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Intelligent Lectern Systems

ILSIt’s product portfolio

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Presenting (finger touch) - Teaching (pen interaction)

22” Touch MonitorIntegral PC

Extensive control systemMicrophone/audio control

20” Touch MonitorIntegral PC

Notebook switcherMicrophone handling

17-22” Touch MonitorOptional PC in foot

17” Pen Monitor19” half rack space

Control systemAudio system

22” Pen Monitor19” full rack space

Control systemAudio system

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Current ILS Presenter Lectern Line


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• General purpose VESA mounting for any display• Generous height adjustment, from seated use to good fit for tall persons standing•3-position tilt set-up• PC-tray in floor plate

• Optionally with industrial PC / dual graphics i/f• Choice display:

• WACOM range (17-19-22” pen-interaction!)• ELOtouch range (19-22” APR touch finger and pen interaction!)• displays from interactive whiteboard suppliers

• Wheelkit , 2 wheels, 2 feet with mover• Powerlift lock (may also start PC)


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New Generation ILS 21• Latest display technology, use with pen or finger touch• Latest PC technology, front load DVD, SD card, 4 USB slots• Side tablets for mouse & notebook support• Generous height adjustment and tilt• Audio loop-through, notebook switch, reading light socket

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• Rim-less glass touch for flush mounting (the only technology without some kind of a bezel!)

• Single 31” Touch panel across 22” monitor, keyboard, virtual buttons, mouse pad etc

• ILS22 is 3” thick incl. Industrial PC•Selectively switch backlight groups

• Address 11 relays over internal COM port and 3 extra COM ports for room control

• ILStouch to command translator and remote control

• Sho-Q Presenter system as shown on screen

• Top bar includes microphone sockets or USB + mic socket.


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Alternative lectern models available from ILS

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ILS 17, with 17” touch panelIntegrated PC and notebookTray with switch for regular XGA projection

ILS 20, with 21” touch panelIntegrated PC and notebookHeight adjustment behind fixed panel

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Current ILS Lecture Podium Line: ILS SpeakersCornerAimed at [pen-]interactive teaching solutions

Fits any classroomFits smallerclassroom

Fits large lecture halls

ILS12 with sidekick: Full range height adjustment with control & audio systems in small 19”rack

ILS16: PC & control spaceHeight & tilt adjustment control & audio systems in shallow 19”rack, 1 – 2 touch panels, remote locking and control.

ILS24: multi PC & control systems space:Modest height & tilt adjustment with control & audio systems in spacious 19”rack, 2 – 3 touch panels, remote locking and control.

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ILS24H (closed)

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ILS24H (open)

• 22” pen display• 2nd touch display• 3rd wall panel holder• central control buttons• pull-out keyboard• multitouch & pen tablet• microphones, light• gooseneck camera option• 3 stage IC card access• large drawer for doccam• notebook connections• 12U, 19” rack• latest room control• rack PC based programming• mixer/scaler 8 x 4• perfect audio quality• room-Q remote assistance• sho-Q presenter suite

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ILS24H has ADA – DDA compliant side table for seated useDrawer folds out, control display & microphone pulled towards user

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ILS16HMore compact lectern solution for classrooms

Features mostly as ILS24 Main footprint 39cm x 60cm

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Alternative teaching lecterns available from ILS

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ILS20/25Budget solutions

ILS14Larger shapeModest price

ILS18Tall shapeIntegratedDoc cam

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ILS Software

Presentation Delivery: sho-QPresentation Delivery with Annotation: sho-Q7

Remote lecterns management for SpeakersCorners: room-Q

Remote management ILS22G: remote-Q

Presenting on monitors around a table from any seat: sho-Q Lightning

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Why use Sho-Q?

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Presentations Planning and delivery system

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ILS room-Q

Web-Web-based based central central control control systemsystem

1 equipment management sub system1 equipment management sub system

2 web monitor sub system2 web monitor sub system

3 alarm sub system3 alarm sub system

4 PC management sub system4 PC management sub system

5 teacher assistance sub system 5 teacher assistance sub system

Control all multimedia equipment centrally, intelligently over the school network, manage teaching activities and share resources among classes.

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equipment management system

web monitoring sub system

alarming sub system

PC management sub system

teaching assistance sub system

Lecture evaluation

Live broadcast lecture

Simple record

Specialized recorded broadcast

Equipment remote control

Video talkback

Assets management

Timing management

IC/ID card certification

Text message broadcast

PC screen takeover

PC remote switch

PC hardware management

It’s everything you want to do centrally! That’s productivity!

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HJ/ILS room-Qremote assistance


Record a lecture Stream a lecture to multiple rooms

Remote assistance

Asset managementAsset management

Remote Messaging

Take over remote PC

Surveillance and remote control


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Boardroom collaboration

• Sho-Q Lightning presents around the table rather than on the wall, no longer forcing all participants to face one direction

• Sho-Q Lightning creates a collaborative place for interactive presentations

• Instant seamless role change by moderator or direct

• Pointing and interacting with data presented

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Sho-Q Lightning

Boardroom tableSeats N (8 – 24)

Current presenter

All displays are mounted flush in the table surfacewith tilt-ability and pen pointing and writing

Camera optionFor live streaming

Green screen in back wallsAllows video capture forStreaming inside data presentations



Present from any place to all other places around the board room table!

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•Streaming live from a virtual studio Presenter system from an ILS lectern (using sho-Q & DARIM and/or Ubicast partner technology)•Well integrated into the ILS SpeakerCorner lectern•Total output on a single display•Separate PC for capture of video and data•Separate streaming server•Allow telepresence•Allow teleprompting

ILS & DARIM Partnershipdata + video capture, mixing & streaming

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