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    12 Quality Portrait Photographs

    A photographic portrait is a good quality image that captures a person’s physical likeness on the photo, but also something of the person’s character. It reveals the subject’s personality or attitude through their unique mannerisms, body language, expressions, dress, environment, mood, etc. Subjects do not have to smile to make a good portrait!!! A serious or thoughtful expression can be more revealing of character. You want the viewer to draw conclusions about the person in the portrait or create a sense of inquiry. Some portraits may not be all about the “face” of the person. They could include their silhouette or even a close up of something important or significant about that person.

    Tips on taking a powerful portrait: 1) ​Remember rule of thirds: ​ How will you frame them in your image? Will their eyes be along a line of

    thirds? Will their nose/mouth follow along a line of thirds?

    2) ​Remember Simplicity: ​ Be mindful about the background. Make sure you don’t have a light pole seemingly sprouting out of their head. Will a busy background or a simple background work better for the emotion/mood you are trying to capture?

    3) Remember Interesting Perspective: ​Will you zoom in close, or stay further away? Will you be at eye-level or underneath/above? Will they be sitting? Laying down? Towering over you?

  • 4) Pay attention to LIGHTING. ​If the lighting is bad, your photo will be bad. Photography literally means “writing with light”, and you can’t make an image with low light. Natural lighting is usually most attractive, especially right before sunset when they call it the “golden hour” because of the gorgeous light.