post-crowdfunding best practices how my kickstarter blew up my life gareth everard, rockwell razors

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  • Post-Crowdfunding Best Practices

    How to Deliver On-Time and On-Budget

  • Gareth Everard


    Rockwell Razors

    Owen MacMullin

    National Manager,

    Enterprise Sales

    DHL Express Canada

    Mary-Rose Sutton

    Content Marketer,


  • So You’re Funded - Now What?

    The upcoming challenges:

    - Finish manufacturing

    - Customer service / communication

    - Logistics & fulfillment

    - Graduate into a regularly-operating e-commerce company

  • How My Kickstarter Campaign Blew Up My Life

  • How My Kickstarter Campaign Blew Up My Life

  • How My Kickstarter Campaign Blew Up My Life

  • Finish Manufacturing

    Macro Tips:

    - Pick a supplier you know and trust.

    • Attendance is mandatory

    - Delays happen.

    • Keep communication open and honest. Secrecy = headaches.

  • Customer Service

    4 Methods of Customer Support:

    - Email / Direct Message (Private)

    - Project Comment (Public)

    - Posting Updates / Update Comments (Public

    - Social Media (Public)

  • Customer Service - Make Good Updates

  • Customer Service - Make Good Updates

    - Pictures / video about the product.

    - Honesty about progress / delays

    - Answer backers questions and update your website FAQ!

  • Logistics & Fulfillment

    Macro Tips

    - Charge for shipping

    - Warn / be clear about potential duties charges

    - Use tracked shipping services (Canada Post, USPS, DHL)