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  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Oracle PrimaveraP6 Project


  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Your Role in the


    P6 meets the needs of several types of users.

    The users describes the P6 application by their roles.

    Roles may vary or overlap depending on the organization.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Network administrators

    Network administrators

    To congure an organizations netor! environment

    To ensure that the hardare and softare supportingPrimavera applications function reliably by "etting up and maintaining the netor! to ensure reliable

    connections and the fastest possible data transfer

    #reating and maintaining accurate lists of netor!resources and users so that each has a uni$ue netor!identity

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Database administrators

    %atabase administrators &%'(s) areresponsible for setting up* managing*and assigning access rights for the

    Primavera database. They set andoversee rules governing use ofcorporate databases* maintain data

    integrity* and set interoperabilitystandards.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    To ensure reliable access to the Primavera database

    by +nstalling* conguring* and upgrading database server

    softare and related products as re$uired

    #reating and implementing the database

    +mplementing and maintaining database security*including creating and maintaining users* roles* andprivileges for the database

    ,onitoring database performance and tuning as needed

    Planning for groth and changes and establishing and

    maintaining bac!up and recovery policies and procedures

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Operations executives

    Operations e-ecutives are responsible for strategicplanning and on going performance analysis. Theyuse the Proect ,anagement module and thePortfolios section of P6 /eb (ccess to analyze

    schedule* resource* and cost data across proects. "enior e-ecutives may be responsible for

    Prioritizing proects

    The prot0loss for a specic business entity

    1unding and go0no2go decisions about proects "trategic planning over the future of the business or


  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Project controls coordinators

    Proect controls coordinators are responsible for ensuring that

    Primavera applications are implemented properly and operatesmoothly. They play a !ey role during implementation by3

    /or!ing ith operations e-ecutives and program0proect managers toset up methodologies in the ,ethodology ,anagement module

    /or!ing ith operations e-ecutives and program0proect managers tostructure proect* organizational brea!don structure &O'")* andresource hierarchies* set up basic calendars* and dene organization2ide custom elds and codes in the Proect ,anagement module

    /or!ing ith the proect administrator to create user accounts anduser groups for the Proect ,anagement module

    (ssigning security rights to users in the Proect ,anagement module

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Program managers

    Program managers oversee several high2levelproect managers4 they are responsible formultiple proects and use the Proect,anagement and ,ethodology ,anagementmodules* along ith P6 /eb (ccess to3

    5Perform cross2proect analysis

    5,anage proects to on2time and on2budgetcompletion

    5Prioritize resources across proects

    5Plan proects before they are funded

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Project managers

    Proect managers manage multiple small* repetitiveproects or a single* comple- proect. They areresponsible for on2time0on2budget completion of the

    proects and use the Proect ,anagement moduleand P6 /eb (ccess to3

    5(llocate specic named resources to a proect inconunction ith the functional manager of those

    resources 5#ommunicate proect information both up and

    don the chain of command

    5,anage resources related to the proect

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Resource/cost managers

    Resource managers allocate resources acrossproects and distribute their or!loads. They areresponsible for resource planning* including

    recruiting* hiring* and training resources* and theymay be responsible for loading resourceinformation in the Proect ,anagement module* the,ethodology ,anagement module* and the

    Resource section of P6 /eb (ccess. #ost managersperform detailed nancial analysis of proects*handle proect billing* and integrate nancialinformation ithin the company.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Team leaders

    Team leaders manage the or! for aportion of a larger proect. They aremanagers ho produce or! and

    manage a team* and they often use theProect ,anagement and ProgressReporter modules* and P6 /eb (ccess* toprioritize short2term tas!s or obectives*

    typically hen the duration is less thanthe planning period of the proect.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Team members

    Team members are trained in a specic s!illre$uired on a proect. They or! ith theirmanager to develop activities and durations forincorporation into the schedule. Once activitiesare added to the schedule* team membersupdate them using the Progress Reportermodule to indicate the or! they performedduring designated accounting periods. Team

    members may also use personalizeddashboards in P6 /eb (ccess to $uic!ly accesstheir proects* activities* documents* and more.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Project Management ProcessOverview

    /hen contractors develop plans for a building* one of the rst steps islaying a foundation. This is also a true for building proects using theProect ,anagement module. The hierarchical structuring of data servesas the foundation before the addition of actual proect data. The folloingis a suggested se$uence for setting up these structures3

    "et up the organizational brea!don structure &O'")* hich is thehierarchical arrangement of your companys management structure*either as roles or individuals.

    "et up the enterprise proect structure &P")* hich is the hierarchicalstructure that identies the company2ide proects and enablesorganization and management of those proects in your organization.

    "et up a resource hierarchy that re7ects your organizations resourcestructure and supports the assignment of resources to activities.

    1or each proect* set up the or! brea!don structure &/'")* hich is ahierarchical arrangement of the products and services produced duringand by a proect.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Proect controls coordinators

    P## or!ing ith operations e-ecutives andprogram0proect managers* structure the O'" andP" hierarchies.

    "etting up the O'" rst enables association of the

    responsible managers ith their areas of the P"8either nodes or proects8hen the P" is structured.

    9ser access and privileges to nodes and proectsithin the P" hierarchy are also implemented via a

    responsible O'". so the security proles that monitor data access by

    proect participants can be established early on inthe process.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Once the O'" is established* the P" can beset up.

    (n P" can consist of multiple root nodes*hich enable particular types of proects to begrouped together* such as proect templates

    or high2ris! proects.

    /ithin each root node* you can further brea!don an P" into multiple P" nodes* such as#apital +mprovement proects and,anufacturing proects* to categorize thetypes of templates proects.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    The folloing e-ample represents ho the O'"*P"* and /'" structures interrelate ithin one

    branch of the P".

    The responsiblemanager used forthe root node in the

    EPS branch is usedas the default for theEPS nodes andprojects for thatbranch; you canchange the


  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Planning !ontrolling andManaging Projects

    'efore implementing P6 to schedule proects* team membersand other proect participants should understand theprocesses involved in proect management.

    "imply stated* proect management is the process ofachieving set goals ithin the constraints of time* budget*and sta:ng restrictions.

    +t allos you to get the most out of your available resources.Resources include People







  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class



    The process of proect managementis guided by three !ey principles3 Planning



  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Planning a project

    The rst step in proect management is to dene your proect.

    1. What is the scope of the or!; /hat activities ill ma!e up the proect and hat istheir relationship to each other; Youll also ant to identify the maor milestonesthat ill help you monitor the proects progress.

    ". What is the project duration# /hat are the dates hen the proect ill begin and

    end;$. What resources are a%ailable to the project# 'eyond labour* thin! about all the

    types of resources you ill re$uire.

    &. Who ill perform hat tas!s# %etermining your labour resources and theiravailable or!hours is a !ey part of building a successful proect. Youll need toplan for dontime and holidays and determine the regular or!ee! for varioussta:ng types.

    '. o much ill the project cost# /hat are the costs per resource; (re there anyhidden proect costs;

    . What is the estimated budget# stablishing a proect budget estimate in advancehelps you monitor possible cost overruns.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    !ontrolling a project

    Once you have built your proect and estimated yourbudgeting needs* you save this original plan as a baseline*or target schedule* to help you control the proect.

    ( baseline provides a solid point of reference as your schedulechanges over time.

    +t allos you to compare the original schedule to the current oneand identify signicant changes and develop contingency plans.

    You control a proect to !eep it heading in the right

    direction. Youll ant to trac! or! progress and costs*compare them to your baseline* and then recommendhat actions should be ta!en.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Managing a project

    ( good proect manager ears many hats* acting at various times as amotivator* communicator* coordinator* and advisor. (s you control theproects progress* it is your ob to !eep your team aare of changes tothe schedule and possible conse$uences. +n many ays* you are theproects ambassador* ensuring that your proect organization iscarrying out its responsibilities for the best possible outcome.

    To be an e=ective proect manager also re$uires consistency henyou update your proects. "elect a day each ee!* or biee!ly* henyou ill regularly update proects. This regular update ill includeprogress on values such as

    %ates on hich activities started or nished %ates hen resources are consumed

    #hanges to resource rates

    %etermine a standard policy for the update and scheduling procedure*and for reporting progress.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    "tart t#e Project Management module

    #lic! "tart* then choose (llPrograms* Oracle 2 Primavera P6*

    $og in

    'efore using the module* you must enter

    a valid login name and passord. +f you donot !no your login name and passord.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    &9se the optional /elcome dialog bo- to create a ne proect* open an e-isting proect*open the last open proect* or open only global data &P"* proects* roles* resources*

    calendars* etc.).

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    "elect a port%olio"elect a portfolio to vie a group of proects that have common

    characteristics. ( portfolio can contain any number of proects. #hoose 1ile*"elect Proect Portfolio. "elect a portfolio.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Modi%& a port%olio

    9se the Proect Portfolios dialog bo- to vie andchange general information about the selectedportfolio.

    You can also add and delete portfolios.#hoose nterprise* Proect Portfolios to set upproect portfolios.

    The top portion of the Proect Portfolios dialogbo- contains information about all availableportfolios* and the loer portion is divided intoto tabs that display specic information abouta selected portfolio.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Modi%& a port%olio

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    T#e 'orkspace

    /hen you rst open a proect* the>ome or!space displays the mainfunctions available in the module.

    1or e-ample* clic! (ctivities to focus onactivity data and customize layouts.

    The or!space for each main indo

    consists of a menu bar* navigation bar*directory bar* toolbar* and commandbar.

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    Displa& t#e director& bar

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    '#at (s a $a&out)

    ( layout is a customizable vie of proect information. To customizea layout to meet specic needs* you can choose from a ide rangeof proect information* columns* colors* fonts* and activitygroupings* and you can display these data in the top and0or bottomlayouts.

    1or e-ample* sho a ?antt #hart in the top layout and an (ctivityTable in the bottom layout.

    ach time you change the ay data are presented in the top andbottom layouts* you create a uni$ue layout.

    The module automatically prompts you to save a layout hen youclose it* alloing you to dene a uni$ue name for it so you can usethe layout again ith the current proect or a di=erent proect.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    *ctivit& Table

    +t displays activity information in spreadsheetformat. 9se this type of layout to $uic!ly updatea proect.

    You can use lters and group data to see onlythose activities that occur in your current statuscycle. You can customize (ctivity Table columns.

    You can also sort* lter* and group activities inthe (ctivity Table* as ell as change the font ofthe activity information and the color of thetable bac!ground. The (ctivity Table isdisplayed in the top and bottom layouts.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    +antt !#art

    +t provides a graphical display of activityprogress over the course of the proect.

    You can customize ?antt #hart bars* colors*labels* and symbols. You can also sort* lter*and group activities in the ?antt #hart.

    The ?antt #hart is displayed in the top andbottom layouts.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    *ctivit& ,sage "preads#eet

    +t displays units* costs* or earned value data by

    activity over time. 9se this type of layout to revieper period and rolled up activity resource0cost data.The (ctivity 9sage "preadsheet is displayed in thetop and bottom layouts.

    *ctivit& Network

    +t provides a graphical display of activities*including logical relationships. You can specify hichinformation you ant to display* and you can change

    the (ctivity @etor! colors and fonts. You can alsogroup and lter activities in the (ctivity @etor!. The(ctivity @etor! is displayed in the top layout only.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    *ctivit& Details

    +t display detailed information for an activity you select in eitherthe (ctivity Table or (ctivity @etor!. You can also use (ctivity

    %etails to enter and edit an activitys information* such as dates*resource assignments* and predecessor and successor relationships.

    (ctivity %etails is displayed in the bottom layout only.

    Resource ,sage "preads#eet

    displays resource data in spreadsheet format. This approach ishelpful hen you are updating and maintaining both yourorganizationAs resource hierarchy and individual resource information.

    This spreadsheet is displayed in the bottom layout only.

    *ctivit& ,sage Pro-le

    displays a time distribution of activity units and costs in a 'ar#hart format. You can customize all aspects of the (ctivity 9sageProle display. You can also lter activity information in the (ctivity9sage Prole.

    This prole is displayed in the bottom layout only.

  • 7/24/2019 Primavera P6 Class


    Resource ,sage Pro-le

    displays a time distribution of resource units and costs in

    relation to activities in a 'ar #hart format. You cancustomize all aspects of the Resource 9sage Prole display.

    You can also lter activity and resource information. Thisprole is displayed in the bottom layout only.

    You can also display a stac!ed histogram for the prole

    in the (ctivity indo* and in the Resource (nalysis typelayout in the Trac!ing indo.

    Trace $ogic

    provides a graphical display of dependency relationships

    for an activity you select in either the (ctivity Table or(ctivity @etor!.

    Trace Bogic is displayed in the bottom layout only.

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    "etting ,ser Pre%erences . ormatting Time,nits&Time unit settings a=ect ho time unit values are displayed in trac!ing layouts* activity durations* resource prices*availability* and or! e=orts. #hoose dit* 9ser Preferences* then clic! the Time 9nits tab.)

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