts people and conversation.
  • 20. Links to social networksTagline -what blog is about
  • 21. Latest postComments
  • 22. emailnewsletter social proof
  • 23. Socialsharingbuttons Comments
  • 24. Pro-Blogging Recommendations Self-hosted Wordpress (Wordpress.org) Premium Theme (with SEO features) Responsive Theme (for mobile devices) Google Analytics (to measure visitors) Akismet plug-in (to limit spam) Back it up! (Backup Buddy)
  • 25. Try it for free..www.tumblr.com wordpress.com
  • 26. Q Do you have a personal blog?Do you blog as part of your work? Do you read blogs?
  • 27. Email is social too.
  • 28. Advantages of an email newsletter People are more likely to see your email than they are to see your Twitter update.You can oer additional content or information that you dont want to post publicly. Peoples inboxes are very personal. If they sign up to yournewsletter they are probably very interested in what you have to say. You can remind people to visit your blog!
  • 29. Permission MarketingDont send unsolicited group emails. Most people consider them as spam. Only send to people who have signed up or given you permission to contact them.
  • 30. Q Do you have an email newsletter?Does it get sent out on a consistent schedule?Do you subscribe to any email newsletters?What do you like/dislike about them?
  • 31. Avoid Social Media Meltdown
  • 32. Concentrate on growing one social network at a timeFocus on building relationships and having conversations - not the numbersBe generous. Share other peoples content.Share related content to your topic, not just your own stu.Set time limits!Use a social media client e.g. Hootsuite or Buer, to monitor and schedule updatesin advance.Use lists and filters to see the relevant information.Dont post the same updates to all of your social networks. Find out what workson each individual platform.
  • 33. Remember, its about having conversations Take some time to work out the basics (its very easy!)Only follow people back you actually find interesting/relevant Share interesting links Keep it relevant/on-topic if possible
  • 34. Facebook Organisations can set up a Page or a Group. Groups can be Open, Closed or Secret. Pages are subject to Facebook EdgeRank - your messages will not be seen by everyone who likes your page.However Facebook provides insights (statistics) and allows you to promote posts and also advertise your page.
  • 35. Other Social NetworksInstagram and Pinterest are very visual.Instagram is great for telling an ongoing story throughphotos, and easy to update via a smartphone.Pinterest is an online scrapbook most popular with women.Google Plus has a small, but strong community. They nowhave community pages which could be useful fororganisations.StumbleUpon & Reddit are social bookmarking sites. Theycan drive trac but you need to invest time in thecommunity.Other sites: KILTR, Blipfoto etc.
  • 36. Q Do you have a personal Facebook account? Do you have a personal Twitter account?Do you use Facebook or Twitter for work purposes? What about other social networks?
  • 37. Be Realistic Be FocusedBe ConsistentProvide ValuePlan Ahead
  • 38. Set Clear Expectations & BoundariesExternal Social Media PolicyInternal GuidelinesComment PolicyModerate commentsSet a Posting ScheduleRefuse to engage with Trolls
  • 39. So, Are You Ready....
  • 40. ...To Unlock theDigital Handcuffs?
  • 41. Q Do you think your sta should have more freedom to use online tools? How could this be made possible? Are you prepared to set clear internal andexternal guidelines about your organisations online presence? Has this workshop made you feel any dierently about your online presence?
  • 42. Photo credits (utilised under a Creative Commons license): p.9 Keith Allison http://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/ p.11 Tropical Pete http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ p. 12: Olaf http://www.flickr.com/photos/gradin/ p.16 TheMuuj http://www.flickr.com/photos/themuuj/ p.20 Allie Caulfield http://www.flickr.com/photos/wm_archiv/ p.28 Esparta http://www.flickr.com/photos/esparta/ p. 33 Hack NY http://www.flickr.com/photos/hackny/ p.42 See-Ming Lee http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/ p. 46 Keith Allison http://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/
  • 43. Published WorkThe Guardian online, The Scotman online, Journalism.co.uk, The Edinburgh About MeEvening News, The Skinny Magazine, The List.Copywriting/Web Editing clients include:The National Trust for Scotland, LEWIS Creative Consultants, The JohnstonPress, The Touch Agency, TEDxGlasgow.Blogger since 2005My rst blog was focused on music, technology and other topics.The Clear-Minded Creative (founded in 2011) was voted one of Scotlands bestwebsites by The List in the same year.Education and Previous EmploymentI have an Honours degree in Communications Studies and over a decade ofrelevant experience working at the heart of The Scottish Government, including anumber of years in the Media and Communications Department.As Digital Co-ordinator for Environment & Climate Change I managed theEnvironment section of the main Scottish Government website,was on theeditorial and communications group for Scotlands Environment website and alsocontributed to the initial content strategy for the Greener Scotland website,aimed at encouraging more sustainable living. I also chaired the Climate ChangeDigital Communications short-life working group.Speaking contact: [email protected] Store event on blogging, Washington College in Maryland, St. Andrews www.clearmindedcreative.comUniversity, BBC Radio Scotland.