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  • What is ? Pinterest is a social networking site that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting, also known as pinning, images or videos to their own or others pinboards (i.e. a collection of pins, usually with a common theme). Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the pinterest bookmarklet, pin it button, or just a URL.Image Refrence:
  • Terminologies An image added to A PIN pinterest A set of theme-based PINBOARD pinsPINNING The act of visually sharing content
  • Terminologies Reposting somebody REPIN elses pinButton that can be placed on websites to facilitate PIN ITsharing on pinterest. Pins added using the pin It BUTTONbutton link back to the site they came from. PINNER The person who does the sharing
  • Features of One can browse through the items other users have pinned and like, repin or comment on them. As with most other social networks, members are encouraged to interact with the content by reposting it, sharing others pins on Facebook and Twitter or via email, and even embedding individual pins on their website or blog. Using a visual emphasis, the social network is very much focused on the concept of a persons lifestyle, enabling you to share your interests and preferences with others and discover those of like-minded people. This is a social network meant to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.
  • Why Does Matter ? 1. Traffic Any business that relies on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales, should consider joining pinterest. In fact, early research indicates that pinterest is more effective at driving traffic compared to other social media sites, even Facebook. 2. Links If you are using the pin It button on your pages, every single one of your pins will include a link back to the source. However, these are no-follow links and cannot be used to directly impact your SEO strategy. Yet, they still provide marketing value because they allow pinners to encounter content and visit pages in just one click.Image Refrence:
  • Why Does Matter ?3. LeadsLastly, pinterest will soon start(or already started) contributing to lead generation. Sofar, a few companies has generated a few leads from the new social network and wellkeep a close eye on how that number changes.4. Social SharingPinterest enables users to log in using their Twitter or Facebook profiles, connectivitythat is critical for social media success. These sites cant get away with being a silo,and pinterest has recognized that out of the gate. The site now connects withFacebook, according to a recent open graph announcement, enabling users toautomatically post new pins to their Facebook feed for others to see. This means moreeyes from other channels get access to your pictures. However, remember that youstill cannot connect pinterest to your Facebook business page. When members arebrowsing through pins, they will also have the ability to share posts through Facebook,Twitter or email. This feature is great to boost social sharing and get your evangeliststo spread the word about your brand.
  • How to Create an Pinterest Account User access to pinterest still operates under an invitation-only basis. After getting the request to your E-mail ID. You can request Pinterest for an invitation or you can get the invite from any of your contacts having a Pinterest account Click on the link provided to start.Once you receive an invitation to sign up for pinterest, youll want to sign up through the Twitter option,not the Facebook option. This will enable you to tie your pinterest account to your business Twitteraccount, not your personal Facebook profile. Currently, pinterest doesnt offer a connection to Facebookbusiness pages Click on Sign up with twitter
  • How to Create an Pinterest Account Type in your twitter user name and password. To authorize Pinterest to use your account
  • How to Create an Pinterest Account Enter Your Desired Username, Email address and desired Password. Username Preferably Should be your Company name.Click on create account after entering the required details
  • How to Create an Pinterest Account Click on a few Pinboard that you are interested in and click on follow PeopleAfter that you can check your mail and follow the link. To add a bookmark button and start pinning the images
  • How Pinterest Account looks Company NameAutumn Worldwide116 Followers, 87 following Company Logo Brief DescriptionAutumn is a new age advertisingand communication agency basedout of Bangalore providing efficientand viable social media solutions toa number of our clients. We are oneof the few communication agenciesthat has managed to bridge the gapbetween traditional and theconventional media. Links
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