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  • 1. Rio is position outside the shot/ on the left sideFacing away from plants and gate- gate offering aGreen with envy. This feelings reflects of the rule of thirds- isolated, secluded and way out but she is her emotions through the duration of disconnected ignoring itthe phone call. Brick wall Conflict (the end/between cant gonature and further)-industrial mirrors hersurroundings- relationship.conflict in Regularconversation pattern of and possibly brickworkwithin her and its solidness, par allels her situation and her situation is no longer secure She looks enclosedWearing a furcoatcontroversies Old, tatty bench- bench hasthe nature in been used for these Flowers are red- symbolize love, passion and romance Purple-situations before due to its Flowers could also been seen as sex symbol/ reproductivethe judgment, meditation(age. Reflects the position she organs but she is facing away from them so rejecting this idea.background, musing over what has is in her lifeas it harms it. happened)

2. Face seems to be in background- focus onphone/ conversation/phone/person she is Free flowing hair- long hairtalking tonormally linked to young womenand freedom. Linked to seduction(flicking your hair) Opposition between hair and coat- link to emotionsBlue nail varnish- sadness Plants in the background- concentratedbut also links to natureExpression is Ring is quite big andon Rio and the specific moment/(sea/sky) which are seen asblank, surprisedornate- seems like she pushing the complicated things in life topositives, creates oppositionand links to idea bought it herself- the back so she can think about themin colour meaning.of disconnected independentlater. 3. Position of hands- closed and is normal fora introvert. Also links to sadness Tension line- tense and slightly angry withMain focus of shot is her hand as it is dominantly lit. the person on the other line but is takingout on the phone The camera Tilts up slowly- realizationDeservesbetter- aboveSmall and delicate ring- could have beenthe person onbought by boy friend- not in light Large costume ring- independencethe phone Cracked effect on surface- cracks in a relationship 4. Focus- decision- mostfocused the camera hasNo outside word around her- isolate, disconnected been on her No conflict gone to the backof her mindHair flown away- messy, not in orderDistracts you- distractions in lifeSensitive 5. Shadows in future- walking towards themAlone with feelingsMore industrial- shutting herself offRule of thirds- still outside the side of shot- no change insituation; still a feel of loss and not much hope 6. Cant see her head- make a decision with heart not head Middle of shot- first time she feels slightly confident 7. Dragging her bag- glum, childlikeWalking away from gate-walking further intoherself- withdrawnAlways to the left Stairs- to door- a different life through itWalking in the shadows 8. Lost in thoughts Mirrors emptiness inside herIsolated and aloneCant see her