pleuger solutions in the oil & gas industry

Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry Power - Pumps - Propulsion

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Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry Power - Pumps - Propulsion

Page 2: Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

SAFE AND TAILORMADE ENGINEERING IN UPSTREAM, MIDSTREAM AND DOWNSTREAM APPLICATIONLocated in Hamburg, Germany, Pleuger Industries’ “Center of Excellence” provides precision in design, manufacturing and service for pumping and propulsion solutions in the Oil & Gas industry, exceeding expectations of its worldwide customers with regards to total costs of ownership, Health, Safety, and environmental issues.

At Pleuger Industries, we have a customer-centric approach featuring tailor-made solutions for your requirements. With 90+ years of experience producing our own electric submersible motors coupled with our state of the art Research & Development center and reliable service, we are your trusted partner. And best of all, it is all done with the precision and reliability of German engineering and production.

• 90+ years of experience

• Thousands of units installed worldwide

• 3,500 kW subsea motor design

• 6 MW design capability

• 24/7 customer service

• Global sales and service network


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• Offshore and Onshore Applications

• Sea Water Lift Pumps

• Ballast and Deballast Pumps

• Fire Extinguishing Systems

• Emergency Drainage

• Booster Systems

• Process Pumps

• Service Water and Bilge Pumps

• Extraction of Crude Oil

• Cavern Storage of Crude Oil and Refinery





OUR ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCEPleuger Industries is a world leader in submersible motor pumps, marine propulsion systems and related services. At our Hamburg, Germany headquarter, we have been developing and producing pumping solutions to “best-in-class” quality standards for over 90 years delivering outstanding value to our customers. Friedrich Wilhelm Pleuger patented his first submersible pumps in 1929. Since then, and with a global network of partners we have been ensuring the smooth operation of our products in various applications within the Oil & Gas, Water, Mining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Marine & Offshore industries.

We are committed to excellence and our experience, technology and perseverance enable us to provide solutions to the most challenging applications. At Pleuger Industries we promote and foster collaboration while encouraging individual contribution and responsibility. We aim for a value-driven culture based on integrity, respect and teamwork and strive to meet the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings while endeavoring to create a clean, safe and healthy workplace and environment.


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Water is an absolute necessity for each type of rig or platform: Drilling or production, jack-up or semi-submersible, concrete or steel. Many applications are also critical for the day-to-day operation of the facility. Decades of experience have made Pleuger one of the leading manufacturers of submersible pumps for the offshore industry. Pleuger submersible pumps are outstanding for their continuous and immediate readiness for use.


Fire Fighting & Drain Caisson Pumps

Hull-Ballast & De-Ballast Pumps Water Injection Pumps

Bottom Intake Pumps for low submergence depth

Sea Water Life Pumps Jockey Pumps

Cooling Water Pumps Booster



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Pleuger Industries offers a wide range of Installation, Piping, Control and Monitoring equipment in high grade material execution like Super Duplex stainless steel to ensure operational safety and high performance even under difficult operating conditions on offshore platforms while ensuring full customer control of the Pleuger pumping equipment.

Installation• Tools

• Piping

• Valves

• Service

• Protection system

• Corrosion Protection

• Antifouling

Monitoring• Temperature

• Vibration

• Leakage Detection

Power control• Starting and Control


Fully equipped Discharge Head

Corrosion Protection system



Page 6: Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

Customized Engineered Motor Solutions Motors - developed, manufactured and optimized at our Headquarters, Hamburg, Germany

For decades Pleuger has been known as a manufacturer of high quality submersible motors, offering tailor made and engineered motor solutions to it’s valued customers.

High efficiency, customized corrosion protection, a huge power range and quality made in Germany - this is what Pleuger special motor design stands for.

Technical Specification:

• Water-Filled Motors as Standard

• Oil-Filled Motors on request

• Sizes: 6 inch to 50 inch

• Power Output: 0.37 kW to 5 MW (0.5 HP to 6,700 HP)

• 230V to 6.6kV (11kV on request)

• 3PH - 50Hz & 60Hz

• 2 pole (standard) to 12 pole available

• Suitable for VFD operation

• -25°C to +100°C

• Design Standards:ANSI / ASTM / DIN / ISO / Hydraulic Institute / CE marking / API 610

• Hydraulic Standards:ANSI/HI / EN ISO / API610 / NFPA20 

• Electrical Standards:NEMA / IEC / IEEE

• Certifications:DNV GL / ABS / CSA / ATEX

• Approvals:ISO 9001



Mechanical seals in different materials and design for maximum service life

Submersible Motors with Internal Forced Cooling System (I – Design)

The internal cooling system is manufactured with a highly efficient cooling impeller. The impeller is customized for each motor size and provides an efficient cooling circulation. The design ensures sufficient thermal motor reserves and minimizes energy losses, even under tough operating conditions.

Motor windings with PE2+PA insulation for optimized winding lifetime

Thrust bearings made of high performance polymer for highest axial thrust loads. Fundamentally important component to ensure reliability and extraordinary lifetime of motor - developed by Pleuger inhouse

Breather diaphragm in different elastomer materials for perfect pressure & volume compensation


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ENGINEERED FOR SAFE HANDLING AND OPERATION To ensure maximum operational safety Pleuger manufactures special equipment to meet customer needs such as challenging transport conditions, ambitious installation cases or extreme operating conditions. Pleuger has the perfect solution for offshore applications around the globe.

Additional Protective shrouds for heavy duty applications or Suction/ Cooling shrouds to improve requirements with respect to cooling conditions, water level management or special fluids.

Skids for Transportation, Storage or Installation according to Customer specifications are completely engineered by Pleuger to ensure maximum safety while handling our equipment.


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Pleuger submersible pumps are an economic and safe option to guarantee reliable seawater lift and fire water applications. Installed in caissons, which are either outside or integrated into the hull, Pleuger pumps offer safe and reliable assurance during operation. Regarding cost, a Pleuger caisson pumping system provides outstanding economy including the lifecycle costs - and it is designed to perform for decades.

Further applications: Fire Fighting Pumps, Jockey Pumps, Cooling Water Pumps, Booster Pumps, Process Pumps

Total flow-head chart (60 Hz) of PLEUGER submersible pumps

MIDSTREAM & FPSOMajor Application: Sea Water Lift Pumps

Pleuger electrical submersible pumps provide significant advantages to vertical line shaft pumps (VTP):

• Reliability

• Life Cycle Cost

• Explosion Proof (ATEX certificate available)

• Space-saving installation in caisson

• Safe from Flooding and Freezing

• Low noise and vibrations

• Ease of Maintenance

Non-Return Valve (Discharge)

Pump Bowl

Pump Shaft

Pump Impeller

Suction Casing

Submersible Motor


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For decades Pleuger has provided customized and high-quality pump systems for underground storage of hydrocarbon liquids

Technical Specifications

• Discharge Flow: 5 m3/h - 4500 m3/h (22 – 19,813 USGPM)

• Discharge Head: 7 m - 700 m (23 ft – 2,297 ft)

• Water-Filled Motors as Standard

• Oil-Filled Motors on request

• Power Output: 0.37 kW – 5 MW (0.5 HP – 6,700 HP)

• 2-pole (standard) to 12-pole Motor Designs for 50 Hz and 60 Hz

Reliable and certified cavern pumps ensure the safe and secure handling of underground storage of critical liquids. PLEUGER submersible pumps, ATEX-certified, are a perfect solution for handling liquids such as crude oil and other petroleum products including LPG, LNG, Butane, Propane, Diesel, and Gasoline. Apart from lift and transport applications, PLEUGER cavern pump units are also ideal for handling the penetrating leak water. Due to the porosity of the rocks, leak water steadily seeps into the cavern. The water settles below the stored petroleum product. The collected leak water is removed in intervals from the bottom of the cavern. Our cavern pump units are engineered and manufactured according to customer specifications.


Page 10: Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry



Pleuger Offshore Thrusters are maneuvering devices for Offshore vessels. Typically applied in semisubmersible platforms (SEMISUB), propulsion devices for multipurpose and supply vessels are also available. Pleuger s standard supply is an L-type configuration of the drive train combined with a fixed pitch propeller (FPP). On request, additional Z-drives or controllable pitch propellers (CPP) are available as well.

Plunger (reciprocating) Pump

The high quality and highest performance Pleuger reciprocating pump range includes vertical and horizontal reciprocating pumps (also known as plunger pumps), which are used in many applications:

For more details and local contact information visit our website:


• MEG/ TEG Gas Drying

• Methanol Injection

• Water injection

• Condensate

• Slop Oil transfer

• Boiler Feed

• Reverse Osmosis

• Hydrotest, Pipeline Testing & Flushing

• Water Jetting/ Descaling

• Fatty Acid/ Detergents

• Ammonia / Carbamate

• Various metal ore slurries




1.Power Control

Junction boxes

Junction boxes for signal and power cable connections (on stands or wall mounted), also customized  for all zones of explosion prevention and protection

Starting systems

Different electrical systems for starting and operating, like Frequency converter, soft starter etc

2. Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature sensors inside the motor to monitor motor internal temperature

Vibration monitoring

Submerged sensors to monitor vibration behavior of motor and pump

Leakage Detection

Liquid reservoir on top deck with level monitoring or leakage detection through conductivity sensor inside the motor

3. Installation

Riser Pipes Full Riser Pipe Systems with cable clamps, centralizer, installation tools, etc.

Wellhead Customized Wellhead designs with cable penetration, back-flow connection, air-release connection, elbow, etc.

Valves Air valves, vacuum breaker, multiple check and ball valve types

Centralizer Different designs for submersible unit and riser pipe protection during installation

Corrosion Control and Antifouling

Isolating equipment, active anode systems or passive anode systems for submersible units, riser pipe and caisson protection

Anti fouling equipment

Anti-fouling system to protect the units against marine growth

Installation Tools

Supporting clamp, horseshoe, mounting flanges, slings, shackles

Transportation Skids

Special tailor-made skids for transportation and storing of submersible pump equipment

Service Substantiated service support for installation, commissioning and maintenance as well as high-level technical consulting services from design phase through operation.


Page 11: Pleuger Solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry

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