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Power through know-how and networks

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Power through know-how and networks

Active CEED Programs

CEED Partners

Potential CEED Programs *




EU Russia

Bosnia & Herzegovina






CEED Regional Network

*Countries cited for illustration

purposes only

We envisionWe envisionultimately ultimately a regiona regionwide network of wide network of SME SME entrepreneurialentrepreneurialnetworks,networks, providingprovidinga broader base for a broader base for peer learning andpeer learning andbusiness business development, and development, and ‘‘cluster’ cluster’ development.development.

Alliances fosteredWith effective centers (Russia and Montenegro)

Regional Program Regional Program Model:Model:““a network of a network of networks”networks”

We are devoted to strengthening entrepreneurship and empowering the leaders of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with the know-how and networks needed to accelerate business growth and to promote a true entrepreneurial culture throughout South Eastern Europe.


Our PartnersOur Partners

A world leader for investments in small businesses: - 14 funds with aggregate capital under management in excess of $260 million- Expanding global presence and scale, resulting in added value for small business portfolio companies and investors.- Investments in a variety of high growth industries- Deals sourced locally and day-to-day interactions with entrepreneurs- Best practices leveraged across operations

A Key Sponsor for the CEED program as

USAID continues its mission to foster

economic growth, drive financial sector

reform, encourage social transition and

bolster the rule of law and social

development of Central and Southeastern


How it started

• SEAF & USAID experience in the Region

• USAID Funded Feasibility Study for CEED Program– Secondary Research (UNEC, OECD, EC)

– Primary Research (Base: 50 SMEs in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia; 15 SEAF investees, 35 non-SEAF SME’s)

– Corporate input

• The successful training/networking model of the Russian Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE) - a creation of the US-Russia Investment Fund

Conclusions of The Feasibility Study

Big regional training and networking opportunity

Training is needed and it can be more effective Keep them short, highly practical, and taught by

entrepreneurs with war stories

Include entrepreneur and key staff

Opportunities for expanding regional economic integration

CEED Model – Three pillars

Business Accelerators

Local SME Local SME Networking Networking


Expanding your Network

to Build your Business

Business Business Training Training ModulesModules

Short Practical Training for Owners and

Key Executives

Market Market Access Access


Regional -International

Trade & Invest Events

To empower entrepreneursTo empower entrepreneurs

To strengthen SME leadership teamsTo strengthen SME leadership teams To enhance regional and global integrationTo enhance regional and global integration

To improve the entrepreneurial climateTo improve the entrepreneurial climate


• Target higher growth SME’s with 10 or more employees and $500,000 in revenue

• To be practical, relevant, and actionable.

• Partner to strengthen our network, ‘knowledge portfolio,’ and market access assets

• Be flexible / entrepreneurial

Our Strategic Approach

CEED Local Networking Platform

Highly practical training that can be applied tomorrow.

Interactive/Peer Learning

Presented by entrepreneurs

Academically anchored

Local examples and case studies

CEED Training ConceptCEED Training Concept

Time Commitment

BusinessResult Technical Assistance

- ‘Surgical’- Not Holistic

Short Programs- Checkered Applicability- Not ‘solutions oriented’- Ad Hoc

EMBA- Major Time Commitment- Expensive- More academic

CEEDCEED- Highly Pragmatic and Solution Driven- Holistic (Entrepreneur, Executives, Multinationals)- Taught by practitioners- MNC linked

Modes of Training and Where the SEAF Model Fits

Our local presence

Our regional breadth

Our connectivity with global network of funders, training sources, and corporations

Our experience:

Over 10 years of experience with SMEs

Private equity pedigree (SEAF)

Organizational Core Organizational Core CompetenciesCompetencies

CEED Regional Market AccessCEED Regional Market Access

Regional Events

• 2 to 4 times/year• industry specific• networking• knowledge transfer







Bosnia & Herzegovina


Introducing CEED ROMANIA

Who We AreWho We Are

CEED RomaniaCEED Romania was established by USAID in

collaboration with Small Enterprise Assistance Funds

(SEAF), with the aim to carry out the legacy of

USAID in the area of SME support in Romania and

in the South Eastern European region.

First steps, first results

Since May 2006:Since May 2006:

CEED Foundation registered

Limited survey to get input among SME community, thoughts of leaders, partnerships


Training sessions:Training sessions: 4 days – over 60 participants 1 workshop ongoing

CEED Romania – Our Local Partners

Relevant USAID-funded programs (EDS-CHF, USDA-ADEPs)

SME / Professional / WIB associations (CNIPMM, CAFA, AFIR, UNPR, ANTREC, ANIS, CCI, BRCC)

An increasing roster of entrepreneurs / trainers with entrepreneurial background (agreements with over 14 individuals and 5 companies to date)

Relevant Government bodies (Export promotion / SME territorial offices)

Similar NGOs

Legacy in practice

• Partnership with the USAID/USDA RFLD Program – Training sessions for rural leaders in 4 regions

• Partnership with the USAID/CHF EDS Program– Specialized training modules for IT companies

What’s next

• Further build the Romanian network

• Adjust to our clients’ needs

• Learn from & together with all CEEDs

• Leverage regional network opportunities

Use the power of know-how and networks to spread the seeds of growth

in the fertile soil of dynamic SMEs

Introducing CEED Bulgaria

In the beginning…

How to start a center?

Mission and Goals

Target Audience

Product Marketing

Sponsors and Partners

The first happy clients…

What is different in Bulgaria?

It works well!

CEED Bulgaria

Q3 2006

Annualized 2006

Cumulative to date


NLE’s Training





NLE’s Training




Basic Building Blocks

Business First Simple and Flexible Depth and Breadth Leverage experience Fast Response “Just do it” attitude

Lessons learned…

Scale & Scope (the 2 C’s)

Content - Quality – Price

Project v.v. Mainstream Biz

F. R. A. M. E.

The sky is the limit…

Introducing CEED Slovenia

Local partner, the Young Executives Society (YES)

Kickoff the Slovenian program October 2nd, 2006

Plans to create a regional ‘hub’ that would serve as a base for regionally focused training and networking events to promote cross-border economic integration

CEED Top Class program: connect 50 Slovene entrepreneurs, 25 already successful and recognized entrepreneurs and 25 young entrepreneurial talents (entrepreneurial MBA, mentoring, networking and international integration)

CEED Slovenia


• 25 successful entrepreneurs + 25 young promising entrepreneurs• Sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences• One-year developmental program• Meetings twice per month in the afternoon and eveningWhy?

• To develop a new generation of successful entrepreneurs with international focusFor whom?• Entrepreneurs under 35 years of age,• With interesting entrepreneurial ideas,• High growth ambitions,• Operating at least 3 years,• With at least 5 employees and• At least 50 mio SIT annual revenues or high growth in the last years

Top Class

What we offer?• 8 practical trainings (mini MBA)

• 4 local and international networking events• 5 individual mentoring sessions • 3 evening discussions with foreign guests• media exposure

What we expect?

• 1.500 EUR, additonal 3.500 EUR per candidate

will be provided by the founding organizations• active participation in the program• feedback about expectations and satisfaction

with the program

KnowledgeLocal and International networkCapital

Successful growth with a smallinvestment

Top Class

Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Introducing CEED Montenegro

CEED Background (1)

• CEED is the first independent consulting center in Montenegro established in 1993 within the School of Economics.

• Since 1998 CEED has operated as an independent organization.

• CEED strategic partner is CIPE, Washington.• Offices in Podgorica and Kotor.• Staff of 12 people.

CEED Background (2)

• Extensive interest in shaping up business environment in Montenegro

• Numerous research and advocacy activities to promote open market and entrepreneurship in Montenegro.

CEED Background (3)

• 12 surveys prepared, conducted, results printed and distributed. Many of them have become regular surveys (e.g., Barriers to Doing Business in Montenegro).

• CEED experts were involved in drafting 8 business-related laws. All of them were passed and are being implemented.

• New quarterly edition titled Montenegro Business Outlook was launched and 18 issues were published and distributed.

• Fruitful edition was launched – 9 leaflets that briefly explain business laws were published and distributed.

• 5 conferences and 17 round-tables were held to help the business community increase its influence on the major issues related to economic development.

• 12 reform-related publications were printed and distributed.

International recognition

• Awarded by Atlas Economic Foundation, US

• In an international competion, CEED won a 2005 Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence and second place in the Free Market Solutions to Poverty for its “Removing the Barriers to Doing Business in Montenegro” Program.

CEED Services (1)

• CEED originally offered consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

• The need to offer more complex consulting services led to a diversification of our portfolio.

• Currently, CEED has 8 consultants working on 7 major projects in addition to on-going consulting.

• CEED is constantly providing training to it’s staff. Now we have 3 people that are certified by SGS (Swiss base company) for ISO 9000 pre-certification in Montenegro.

CEED Services (2)

• Starting a business

• Company presentations

• Business/Investment plans

• Feasibility studies

• Sales and marketing

• Quality standards

Consulting ServicesConsulting Services

CEED Services (3)

• Due diligence

• Business surveys

• Business analysis and studies

• HR development & Trainings

Business Research and AnalysisBusiness Research and Analysis

• EBRD, OECD, Control Risk (London), SilverLeaf Development Group (US), T-Com and T-Mobile, HYPO Aple Adria Group, JT Investment (France), Sarbor (Slovenia), Guizzetti and Associates (US/Italy), The Bank Street Group (New York), Центральное агентство путешествий CenTra, (Moscow), Cape Resort International Ltd (US), PQ Consulting (Czech Republic) etc.

CEED’s clients

What we believe is important?

• Helping the recovery of the middle class.

• Trying to keep young people in Montenegro by offering them opportunities in the private sector.

• Supporting a new class of entrepreneurs and new segment of firms that arise from the bottom.

• Supporting the Montenegro Business Alliance as a future private Chamber of Commerce.

• Moving towards greater regional cooperation.

• Increasing training and education of entrepreneurs and mid-level managers.

CEED regional networkCEED regional network







Bosnia & Herzegovina


CEEDCEED aims to become a strong regional knowledge and networking institution that fosters business growth among SME’s throughout Southeastern Europe and Internationally.

We will serve as a business building platform providing much-needed networking, training, and regional market reach to entrepreneurs and top-level executives of SMEs.

Views on the future

Power through know-how and networks