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a design studio with a collaborative approach. a print shop with an eye for craftsmanship in place of perfeionism. we love pattern and perspeive. we honor history with modern technology. we heart handmade and live for a story well woven. we use { and re-use } every last scrap. grande design + small-batch letterpress

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The BirdDog Press Media/Press Kit for 2010 including inspirations, history, unique angles and more.


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a design studio with a collaborative approach. a print shop with an eye for craftsmanship in place of perfectionism. we love pattern and perspective. we honor history with modern technology. we heart handmade and live for a story well woven. we use { and re-use } every last scrap.

grande design + small-batch letterpress

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company background

What started as a serious penchant for pen and paper, a little design studio in the digital age, with a more tactile experience grew. Feathered with more than 13 years of design expertise in our cap, the BirdDog Press began spreading its wings into letterpress printing, bookbinding and a handmade approach.

Allison’s most influential inspiration comes from the historic fabrics stacked on the shelves of Granny’s cabin in the woods of northwestern South Carolina.

Joining the handmade revolution in an age of wasteful consumerism compells us to tell the story of brilliant packaging, a will to survive and the art that was created beginning nearly a century ago in a time when luxury was unheard of.

With meager beginnings as bags of flour, sugar and farm grain, feedsacks were upcycled by generations of resourceful women. Green may be “in” today, but Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is not a new concept.

Bright, optimistic patterns keeping the gloom of the time at bay, now weave a tale of the endurance of human nature – if these fibers could speak. The joy of recreating and revealing new pattern discoveries bring sunshine and hope to our studio everyday.

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founded by family houndBack before our trusty Chandler & Price Platen press was unloaded into the studio with a heavy iron thud, we rescued a puppy from Quebec.

We named her Siler, but as a German Shorthaired Pointer, our family endearingly called her by the generic term for any hunting breed – “bird dog”. Later, when we rescued the century old press and put it to work, well, the moniker just rolled off the tongue.

proprietress birddog trainer/mompreneur/visual communicator/paper hound/

aesthetic aficionado/letterpress pixie/eco green fiend/woodtype worshiper/indie nk siren/vintage fabric vixen /collaboration connoisseur/creative maven/handmaiden


When I was a little girl, my granny gave me a restored vintage stationery box for my birthday. From the moment I

tucked away my meticulously kept address book in its little drawer, the love of sending and receiving what I like to

call “good mail” sprouted and grew. I collected beautiful and interesting papers, made my own envelopes and had

a penchant for unique writing instruments and unusual embellishments. Refusing standard coil postage, I carefully

chose a commemorative stamp for each piece to match the personality of the letter or the person who was to

recieve it in their mailbox. “Good Mail” didn’t necessarily have to come from the United States Postal Service

carrier, even if my note was only going down the hall to slide underneath my step-sister’s door, or through another

classmates hands to my best girlfriend, a perfectionist’s attention was paid to every detail.

I have since learned that a box used to hold stationery and other writing materials, is called a papeterie. My little

box boasts big ideas and a treasury of findings still today.

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reduced, reused recycled




BirdDog Press clientele trust the creative process and believe in the pricelessness of

making a great first impression. Our offerings are an ecclectic, collaborative approach to

graphic design, bookbinding, social stationery, announcements, invitations, self-promotions,

business collateral, boutique packaging & also includes a line of ready-made and personalized

designs for retail. We do all of this with a commitment to

sustainability in every step of the process.

our commitment to sustainability and the tradition of letterpress

The BirdDog Press chooses eco-friendly papers, inks and recyclable photopolymer plates. Originally hailing from the state of Tennessee, we clean our inky messes spit-spot like good southern girls with a crisco combo in a wind-powered studio. Everything is handmade at the foot of the Rockies using and re-using every last scrap. While we incorporate some modern technologies in producing our work, there is a fierce dedication to the perpetuation of a 500-year old relief printing process and honoring the historical craft of letterpress printing, keeping these traditions alive and integrated into the overall process.

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feedsack &vintage WoodType

inspired paper goods+ + + + + + + + + + +

+ fabric flag greetings+ label me happy varieties+ granny couture notesets

+ feedsack pattern notebooks+ bdp custom woodtype stationery

+ ABC bebe custom announcements

+ handbound envelope baby albums+ letterpress feedsackof the month club ++

recession got you down? Let the Depression cheer you up!

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for more info303.819.2392

[email protected]


in print

* Impressive Printmaking, Letterpress

and Graphic Design, published by

Gestalten, released April 2010 in

Europe and to be released June

2010 in North America

* Stationery Trends : National

Stationery Show Ed., Spring ‘10

* 5280 : January ‘10

* Colorado Homes & Lifestyles :

November-December ‘09

* The Knot : Colorado, Fall/Winter ‘09

* Stationery Trends : National

Stationery Show Ed., Spring ‘09

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