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  • What’s Needed: Printable Message Hearts- Below 8” Non-Stick Scissors- Fiskars

    Ribbon & Tulle 8” Pinking Shears- Fiskars

    Heart Stickers Wire Cutters

    Cellophane Bags Hot Glue Gun w/Glue

    Toothpicks & Bamboo Skewers Special Items-Listed for Each Design Below

    Printable Valentines

    Quirky Valentine Swag

    Our DIY Quirky Valentines are fun to make

    and fun to give. Easy to do, each message

    heart features a quirky vintage sentiment

    with munchie swag attached.

    Free Printable Message Hearts Included Below

    6 Valentine Designs Included


    Corny Valentine


    Valentine Kisses


    Tea Valentine


    Donut Valentine


    Vegetarian Valentine


    Honey Valentine


  • Corny Valentine (goodie bags)


    1. Select a bag of popcorn. Low calorie popcorn a plus!

    2. Fill cellophane bags with popcorn.

    3. Tie each bag closed with festive red ribbon.

    4. Hot glue a message hearts onto each ribbon knot.

    Valentine Kisses (goodie bags)


    1. Select your favorite Hershey Kiss.

    2. Place Kisses into cellophane bags. We used 9 pieces for each bag.

    3. Tie bags closed with a festive red ribbon.

    4. Hot glue a message heart onto each ribbon knot.

    How To Make It:

    s: Printables are located at the bottom of the written instructions. There are six designs. Each

    design has its own printable page of six message


    Download this PDF and print out desired designs

    on cardstock.

    To create a sawtooth border, use pinking shears

    to cut out message hearts.

  • Tea Valentine (tea bags & boxes)


    1. Select a flavor of tea bags.

    2. Attach the heart and tea bag together using a red piece of DMC floss. This will create

    the tea bag valentine. Floss can be stapled or threaded through the heart and bag.

    3. A box of tea can also be used. Tie a ribbon around the box in a bow. Hot glue the

    message heart to the center of the bow.

    Note: Play up a hidden message for a special valentine by using a passion fruit tea.

    Donut Valentine (picks & kabobs)


    1. To make the donut valentine kabobs hot glue a bamboo skewer to the back of the

    message hearts.

    2. Insert donut holes on to the skewers. Cut the bottom point of the skewer off using a

    pair of wire cutters. (see gray circle)

    3. Insert the donut kabob into a cellophane bag. Gather the top of the bag around the

    skewer under the bottom of the message heart. Secure bag closed with a festive red

    ribbon. Decorate bag with red heart stickers.

    To make the donut heart picks, simply

    hot glue a toothpick (use plastic straws for

    children) to the back of each message

    heart. If desired cover toothpick with

    a heart sticker. Arrange donuts in a

    basket or large tray. Insert one

    message heart in each donut. Note: The small heart printables are

    available on the Who’s Your Valentine PDF.

  • Vegetarian Valentine (salad in a box)


    1. Decorate plasticware by hot gluing a gem heart on the end. Place a red heart sticker

    on the (bottom edge center) of a paper napkin.

    2. Make a favorite salad and place it in a white takeout food box.

    3. Dressing can be added if serving immediately if not, place dressing in a separate


    4. Close container and hot glue message heart on the top. Serve with heart decorated

    fork and napkin.

    Honey Valentine (sweet treat)


    1. Select a favorite honey item. We used an Asian honey & loquat candy in a tin box.

    Other items to consider are honey sticks or straws or a specialty jar of honey.

    2. Wrap tulle or ribbon around the container. Hot glue and seal with a heart sticker to

    hold the tulle in place on the bottom.

    3. Tie a bow on the top of the container, tie a second bow on top of the first. This will

    yield 4 bow loops. Cut the remaining ribbon ends even with the loops. Fluff and

    arrange bow loops.

    4. Attach the message heart in the center of the bow. We used an arrow clip from

    Target. Decorate the box and bow with heart and or bee sticker.

    For office use, we suggest making a few designs and placing them all

    in one large basket. Position the basket in a social area and allow

    co-workers to select the valentine of choice. This is a wonderful way

    to celebrate Valentine’s Day without getting too personal.

  • Corny Valentine


  • Valentine Kisses


  • Tea Valentine


  • Donut Valentine


  • Vegetarian Valentine


  • Honeybee Valentine


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