proactive referrals relationships vs. activity weaknessesstrengthsweaknessesstrengths

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Proactive Referrals Relationships vs. Activity Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Strengths

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Proactive ReferralsRelationships vs. Activity

WeaknessesStrengthsWeaknessesStrengthsProactive ReferralsReferrals and RelationshipsDescribe a situation where you leveraged an existing relationship to create a successful and profitable business outcome.

Proactive ReferralsThe ProcessWorking with a partner, discuss some of the ways you have used to appropriately collect quality contact information on a prospective customer. What techniques or approaches work best? List some of your ideas and be prepared to share them with the group.

Proactive ReferralsThe ProcessUse the four conversations as a framework for a group discussion on best practices in each area. When have you used each approach to help proactively move forward a relationship or keep a relationship alive by providing help in one area, even if it wasnt exactly where you wanted the relationship to start.

Proactive ReferralsReview of Key PointsRelationship Based Referrals are always better business builders than Funneling Cold Leads

Referrals built on Relationships build business now and in the future

Referral Gathering is based on our Five Relationship Keys

Gathering Data is better than Handing Out Cards5Proactive ReferralsReview of Key PointsThe Four Conversations define the Proactive Referral Process: Are You Happy? (inviting a relationship) Can We Help? (building a relationship) Can We Contact You? (managing a relationship) Were We Helpful? (leveraging and repairing a relationship)6