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Want to learn how to use Pinterest, Google+ and the new Facebook? This slide show from and provide you everything you need.


  • 1.How to Use Google+, Pinterest and theNew Facebook Presented by Jamie Turner and Karen Naide

2. This Webinar Sponsored by 3. This Webinar Sponsored by 4. Introductions Karenis President ofProject Social, a socialmedia consulting rm She is the co-founder of60SecondUniversity, anonline training center thatlaunches soon Her Twitter handle [email protected] 5. Introductions JamieTurner is the co-author of How to MakeMoney with Social Mediaand Go Mobile He can be seen on CNNand HLN on the topics ofsocial and mobilemarketing He is the co-founder of 60Second University 6. Ask us QuestionsStructure: Please feel free to typequestions into thequestion box on yourscreen The hashtag for this eventis #SMTips My Twitter handle [email protected] 7. 8. Tweet About Tweet about 60 Second University during this webinar andreceive a $99 course for free Include in your tweet Use #60SU as your hashtagSuggested Tweets: Im looking forward to the launch of 60 Second University! #60SU 60 Second University is going to provide online social mediatraining. It launches soon! 9. Google+The Death of Facebook? 10. Google+ Overview Google+ is, essentially, Googlesversion of Facebook It has been the fastest-growingsocial media site in history, goingfrom 0 to 90 million users in just 9months 60% of Google+ users log in everysingle day In comparison, just 50% of Twitterusers log in dailyFree Social Media ROI download at 11. Google+ OverviewFree Social Media ROI download at 12. Getting Started Whenusing Google+, stickto industry-related topicswith the occasional personalperspective tossed in Some large, well-knownentities create Google+pages for their organizations Youll probably want tocreate a prole for yourpersonal brand rather thanyour corporate brandFree Social Media ROI download at 13. Creating an Engaging ProfileFree Social Media ROI download at 14. Insider Tip: Make Posts VisualFree Social Media ROI download at 15. Google+ Tips and Techniques Provide original information and sharing information Post several times a day Chris Brogan says to aim for an on-topic/off-topic ratio of 80/20 Since Google monitors your social sharing activity on Google+, there may be some SEO benets to using itFree Social Media ROI download at 16. Encourage +1s on Your BlogFree Social Media ROI download at 17. Free Social Media ROI download at 18. Action Plan1. Create a Google+ account2. Add photos to your prole that support your personal brand3. Provide a link on your website that drives people to your Google+ page4. Encourage people to +1 your blog posts5. Ask questions, provide insights, write mini-blog- posts (and keep things visual)Free Social Media ROI download at 19. Tweet About Tweet about 60 Second University during this webinar andreceive a $99 course for free Include in your tweet Use #60SU as your hashtagSuggested Tweets: Im looking forward to the launch of 60 Second University! #60SU 60 Second University is going to provide online socialmedia training. It launches soon! 20. Pinterest forBusinessThe Current Darling of the Social Media World 21. Why do people love it? Veryeasy to use no bellsand whistles Expression of who you are andwhat you love Can highlight your passions,places youve travelled,wishlists, decorating ideas Is longer lasting onFacebook or Twitter, imagesare gone within a few days orhours Is NOT a place for over self-promotion 22. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network,one which is very visuallyfocused and allows for easysharing Pinterest allows you to createvirtual bulletin boards orscrapbooks of images thatyou like you pin theseimages to your boards. Youcan also re-pin from theboards of others Easy way to curate, share,and discover new interests 23. What does Pinterest look like? Recent activity this is Pinterestsequivalent of a newsfeed on Facebook orTwitter, or a stream on Google+. 24. How do you pin something in the firstplace? Add the Pin It bookmarklet toyour browser. Then, click Pin It.Pinterest allows you to choosethe image you want to pin. 25. Other ways to pinUsers can also: Upload images from theircomputer Use the Pin It buttonwhich many savvymarketers are adding totheir websites Provide a URL toPinterest 26. How does it work? 27. Anatomy of a Pin When I click on a pin, I have the option to share it on my board (Repin), I can Likeit, or I can even comment on it. This tells me which friend pinned this item, where she found it, and what board of herown that she pinned it onto. 28. How to Repin After clicking Repin, this box pops up. I canchoose which of my boards to pin this to, change thecomment, and publish it to Facebook or Twitter. 29. Addictive time-suck? Pinterest is completelyaddictive but also veryenjoyable People spend HOURS onPinterest, pinning andrepinning If youre like me, youthought, Oh no, yet anothersocial network! Before long, I realized as asocial media marketer, Icouldnt possibly avoid it 30. Why bother? Pinterestlast month attractedmore than 11 million uniquevisitors, more than double the4.9 million who visited the sitein November, according tocomScore Those who visited spentnearly 100 minutes on the sitein January, compared with 19minutes on professionalsocial-networking siteLinkedIn 31. More Pinterest Stats 1.36million average daily users 68% are women 50% between ages 25-44 28% have $100,000+ annualhousehold income 50% have kids In February, Shareaholicreleased a study that Pinterestnow beats YouTube, Reddit,Google+, LinkedIn andMySpace for percentage of totalreferral trafc in January 32. How does Pinterest boost traffic toyour website? Ifyou have a Pin It buttonon your pages, then everysingle pin that comes fromyour site will have a link witha source By having a link to your siteon the bottom of each pin,this allows pinners toencounter your content andvisit your website in one click Visits to your site couldmean lead generation! 33. Social Proof! 34. Getting StartedAccess to Pinterest is currently by invitation only. You can request an invite (takes about a day). You can ask a friend to invite you (or ask me!) Sign up is easy, and you can easily invite friends. 35. Build Your FollowingBecause Pinterest allowspeople to follow users AND/ORboards, some boards couldhave more followers than theuser who created of the board. Create boards of specicinterest Promote your boards on othersocial media sites Engage with other pins/usersby commenting or liking theirpins/boards 36. Personal vs. Business Boards Some boards should bestrictly about business,others should bepersonal shows otherPinners who you are asa person Privacy concerns Can promote contentby your colleagues, soyou can serve as agood resource 37. Pinning Best Practices Ifpossible, pin from the originalsource use forreverse image searchrespect copyrights Watermark your images Write your own comments ordescriptions under items thatyouve pinned 38. Visuals for Marketing Createboards with great visualcontent: Fun, beautiful, orinteresting If your business doesnt have astrong visual component (such asB2B companies), use some of thefollowing content: -- Executive bios -- Images used in blog articles -- Infographics and data charts -- eBooks & eBook covers -- Photos of your customers 39. Lisa McKenzie Pinterest Guru Lets give credit where its due: 40. Marketing Strategy #1BUILD BRAND AWARENESSExpress your brand and products using visuals and videosClick-throughs to your site drive high trafc to your website 41. Marketing Strategy #2EDUCATEBe a resource for all things you are passionate aboutincluding your industryServe your community by sharing interesting articles,images and videos 42. Marketing Strategy #3BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Pinners connect with eachother by [email protected], similar toFacebook and Twitter By tagging a friend, theperson will be alerted toview the comment, drivingthem to view the pin 43. Marketing Strategy #4PIN ORIGINAL CONTENT Pinning consistently keeps youtop of mind No copyright infringement if thepin is original Watermark your photos toensure visibility and credibility Original pins are valued moreby the community More than 75% of pinningactivity is REPINNING 44. Marketing Strategy #5BE RePIN-WORTHY Write keyword-richdescriptions 500-character limit indescriptions Similar to Twitter, use hashtagsto ag keywords, and tagfollowers If you use the $ symbol,Pinterest will automatically listyour item as a gift that can bepurchased 45. Marketing Strategy #6SELLING ON PINTEREST Watermark your images Make descriptions key-wordrich Add $ to product description List contact info Pindescriptions in gift items stick with the image, unlike comments 46. Marketing Strategy #7AFFILIATE MARKETING Pin Afliate products that link directly to the retailer List Afliate links in your pin description 47. Marketing Strategy #8 CROWD SOURCE Find Fans: http:// yourwebsite Find fans who are already talking about your brand Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter thru their prole links Tag them in pins, and ask for feedback 48. Marketing Strategy #9HOST CONTESTS Pin-it-to-Win-It types ofcontests Visibility & BrandAwareness Trafc booster Make it easy to enter 49. Marketing Strategy #9HOST CONTESTS Pin-it-to-Win-It types of contests Visibility & Brand Awareness Trafc booster Make it easy to enter 50. Marketing Strategy #10INCENTIVIZE Drive sales to youronline store Offer coupons Free trials 2 for 1 Free memberships 51. Marketing Strategy #11ADD PINTEREST TO CUSTOM FACEBOOK PAGE TABUse static iFrame app on Facebook 52. Case StudyCREATE A PAGE ON YOUR SITE THAT IS IMAGE RICH 53. Case StudyTHEN PIN THESE IMAGES TO A BOARD 54. Case StudyRESULTS: Within 8 hours, she had 16 pins and 8followers Most popular pins: Betty White, SusanSarandon Increased trafc Increased sign-ups for eNewsletter More comments on blog posts 55. Todays Poll Help Me with Pinterest 56. Todays Poll Option #1 Option #2 57. New FacebookChangesWhat They Mean for You 58. Facts About Facebook People interact with their favorite brands on Facebook farmore than other social networks. (34% for Facebook, 4%for Twitter and 1% for LinkedIn) 78% of the people who Like brands on Facebook likefewer than 10 brands 58% Like a brand because theyre a customer More importantly, 57% Like a brand so they can receivediscounts and promotions Once someone Likes your brand, they dont go away --76% of people have never un-liked a brand Source: Chadwick Martin BaileyFree Social Media ROI download at 59. Key Things to Know Your cover photo is the rst thingpeople see when they visit yourPage You cannot include purchaseinformation such as 30% off orDownload at our website You cannot include contactinformation You cannot include calls-to-action Dimensions for cover photo are850px X 310pxFree Social Media ROI download at 60. Key Things to Know Your prole picture can be yourlogo or some other image thatrepresents your Page Think of it as an asterisk thattelegraphs the visitor what yourpage is about Dimensions are 180px X 180pxFree Social Media ROI download at 61. Key Things to Know Photos,Likes and Apps are nowat the top of your Page Photos show in the rst spot, butyou can change the order ofeverything else so people seewhat matters most You can show a maximumnumber of 12 apps, so makesure you put your most importantrstFree Social Media ROI download at 62. Key Things to KnowFree Social Media ROI download at 63. Key Things to KnowFree Social Media ROI download at 64. Key Things to Know YourPage timeline iswhere a lot of people willspend most of their time Hover over a story andclick on the star to makeit wider Or, click on the pencil topin it to the top of yourPageFree Social Media ROI download at 65. Key Things to Know ManageFacebook fromyour Admin panelFree Social Media ROI download at 66. Action Steps for Facebook Dontbe afraid of the newchanges Visit the New York Times,Starbucks and Coldplay forexamples of early adopters Visit your competitors pages Dive in and update your pageto reect your brand Engage customers onFacebook the way you alwayshaveFree Social Media ROI download at 67. Tweet About 60SecondUniversity.comWho Won the Random Drawing for theFree Course? 68. 69. 70. Contact UsTo Searches:Jamie Turner60 Second MarketerProjectSocialContact me:[email protected] Karen:[email protected]