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literature, language, music, art and even history and philosophy. Concerned with the thoughts, creations and actions of man in the past and in present. They tell man about his roots, his origin, his neighbors, himself. Have to do with making man more human.

Comes from Latin Humanus, which means, human, cultured and refined. To be human is to have or show qualities like__________, _________ and ___________. Refers to the arts- the visual arts such as architecture; painting and sculpture; music; dance and theater or drama; and literature They are branches of learning concerned with human thought, feelings and relations. Concern of human being and his feelings and how he expresses those feelings.


- constitute one of the oldest and most

important means of expression developed by man. Like love, art is not easy to define. It concerns itself with the communication of certain ideas and feelings by means of a sensous mediumcolor, sound, marble words and film. 5 areas: ________________,_________________, ___________________, _______________, ___________________

VISUAL ARTS- Art that perceived through our eyes. MUSIC- combining and regulating sounds of various ideas and emotions, primary function is to ___________________.one of the great arts of our civilizations. DANCE- most direct of the arts for it makes use of the human body as its medium. -it springs from mans love for expressive gestures, his release of tension through rhythmic movement. -mirrors the life of society -dance of older times is different from that of the present time.

DRAMA- usually part of every school and community program. - maybe comedy, tragedy, mystery, musical or melodrama. * motion picture * play * Opera LITERATURE- language is the medium. - composed of words that are combined into sentences to express ideas, emotions or desires.


is also necessary that we distinguish between art and nature for they fundamentally different.

ART- man made



THE ARTS HAVE IN COMMON?most basic relationship is that arts are concerned with emotions, with our feelings about things. are part of our basic nature.




who exhibits exceptional skills in design, drawing, painting etc. or one who works in one of the performing arts, like an actor or musician. 2 kinds of artists- CREATORS AND PERFORMERS Besides the creator, they require other artist who recreate what has been composed. Thus, performers are important.

The work of the creative artistCREATIVITY- is an artists trait developed in the course of his life to solve problems or express his feelings. Process of creativity is threefold - ARTIST- prime mover -PERFORMER- communicating ideas - AUDIENCE- interpreter

The process of creation1.

must have an idea 2. must have material to work on 3. must give to his idea

The idea Artist

are highly sensitive persons specially aware of the things that surround them. They notice sounds, colors and movements of people and things.

Material and ProcessCreation in art concerns the materials which artist uses to give form of his idea. Example: Painter uses pigments Sculptor uses stone Architect uses various building materials Author uses words Composer uses musical sounds sets down as notes.

Organization and Form Artist

have developed a host of different forms to express the ideas they work on.

A.3 THE ARTIST IN THE WORLD OF ARTThe artist communicates his thoughts, fantasies, observations and self- revelation through his art. He seeks to open our eyes and ears that we may see the world more clearly and find the meaning of the arts in our lives. Thus, our role is to sense what the artist is trying to tell us through his art work. Artists are called by many varied names. These are artists in the visual arts, literature, music and dance.

THE VISUAL ARTISTSsculptor. Include the painter, the architect and

PAINTER- pains pictures and objects from his own imaginations. He says, I think, I see. Through his paintings, the painter reveals what he thinks he has seen so that we, too, can see it with our own eyes. SCULPTOR- draws and carves from original design and sketches. He makes scale model statues of human beings, monuments, buildings and decorations in clay and chisels out statues from marbles, stone, wood and clay. ARCHITECT- plans, designs, and constructs public and commercial buildings, private residences, theater, factories, schools and similar structures. OTHER ARTIST IN VISUAL ARTS ARE THE PHOTOGRPAHERS, FILMMAKERS, AND GRAPHIC ARTISTS.

In music, the artist are the musicians, the singers and the composers. COMPOSERS- puts tones together and composes melodies and songs. He conceives and originates pieces of music. He is a song writer. He says I think, I hear. Through his musical compositions, the composer conveys his thoughts and feelings which he wishes to share with others. MUSICIANS- an artist who is called by other names ARTISTS IN MUSIC AND DANCE such as composer, performer, instrumentalist, symphonist, organist etc.. He may be a music leader, bandmaster, choirmaster, concertmaster or song leader. SINGER- is a songster, an opera singer, prima donna or a diva. He may be a vocalist or a soloist. He is also an artist who sigs aesthetically to delight and entertain others.

In dance, the artist are the choreographer, dancer.CHOREOGRPAHER- is an artist who composes or teaches choreography, or the art of representing stage dancing by signs or music. He composes and arranges dance movements or patterns to accompany a piece of music or to develop a theme.

DANCER- is an artist who moves his body artistically. He also makes gestures beautifully with the music that accompanies his movements. He is involved in stage or ballet dancing. ( the female ballet dancer is known as danseuse while the male ballet dancer is called danseure).


The artist in literature are known as poets, novelists, writers or authors, playwrights and dramatist. POET- is a literary artist who puts words aesthetically together in verse form. He expresses his thoughts and feelings in verses or poems. He says this is the way I can best express my inner thoughts and feelings. NOVELIST- is a writer of fiction with originality. He is also known as writer of stories. AUTHOR- is also known as writer. The author of a poem is called a poet. The author of dramatic play is a dramatist. PLAYWRIGHT- writes play and adapts his materials for stage, radio, television or motion pictures production. DRAMATIST- writes compositions in prose and poetry arranged for excitement to be performed by actors and actresses on stage to portray a character or tell a story through action or dialogue of characters. The dramatist is engaged in dramatic art.


arts are generally grouped into major and minor arts. MAJOR ARTSinclude painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music and dance. Involves mans skill to create works of art that are in form, content and execution. They appeal to the senses of sight, hearing and feeling.


ARTS- include the decorative arts, the popular arts, the graphic arts, the plastic arts, and industrial arts. Lies in the styling They are addressed primarily to the sense of sight and their usefulness.

The arts may also be grouped into the following:1. VISUAL ARTS- artworks are perceived by our eyes which may be classified into graphic arts and plastic arts as shown. 1.1 GRAPHIC ARTS- they have flat two dimensional surface such as painting, drawing, photography and other products of the printing industry. It covers the commercial arts like the design of books, advertisements, signs, posters and other display for advertisement. 1.2 PLASTIC ARTS- these v. a. which have 3 dimensional forms. - Architectural designs, construction of buildings and other structures.


include the theater, play, dance and music. They involve movement, speaking and gestures. POPULAR ARTS- include film, newspaper, magazine, radio and television. This group is characterized as lively. LITERARY ARTS- include short stories, novels poetry and dramas.


OF THE CUISINE- involves skills in food preparation. DECORATIVE ARTS- visual objects produced for beautifying houses, offices, cars and other structures. They also called applied arts.

Chapter 2. Painting, Sculpture and Architecture B.1 MEDIUM OF THE VISUAL ARTS Medium

refers to the materials which used by an artist. It is the means by which he communicates his ideas. PAINTING- the art of creating meaningful effects of a flat surface by use of pigments. The materials of the painter are pigments applied to wet plaster, canvas, wood or paper. Familiar type of paint

OIL- In oil painting, the pigments are mixed in oil. The surface used is usually canvas although other surfaces like wood, paper, and metal may be used. The most familiar type of painting is done with oils on canvas. This method has been used since the 15th century. The surface to be suitable must receive oil paint freely and yet not absorb it, can withstand temperature changes, and not crack the pigment on it. Pigment mixed with oil provide a medium that gives richness in the opacity of light and depth of shadow.

2 methods of painting in oil: the indirect and direct. Direct- The paints are opaque and are applied to the surface just as they are to look in the finished product., the more flexible method of the two. Indirect- the paint is applied in many thin layers of transparent color. This medium is popular to painters because there is no limit to the ways of handling oil pigme