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  • 1. Portraiture and Fashion Photography Mark Iggulden28/01/141

2. Contents 28/01/14Terence Donovan Biography Donovans Advertising work David Bailey outline and examples of 1960s portraits Peter Lindbergh Biography Lindbergh Portraits: Women Lindbergh: The Stranger I Know2 3. Terence Donovan: 1936 - 199628/01/14"The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying." 3 4. Terence Donovan Born September 14, 1936, London. Studied blockmaking at The London School of Engraving & Lithography. Discovered photography working in the photo department of a blockmaker in London.28/01/144 5. Terence Donovan 1959: Terence worked as a military photographer and then set up his own studio. In the 1960s Terence photographed for Town Fashion Magazine, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire. He also photographed celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix and the Duke of York.28/01/145 6. Terence Donovan 1973: Donovan made the film Yellow Dog. Film was not well received by the critics. Throughout the 70s he continued to shoot. In 1983 Donovan compiled "Glances": a book of photographs and semi-fictional narrative. During the 80s & 90s he continued to work for various fashion magazines.28/01/146 7. Donovan In 1996 Terence took his own life. According to his family it was because of a reaction to medication. Terence was one of the most important fashion photographers of the 20th century. At his death there he had close to one million exposures over forty years of shooting.28/01/147 8. Donovans Early Advertising Work28/01/148 9. Donovan: Brides & Evening Wear28/01/149 10. Donovan: Man28/01/1410 11. Donovan: Spy Drama28/01/1411 12. Donovan Portrait: Maxwall28/01/1412 13. David Bailey David Bailey has long been one of the most famous commercial photographers in the world. He has worked for magazines and newspapers from Vogue to the Daily Telegraph, photographing most of the key cultural figures from the worlds of pop music, literature and theatre with a simple and dramatic style.28/01/1413 14. David Bailey He has remarked that his approach was inspired by the style and free expression of working girls in dance halls. Bailey continues to have a successful and high profile career as a photographer and film maker.28/01/1414 15. David Bailey: Roman Polanski28/01/1415 16. David Bailey: Lennon & McCartney28/01/1416 17. David Bailey: Mick Jagger28/01/1417 18. David Bailey: Jean Shrimpton28/01/1418 19. David Bailey: Catherine Deneuve28/01/1419 20. Fashion: Peter Lindbergh Images of Women28/01/1420 21. Peter Lindbergh Peter Lindbergh was born on the Polish border of East Germany in 1944. His childhood background of stark industrial greyness in the West German town of Duisburg is an influential theme running through his work.28/01/1421 22. Peter Lindbergh A renowned master of black and white photography, Lindbergh typically uses mechanical, industrial scenery that lends a contrasting trademark directness and honesty to models in his fashion photography.28/01/1422 23. Peter Lindbergh He has worked with leading supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford. Lindbergh's photographs have appeared in every major fashion magazine and been commissioned for advertising campaigns by leading international fashion designers.28/01/1423 24. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1424 25. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1425 26. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1426 27. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1427 28. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1428 29. Lindbergh: Images of Women28/01/1429 30. Lindbergh: Women28/01/1430 31. Lindbergh: Fashion & Advertising28/01/1431 32. Lindbergh28/01/1432 33. Lindbergh28/01/1433 34. Lindbergh28/01/1434 35. Lindbergh28/01/1435 36. Lindbergh28/01/1436 37. Lindbergh28/01/1437 38. Lindbergh28/01/1438 39. Lindbergh28/01/1439 40. Lindbergh28/01/1440