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  • The issue for investors.. To know when to stop backing a startup or double down The lack of clear data from startups erodes trust Investors havent got the time to be chasing startups for updates They require better Transparency into their investments
  • Wayra Ireland is now using Pirate Dashboard to drive quantitative, metric driven reporting with our investment portfolio, enabling us to better manage and drive accelerated growth and net book value. - Karl Aherne, Director Wayra Ireland
  • The problem with startups If startups were focusing on the right things, they would be more successful! Customers Revenue Investors tell them that they are most interested in seeing User growth Revenue But during customer development we learned 20% of them gather NO metrics 60% put little (or merely some) importance on collecting them You cant show what you dont measure!
  • The problem with startups So what are the reasons a startup give for not collecting metrics? Hard to implement what should I measure and with which tools? Time consuming to do regularly Not a priority The reality is that they are afraid to learn the truth! Maybe they havent got a business They have no customers They need to pivot Metrics make for Honest startups! Give them nowhere to hide Provide real focus
  • Pirate dashboard will make Eventmama incredibly more efficient in how we gather and report on what's going on in our startup. Reporting they offer will not only save us manually gathering and analysing data - but the real-time insights into our business will allow us to act and iterate much faster. - Louise Caldwell, CEO EventMama
  • Our Goal is To be the standard in communications between startups and investors! Startups need to be HONEST with themselves. Dave McClures Pirate Metrics framework is used to keep a startup focused on customers and revenue from the start. Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral Investors require TRANSPARENCY By using data from 3rd party tools that the startup uses, trust can be built. The more data, the clearer the view. Display an up to date investor dashboard We like to call it The Trust Equation
  • The Trust Equation Honesty Transparency Investor Startup Investment & Support Trust
  • The Pirate Dashboard 1. What type of startup are you? 4. You can manually input data 2. Your startups Pirate Metrics at a glance 5. Create a story around your data with the newsfeed 3. Easily setup custom metrics with data from 3rd party tools 6. Share dashboards with investors
  • What makes us different? Layer Approach We sit on top of a startups existing tools They can continue to use their marketing, sales and engineering tools in their day to day and use Pirate Dashboard to get a 360 view of their business Singular Focus We provide a rigid framework focused on the Pirate Metrics There are many things a startup can measure but we focus them on what they should measure! Fit for purpose NOT a financial planning tool Designed to be used on a daily basis for decision making! Building a tool that we ourselves use to get customers and investors
  • Product Roadmap Our development philosophy Features come from two sources: customer requests and our own hypotheses. Customers are able to suggest and up-vote which 3rd party tools or features they want us to develop. All features requested are validated through user testing. This has led to a dynamic roadmap based on our customers needs.
  • Product Roadmap Feature Investor Portfolio Dashboard Peer Benchmarking One Metric That Matters Goal Setting Data Export Basic Reporting TV Mode Dashboard Alerts Email Alerts Shared Dashboards Forecasting Data Import Advanced Reporting Push API 3rd Party Tool Integration Jan X X Feb March Arpil May June July Aug Sept X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  • The Team Russell Banks Sales & Marketing As a team we. 20 years selling previously from Conker.io Daniel Kersten Engineering 14 years coding Eoin McKiernan Engineering MSc. Computer Science Eoin Hurrell Data Scientist PhD. Computer Science Predictive analytics for games learned that startup success comes from Revenue Execution are focused on Delivery Revenue
  • The Team David Coallier Eamon Leonard Wayra Ireland (Previously Conker Advisor) (Previously Conker Advisor) (Previously Conker Investor) NOW NOW NOW Investor & Advisor Advisor Customer
  • Appendix A Customer Development Who we have spoken to Types of startups What metrics do investors tell you are important? Metric use in decision making VS collection of metrics Commonly used metrics tools Basic metrics framework
  • 150+ Customer Development meetings and counting The following results come from over 70+ cus dev meetings with startups during The Dublin Web Summit
  • Appendix B - Investors Market Opportunity Revenue Generating Funding Requirement Competition
  • Russell and Dan have shown exceptional drive and an unwavering focus in the development of the Pirate Dashboard product, customer development and early revenue generation. - Karl Aherne, Director Wayra Ireland
  • Market Opportunity STARTUPS (funding stage) Annual Subscription (per startup) 1,200 Friends & Family Startups per Incubator Angel 10 Seed Initial Market Growth 21,943,200 Operational 192,616*-205,882** Startups 3,605** Publicly Raising 4,207,200 * ** BUT VCs did 4,905 deals worth $41.5bn in 2012*** INVESTORS (type) Angel Super Angel Accelerators/Incubators State Agencies VCs 11,385*-24,242** Investors 298*-1,478** Incubators 17,736,000 *** Ernst & Young: Global venture capital insights and trends 2013
  • Revenue Generating 150 + Customer development meetings since September13 24 Pre-orders @ 50 each to participate in beta Private Beta starts in Jan 14 Letter of Intent: Wayra Europe for 50+ Startups.
  • Startup Honesty Competition (Provides rigid metrics based framework) High Low Investor Transparency (Shared live dashboards and/or financial reports) High