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INTRODUCTION OF THE PRODUCTy Kurkure is the flagship of Frito-Lays Indian Division, Frito lay is a division of PepsiCo y Kurkure was launched in India in 1999 y Founders-The Frito Company, H.W. Lay & Company y President & CEO of Frito-Lay's Albert P. Caery y Frito Lay India targeted a niche in the market y Kurkure is named after Hindi word crunchy.

Facts And Figures Brand Name -Kurkure Prices-Rs 5, 10, 20

Kurkure is biggest contributor of Frito lays 300 cr . revenue Daily Sales - Approximately 70-80 thousand per - day (according to distributor of Kurkure Sukkur zone)

Flavors of kurkure

Instructions Things you'll need: Kurkure packetMatchstick 1. Take a piece of Kurkure snack and light a candle or a match 2. Hold the flamed part of the candle or matchstick against a piece of Kurkure snack and watch it burn 3. You will see that Kurkure creates an 'illusion' of burning like plastic, though it is not really so.

THE COMPANY CLAIMSKurkure does not contain plastic. This healthy snack is made of ingredients that are used for preparing food at home. The reason why Kurkure burns like plastic is because of the presence of corn starch and about 30 percent oil content . Any starch based fried product with oil content will react in the same manner. Plus plastic has a certain odor when burnt which is not in the case of Kurkure

REACTION/RECTIFICATION Lat l t r r r and ifas rn an r ail ir r lating t at t r is lasti in an see t e lasti elting.

r t ers it an addi ted r d f r re eaters and f ll ers t ats t gh news ( r wel e news, if thats r e t start the r re de-addi ti n r ess, whi hever way you tend to look into it). urkure of ourse has responded with an ad " o lasti in urkure," whi h eans the allegation has found a response amongst kurkure users and maybe also has affected sales. e have known for long that epsi and coco cola and maybe other s take the lives of Indians lightly and dont really follow the same stringent rules they follow in urope, U and ustralia when they manufacture their products here. nd why blame them. ur system co-operates with them, as it co-operates with all big business that provides revenue.

CONCLUSIONKurkure is made of edible ingredients that we use in our household kitchen. This is just an unnecessary scare about Kurkure containing plastic that is being spread around. No Worries about Kurkure. You could attempt to burn it and you know what? It will burn and the reason being its got huge percentage of corn starch in it. So dont worry and happy munching. Thus. Kurkure is totally safe on health and can be consumed without having any side-effects.


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