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Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior Presented by : Oshin Shrestha Neha Kayastha

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Consumer behavior influenced by social media in Nepal


  • 1. Impact of SocialMedia on ConsumerBehaviorPresented by :Oshin ShresthaNeha Kayastha

2. WHAT DO YOU THINK ? 3. Two WaycommunicationAbility to publish,share, follow, discussand Create 4. Consumer Behavior The study of individuals, groups, or organizationsand the processes they use to select, secure, use,and dispose of products, services, experiences Ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that theseprocesses have on the consumer and society. 5. ISSUES TO BECONSIDERED FORUNDERSTANDINGCONSUMERBEHAVIOR FORMARKETING 6. Consumers psychology How much a consumer is influenced Behavior of Consumer when making purchasedecision Limitations on consumer knowledge Improving marketing campaigns strategies tomore effectively reach the consumer. 7. Mr. A Ms. B 8. Mr. A Wants to buy a laptop Does not do any marketresearch Believes salesperson Buy laptop blindlyMs. B Wants to buy A dress Go through internet Checks Reviews andFeedback Decides to Buy the dress 9. Result 10. SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCEON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR INNEPAL 11. Believes in Word of Web 12. Online Merchandisingo The variety of productsavailable for sale and the displayof those productso It stimulates interest and enticescustomers to make a purchase 13. No Barriers on Consumerknowledge Distributes great deal of information about a service orproduct such as features ,pros and cons Information isnt limited to what a company alone puts outthere, consumer can collect more information with a click The consumer can log on to a social media network and caneasily get access to product and service detail The more information available, the more likely theconsumer will make the buying choice that fits his or herneeds 14. Direct Interaction withSupplier 15. HOW COMPANIES CAN CREATESTRONG MEDIA PRESENCE? 16. Identify 17. Set Marketing Objectives 18. Identify Ideal Customers 19. Choose Channels and Tactics 20. Allocate Budget and Research 21. Assign roles 22. Here are the top facts you need to know: 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. 86% of companies are comfortable marketing with socialtools, and only 41% use social tools for communicatingwith customers. 71% of consumers receiving a quick brand response onsocial media say they would likely recommend thatbrand to others. 78% of small businesses attract new customers throughsocial media. 87% of buyers say online content has a major ormoderate impact on vendor preference and selection. 23. 54% of B2B marketers plan to increase spendingon content marketing in 2014. Almost 60% of all social media-referred traffic toB2B websites comes from just three networks:Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn. 93% of online research starts with a searchengine and 68% of consumers check outcompanies on social networking sites beforebuying. 43% of U.S. marketers have obtained at least onenew customer through LinkedIn. 24. 93% of Marketers use social media for business Business are drastically measuring their socialmedia budgets Advertising is moving online Marketing departments are hiring based onsocial media thinking 25. Conclusion Consumer purchasing behavior and decision are heavilyinfluenced because of social medias With the introduction of social networking sites, theconsumers are making wise and satisfied decisions Business houses also have the access to targetedcustomers It has also brought the competition in Nepalese market so there is wider product variation 26. The role of social media is increasing No sooner it will replace paper Ads, TVc & manymore