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Presentation of 6 week Internship Report @ Millat Tractors Limited (MTL), Lahore, Pakistan.


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Presentation on Internship at Millat Tractors Limited (MTL)Usman Hassan2009-ag-3084Nadeem Akram2009-ag-3092Tanzeel-ur-Rehman2009-ag-3100Azlan Zahid2009-ag-3108Muhammad Ali2009-ag-3109Haseeb Bilal2009-ag-3150Muhammad Aamir2009-ag-3204Submitted To:Dr. Manzoor AhmadPrimary Objective:To get training in a professional environment by engaging ourselves in one of leading automotive company Millet Tractors Limited and to highlight the problems and suggesting the suitable solutions.Objective of our Internship

Objective of our Internship

Secondary Objective:To know about the market structure.To get training at Engine Assembly Plant.To get training at Tractor Assembly Plant.To get familiar with all machining processes.To get familiar with the operations of Quality Assurance Department.To analyze different problems in industry. To give suitable suggestions regarding problems.

Introduction of Millet Tractors LimitedMillet Group is Pakistans leading engineering concern in automobile sector & has a history that spans almost half a century, Millet Tractors Limited is market leading industry of agricultural tractors & holds above 50% market share.Millet Tractors Limited (MTL) was established in 1964 to introduce and market Massey Ferguson (MF) Tractors in Pakistan.An assembly plant was set up in 1967 to assemble tractors. Millet Group encompasses four major companies MILLAT TRACTOR LIMITEDMILLAT EQUIPMENT LIMITEDMILLAT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT LIMITED BOLAN CASTINGS LIMITEDMillet Tractors Limited manufactures MF-240, MF-350, MF-260, MF-375, MF-385, MF-385 4WD, Implements, Prime movers, Forklift Truck & Power Generation Sets.

Features of MTL Millet Tractors Limited turnover is Rs.2300 crore.Export market comprises of countries like Afghanistan, China, Namibia, Uganda, Somalia and other African countries.Highest market share in Pakistan of 64%.Biggest assembly line in Pakistan.Extensive dealership network and after sale services all over Pakistan.Products of Millat Tractors Limited

TractorsMF-240MF-260MF-350MF-350+MF-375MF-385MF-385 (4WD)MF-455

Multi Products

Forklift TruckGeneratorsPrime Mowers

Task 1:Field Market Survey Marketing DivisionOur objective was to conduct an analysis on

Marketing Tactics Market share of MTL and its competitors Quality of the brand Dealership network and commissions Marketing regions Customer and dealer satisfaction level Current tractors demand Brand equity Future demand of tractorsObjective of Field Market Survey12Graphical Representation of Market Share across PakistanInternal Problems Analyzed At Marketing DivisionProduct developmentWeak in aggressive marketing.Unsatisfied delivery procedure.Lack of proper survey (Market research).Delay in tractor delivery.No team work.Totally centralized decision making.Time consuming procedure.No customer dealing department in real meaning.14According to the dealers, the overall quality of the tractors was not found satisfactory the reasons are summed up below.

The performance of Fuel Injection Pump is not good it consumes more fuel due to the rotor clearance.The major problem was of Differential System (Crown Pinion).There is a problem of Rear Rim distortion in shape and early rusting of the rims.Pressure is not maintained under loaded conditions in the Hydraulic System due to the manufacturing fault.Turbo charger oil kit leakage in MF-260.The chassis is not properly painted due to which sometimes it rusts.When the temperature reaches near 400C the seals of tractors standing in showroom leaks.Problems Regarding The QualityReasons for Market Downfall

The downfall pattern shown graphically below in local market due to the following reasons:

10% Tax increase the prices.Green Tractor Scheme and Sindh Government tractor schemeHigh price of tractors.High fuel price.Suggestions and RecommendationsThe delivery time period at MTL is 21-days, arrangement should be made to decrease the delivery time so that service level can be improved.There is some need to change the working environment of organization. HR should be the most valuable person in the marketing department.Do not just use newspaper or conferences for advertisement but there should be proper publicity of the product so that people should be aware of Millat.There should be complete R & D development department in company. This department should do market research and providing guideline for developing new products and modifying existing ones.

Machining DivisionTask 2:

To Practically Experience The Machining OperationsLines in Machining Division

There are nine lines in the machining division listed below

Axel Housing Line (Right and Left)Cylinder Block Line (old)Cylinder Block Line (Ext)Cylinder Head Line (old) Cylinder Head Line (Ext) Center Housing LineTransmission Case Line Lub Oil Sump Line (240)Lub Oil Sump Line (385)

General Operations in Machining

Drilling RimmingBoringCounter Boring()Spot FacingCounter Sinking()MillingTappingFacingTurningHoning

Cylinder Block LineIt is foundation of the engine. All other engine parts are assembled in or attached to cylinder block. There are two cylinder block machining lines.

Old Manual Machining Line (48 Parts per shift )New Automatic Machining Line (72 Parts Per Shift )

Cylinder Block line consist of 35 different machines performingdifferent machining operations.

Milling at Head Face

Honing Operation in Cylinder

Water Jackets and Oil Galleries Testing OperationOil SumpSump is a part of a tractor engine in which Lubrication oil is present. It is filled with the bottom face of block where the Crankshaft is present. It is also called Lubrication Oil Pan.

Material for cutting toolsCarbide

28Suggestions and RecommendationsDifferent machines performing the same operation must be checked and their number must be reduced.The production efficiency could be increased by increasing workers efficiency. This can be done by giving some kind of incentives to the worker.Old machines must be replaced by automatic plants. It will enhance the rate of production, better finishing quality, reduce the labor cost, consume less energy and would be space efficient as well.CNC machine is required in OP53 on lube oil sump line because 0.064 tolerance cannot be controlled by manual Mill machine.An alternate source is required for casting of lube oil sump due to casting problems.

Engine Assembly Plant (EAP)Task 3:To know about the operations happening in Engine Assembly Plant.EngineAssembly line is a line in which all the parts of engine are fitted with Engine block and this line starts with block and complete on full engine.

There are 10 operational sections for complete engine assembly and the operations are given on engine build card. There are sub-assembly sections in which small parts like Engine Head, Rocker Arm Assembly, Piston etc. are assembled. In 3 cylinder type there are engines MF-240, MF-260, MF-350, MF-350+ which are used in tractors as well as fork lifters, generator sets and prime movers.4 cylinder Engines of MF-375, MF-385, MF-385(4WD) are assembled which are used in big tractors.Production Capacity of EAP plant is 95 per shift per day. Production can be increased on demand.

Engine Assembly PlantEngine build card is followed in the engine assembly plant

Line Diagram of Engine Assembly Plant

Sections of Engine Assembly PlantEngine Assembly Plant (EAP) has been divided into 4 sections which are as follow:

SegregationEngine Assembly LineEngine testing or Test shopRectification Section

Engine Test Section

There is a complete testing setup for every engine that comes out of the main assembly line. Here engine is thoroughly checked for its working and any possible faults such as engine noise, rpm, loading, leakages, exhaust smoke etc. Different ranges are given below:Tester1stTime2ndTimeTime(minutes)R.P.MBrake(NM)Power(K.W)Low Idling R.PM7507505100050-555.8Low Idling Oil Pressure5150060-659.4High Idling Oil Pressure247024705150090-9514.9Tappet setting.010.010202250146-16035-37Engine Test Ranges

Engine Test BedAssignment TaskTo suggest the possible problems of excessive engine noise during testing which is the big problem and can cause engine rejection.We found following problems which are given below:Excessive Back Lash between the gearsExcessive End Float in the idler gearImproper fitting of timing case

Suggestions and RecommendationsGauges should be calibrated timely and properly and worn out gauges should be replaced on time.The company should put more effort in taking care of its workers especially daily wages and contractual workers so that they are satisfied with their jobs and give more quality output. Another area which demand attention is that of job rotation. Employees are not so much productive, motivated and efficient because of their routine job.They are allowed the operational level employee in decision making process especially when the decision are taken about the labor force because most of the time they better know about what is beneficial and suits to them.The Quality Circles should be introduced among workers so that their participation in the improvement process increases.Worker safety should be taken under consideration at the EAP (Engine Assembly Plant).

Tractor Assembly Plant (TAP)Task 4:To conduct an analysis on MishandlingTo analyze the problems in Material FlowTo analyze Painting Section and Painting Quality

Tractor Assembly Plant

This is the main plant of Millat Tractors. All the components of tractor carried from different locations are assembled here. In this plant all the parts of the tractor are assembled on assembly lines.

There are thr

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