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Christmas traditions

Przygotowali:Mateusz Tokarz,Maks Czstka

Each family of the annual tradition of dressing a Christmas tree

Traditionally, Santa Claus coming with gifts for children.

Families visit each other which is another tradition of the Christmas

Karp is one of the 12 traditional da.Karp is on almost all the tables in this day.

Poppy seed is one of the best cakes of Christmas

Dumplings with cabbage is another dish Christmas Eve.

Porridge with dried mushrooms is liked by all people.

Red borscht with dumplings is one meal of 12 dishes Christmas Eve

Hay under the tablecloth to one of the many traditions Everyone in the family is under the tablecloth hay

Mushroom soup with noodles like adults and also children

Watching for the first star is most interesting Christmas tradition

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