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BRAINSTORMING By : Atia Fitriandari

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  • 1. Alex Faickney Osborn (1963) Brainstorming is a group or individucreativity technique by which efforts are made tofind a conclusion for a specific problem bygathering a list ideas spontaneously contributedby its members.

2. Brainstorming :... to attack the problem with the ideas asmuch as possible. 3. Types of brainstorming :1. Individual brainstorming is the use of brainstorming in solitary.Problem : Presentation Paper assignment 4. 2. Group Brainstorming can develop ideas in more depth thanindividual brainstorming.Problem : something that needs discussion. 5. Tips for Group Brainstorming1. Have a clear objective2. Record your ideas3. Never interrupt peoples idea.4. Hold off on criticism or judgment. 6. Record your ideas :Sticky notes Computer 7. Mind mapping 8. The advantages of Brainstorming : Encouraged Creative Thinking All ideas are accepted Makes everyone part of teamExciting and Easy 9. The Disadvantages of Brainstorming :X Only works when everyone in the room has something to say.X Without strict control or leader present, the group may take along time to get the solution.X Group with a large members will not effective.X People with high emotion are not allowed.