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  • 1. Sein Sege Questionary Results

2. Sein Sege Average age of parents is 46 and has university studies Each family has around 1.72 children 3. of parents has a high or very high knowledge about internet Just 4% has no PC at home. Just 6% has no internet at home Sein Sege 4. Sein Sege

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PASES PARTICIPANTES (tres categoras) Every four parents, three are mother Sein Sege 5. Sein Sege More than 50% of cases, PC is shared by the family. That is one of the reason there is parental control on its use Sein Sege 6. Sein Sege Every 100 persons, just 10 unknowns the risks of the communication with strangers Sein Sege 7. Sein Sege

  • - No one accepts its knowledge about internet.
  • Almost the half has learnt internet by him/herself.
  • Majority connects less than 3h. per day

Sein Sege Sein Sege 8. Sein Sege - The most common use of internet is searching and mailing. - Less than the third part use social networks. Sein Sege 9. Sein Sege

  • A huge percentage of parents has discussed with their children about internet risks.
  • - Almost never, youngsters informs parents about dangerous suffered on the net.

Sein Sege 10. Sein Sege Age of youngsters is mostly 15 years old. They connects afternoon Youngsters are connected less than 3h. per day and from home Sein Sege 11. Parents delegates on antivirus software the control of the different accesses. Almost any father or mother thinks that total protection on internet is possible. Sein Sege Sein Sege 12. Thankyou for your attention!. La Tierra Verde Sein Sege Sein Sege Sein Sege