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  • Possibilities of PinterestPositively Practical Pinning for Pros Find this Presentation: DOUG ANTKOWIAK PORTENT, INC. Lead Social Media Strategist An Internet Marketing Company @SocialDoug @Portent
  • Use #PortentUSend any questions to @Portent
  • Quick Pinterest Intro
  • Pinterest = Virtual Pinboard Pin & organize online images
  • Add a Pin/Upload PinImage/video Image/video Collection of on internet on your images/videos computer Two ways to add a pin
  • Pinning Stuff I want to pin that! Awesome article from @WaitWait
  • We Love Pins that Link to Content Pins create referral traffic sources
  • We Heart Pins that Link to Content ClickPicture Anyone who clicks this picture will now go to the article
  • Pinterest Boards Use boards to categorize pins by theme
  • Everyone had a first day on Pinterest
  • Mid 2010 Totally Dont look gonna stupid pin this Squirrel! Neck deep in picture taking and wedding planning
  • Found a new site to bite onSometimes I can read Plutos mind
  • May the Force Be With Chew Pluto wanted to show me his new toys
  • What was I missing?
  • Audience 20 million unique visitors Stats from
  • Referral Traffic Stats from
  • Monetization Stats from
  • Zappos Knows Whats Up Info from &
  • Whos doing Pinterest right?
  • Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Stats from as of 8/20/2012
  • Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Mother of Pinterest Founder Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Secret Squirrel Graphic Designer Social Media Graphic Designer Fabric Designer Stats from
  • Top 8 Pinners (ranked by followers) Mother of Pinterest Founder Graphic Designer 18,981 Pins 4,202 Pins Graphic Designer Secret Squirrel 4,699 Pins 3,416 Pins Graphic Designer Social Media 14,949 Pins 2,901 Pins Graphic Designer Fabric Designer 5,418 Pins 2,529 Pins Stats from
  • What It Takes Stats from
  • What can we learn?
  • AlwaysBePinningThe AIDA model might also help
  • 10 5 10 RuleCheck out
  • Start Pinning 10 minutes: Morning 5 minutes: Every 90 min 10 minutes: Evening Nobody said this was going to be easy
  • Pin It Button Drag intoBookmarks
  • Create Tons of Content Add your own happy clouds
  • Thats What We Did @Bryden13s article
  • Stay Within a Theme
  • Describe Your Pictures Dan Zarrellas got tons of awesome stats like this:
  • Raising Your Pinterest Potential
  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Optimize Your Boards
  • Optimize Pins Edit & optimize pins youve already created
  • Optimize Pins Add Hashtags and profile tags to descriptions when needed
  • Add a Price Add a price in the description & it will display on your pin
  • Like/Comment/Repin
  • Like/Comment/Repin Stats from
  • #Hashtag Detour
  • Pinterest Hashtags = Twitter Hashtags
  • Pinterest Hashtags Click
  • Pinterest Hashtags
  • Pinterest Hashtags Help Categorize
  • Only Use Fresh Pins w/ Hashtags Repinned with Added Hashtag /
  • Only Use Fresh Pins w/ Hashtags My Repin Wont Show Up Here
  • On Site Optimizations
  • Optimize Your Site
  • Remind People to Pin
  • Analyze Your Pinning
  • Google Analytics Social - Sources Start with Google Analytics to find referral traffic
  • Pinerly only works when you upload all pins with their tool
  • PinAlerts will alert you when someone pins from your site
  • PinGraphy allows you to create pin queue & schedule updates
  • PicMonkey is a super amazing meme generator
  • Get Popular on Pinterest
  • Time is Important Great Scott! I forgot to pin this morning Pin during Mornings & Non- working hours
  • Pin Once Per Hour The pinning rampage ends now Pinterest limits ONE piece of content on category pages every one to three hours Source
  • Dont Use Imgur Pinterest just wants to be different from Reddit Source
  • The Possibilities of Pinterst
  • Polyvore It Up 30 seconds in Polyvore
  • Instructographics Search instructographics in Pinterest
  • Instructographics Stats at
  • Popular Topics Stats at
  • Contests
  • Contests
  • Contests Pick winners with
  • Peugeots Panama Puzzle
  • Thank You Find this Presentation: DOUG ANTKOWIAK PORTENT, INC. Lead Social Media Strategist An Internet Marketing Company @SocialDoug @Portent Send any questions to @Portent with #PortentU/