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  • Present result: Present Perfect Simple and Continuous 1 Read the caption of the cartoon. Which verb 2 Underline the most likely form below and form is used ro focus on. give reasons for your choice.

    a) the present result of a past activity? b) a completed activity? e) the activity ítself?

    'His eyes have gone square because he's been watching TV all day. So far he's watched three murders,

    . two fightsand an .:: -", '. armed robbery.'

    .( .~q.;;1f.1;?l't""¡4'~~,*-~.~'I}~~JtA:~~~o/:~ .Ó:» :»,» .d,., " .. ,,'-\''',Ó''''



    a) I've been deciding / decided to go out. b) She's been umting / umtten all morning. c) She's been ioriting / umtten four letters. d) He's been borrounng / borrouied money off him

    three times. e) Have you been bearing / heard the news today? f) Have you been watching / watched that series

    on BBCl? It's the last episode tonight. g) Oh no. I've been tearing / torn my jumper again. h) I've been studying / studied sorne Spanish.

    1 think I'll do a course in French next. i) I've been leaming / learned loads of vocabulary

    in class today.

    1 Match the questions in column A with the most likely answers in column B. In pairs, use the cues in column B to make your response. Use either the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous. Example: 'Wl:ry aren 'tyou bungry?' 'I'ue been eating sweets all morning. ,

    A a) 'Why aren't you hungry?' b) 'Why are you so late?' e) 'Why is Melanie depressed?' d) 'Why is your hair soaking?' e) 'Why are you wearing a tracksuit?' f) 'Why ís she so brown?' g) 'Why has he lost his voice?' h) 'Why is your arm in plaster?' i) 'Why do you look so thin?'

    B 1 talk all day 2 be on a diet 3 break it 4 eat sweets all morning 5 run 6 have a drink with the boss 7 faíl her driving test again 8 rain 9 come back frorn holiday

    2 Put the time expressions in the box into the appropriate place in the sentences below. Some of them relate tO completed actions and some to actions in progress.

    recently yet just nearly so far already all day

    a) Have you really read that book> That was quick! b) Ive been eating very little. e) They've finished rnost of it but they haven't painted the hall. d) Shes been in her room studying. e) Yes, he's arrived. 1 can hear his caro f) TheY\'e finished their hornework. They'll be ready in ten minutes. g) Hes only interviewed fíve of them but hes going to see the others tornorrow.

  • Results of past activity

    a. oil on your face servicing the car

    b. dirty hands working in the garden

    c. blood on your finger sawing wood - making a book case

    d. eyes are bloodshot revising for an exam

    e. smell of garlic cooking

    Exarnple covered in p aint decorating the living room

    A You're covered in paintl What have you been doing?

    B I've been decorating the living room.

    A Have you finished it? B ot yet. I've painted the

    woodwork, but 1haven't put up the wallpaper yet.

    d. I'm terribly sorry, Mr Brown, but I've been crashing into the back of your caro

    e. Could you help me? l've been losing rny passport.