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    Anuradha Parihar

  • 8/14/2019 prjct prsntn


    To identify the packaging strategies adopted

    by different brands.

    To analyze the effect of packaging on

    different segments of consumers.

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    Cadbury Dairy Milk, Horlicks, Garnier

    Fruictus, NestlesMilo, Bournvita and Dove


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    The Marketing Mix is the set of controllable,

    tactical marketing tools that the firm blends

    to produce the response it wants in the

    target. The main elements of marketing mix can be

    classified in the following four categories:


    Price Place (Distribution)


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    Arens defined packaging in 1996 asPackaging is the container for a product encompassing the physical appearance of thecontainer and including the design, color,

    shape, labeling and materials used. From the consumer perspective, packaging

    plays a major role when products arepurchased as both a cue and as a source of

    information. Packaging is crucial, given that it is the first

    thing that the public sees before making thefinal decision to buy.

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    Physical protection

    Barrier protection- oxygen, water-vapour

    Containment or Agglomeration

    Containment or Agglomeration

    Reducing theft



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    Reaching the target market: : In contrast to

    advertising, which has limited reach, a

    products packaging is something which all

    buyers experience and which has strongpotential to engage the majority of the

    target market. This makes it an extremely

    powerful and unique tool in the modern

    marketing environment.

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    Winning at the first moment of truth: Firstmoment of truth is at the point of sale.

    At the point of purchase, packaging serves anumber of key functions, namely:

    Cutting through the clutter actually gettingthe consumer to notice/see the product

    Communicating marketing information

    Stimulating or creating brand impressions

    Providing various brand cues:i. Value

    ii. Quality

    iii. Safety

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    Winning at the second moment of truth:

    Usage is known as the second moment of

    truth and packaging unlike advertising which

    builds a relatively brief exposure continuesto build brand values during the extended

    usage of the product and can drive brand

    equity and loyalty.

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    Functional RoleFrom a functional perspective, packaging isoften part of the usage/consumption experience.Not only is it a means of providing any necessaryinformation, but it can also form part of theactual product and provides functional benefits(e.g. being easy to use, fitting into storagespace, etc.).

    Marketing Role - Brand Identity andDifferentiation As the only part of the

    marketing communication that the consumertakes home, packaging plays a key role incommunicating and reinforcing brand values overtime. Packaging has the power to make, but alsoto break brand relationships.

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    1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

    Cadbury packaging that offers a high level of resistance toinfestation from improper storage.

    The company reduced the bulk packaging from 60 bars to22 bars. Each bulk pack is shrink-wrapped. This is expectedto minimise the sale of loose packs to the retail trade.

    The new look retains the well recognised glass-and-a-halfof milk however it now pours into a chocolate swirlillustrating the richness and "milk goodness" of thechocolate.

    The Cadbury script logo is enlarged, underlining its role asa stamp of quality.

    The purple colour is still used, however providing anindividual identity and basis for product differentiation.

    In 2007 the company touted the fact that the newpackaging uses 75 percent less plastic, 65 percent lesscardboard and saves 2,000 trees on environmentalconcerns.

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    2. Horlicks

    GlaxoSmithKline unified the logo, packaging,designing of all the product categories of Horlicks.

    The Wave on the packaging shows activity of aperson.

    The visual of milk and wheat shows the nourishing

    capabilities of Horlicks. Blue and orange colours have been a part of the

    Horlicks family for many years and strongly help toidentify the brand.

    New logo also plays a role in reinforcing the trust and

    equityof the brand among the customers. Normal Horlicks comes in three quantities namely 200

    gm, 500 gm, and 1000 gm.

    Junior Horlicks comes in two quantities 200 gm, and500 gm.

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    3. Garnier Fruictus Shampoo

    Garnier shampoo comes in pretty green bottlewhich is made from 50% recycled plastic and theformula itself is 94% biodegradable.

    This product possesses a flip-open cap which is

    very attractive. The bottle itself provides with the ingredientsof

    the product.

    The bottle also has directions for use in a certainfont which is convenient to read and follow.

    This product also comes in sacheteform which ismore convenient for consumers to carry andaffordable for those who cant buy the expensivebottles.

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    4.Nestles Milo

    Milo comes in an attractive Box pack which is greenin color which is very attractive and eye catching.

    It is light weight as compared to the bulky glass jarsof other companies, and it is also convenient to store

    & handle. With glass jar there is always a chance of breaking

    and harming the child if he tries to have milk on hisown. But the packaging of Milo is so convenient thata child can easily prepare his own milk preparation

    and have it whenever he wants. It comes in 3 box packs of 200 gm, 500 gm, 1000 gm.

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    5. Cadburys Bournvita

    They provide containers which do not allow moistureto enter into in the product and also increases theshelf life.

    They have also introduced the refill packs so theirno problem of buying Jars every now & then.

    The colour of the product has been changed frompurple and red to orange and brown to show theflavour of new 5 star magic.

    They every few days provide a container having asipper in the cap.

    The Junior Bournvita for kids of age 2 years to 5

    years comes in an orange colour container of aunique shape which would fascinate the kids.

    The product comes in two quantities namely 200 gm,and 500 gm both in jars and refill packs.

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    6. Dove shampoo and conditioners

    The products come in an all over deep blue oval-shaped bottle.

    Conditioners come in sizes 90ml and 180ml and

    Shampoos cost 100ml, 200ml and 400ml. Along with the bottles the same product is

    provided in a sachet form also for easy carriagepurpose.

    Both the bottle and the sachet provides thecustomer with the important informationregarding the product like the ingredients, thedirections for usage, best before etc.

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    Packaging typography

    Graphic forms

    IllustrationsMessage placement

    Less information is often more

    High involvement in purchase decision

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    These data are collected by the method of

    questionnaire which were filled by 15 (5-

    kids, 5 teenagers and 5 adults) respondents

    in a field survey conducted at NLU campus

    and internet survey. The questionnaire

    consisted of 2 sets of questions- Set A which

    is related to health drinks, Set B directed

    towards customers regarding buying of

    shampoos. Overall the questionnaire

    comprises of 11 questions which were

    answered by the respondents.

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    Set A- health drinks

    kids if health drinks are considered are

    attracted towards the size, shape, colour of

    the container while adults are moreattracted towards the large size, refill pack,

    easy store packets.

    Set B- shampoos

    It is observed the teenagers are attractedtowards shape, color, size and the

    information written on the packet while

    adults shape and color doesnt matter.

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    This study deals with the role whichpackaging plays in the consumer purchaseprocess viz. how does the packaging of aproduct affects the buying behavior of a

    consumer. It is very obvious that thepackaging of a product not necessarily affectthe consumers choice as in case of productsinvolving high value instead consumers would

    go for brand loyalty. But where there is avariety seeking buying behavior and theproducts concerned are FMCG goods thenpackaging will be an important aspect in thepurchase decision.

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    The colour of the product, the packing

    typography and graphic forms of the product

    should be designed taking into consideration the

    target market segment so that packaging can

    help in the process of attracting customers tobuy the product and serves as a marketing tool.

    Large amount of information should not be

    displayed on the packet instead only key point or

    very important information should be displayedon the packet so that the consumers do not miss

    any part of the informationbecause of clutter of


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    New packaging concepts should be evaluated incontext, not in isolation. If possible, packagingresearch should simulate both the shopping and usageexperience, giving people an opportunity to interactand feel the packages functionality, shelf visibility

    and impact on brand imagery. Furthermore, packaging research should, as far as

    possible, take into consideration current relationshipsand usage behaviour within that category. Manypeople are unlikely to change from their current

    usage patternswhen they are provided with a newoption it can be difficult to break relationships withbrands leading to an inherent inertia which should betaken into account when conducting research.

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