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  • 1. the story behind

2. where/ how it allstarted?This is where it all started small house in the suberb of the capital city.Dalibor Jakus the founder of realized there is a lack on themarket decided to build an online recruitment advertising tool. It was not onlyhim but a group of motivated young IT guys who stood by the birth of thebiggest job site within Slovak Republic 3. 1st year key facts1. 1997 the company was born2. 118 advertisements3. 406 applicants in the opened CV database4. first company which to took the risk Slovak Hydrometeorological institute5. 1 employee 4. - timeline 5. VIP party 6. KEY FACTS after 15 y.1. 2012 15th anniversary2. 95% market share3. 107 th job posting in 1 year4. 114 th CVs in the database5. 40 million views each moth 7. Profesia in Forbes Interview with the founder- Dalibor Jakus about the idea, about the processes, about the challenges and turbulent times in HR and recruiting business 8. the team final nb. 74 (2012) 9. - Partners & media 10. - Successful project1. Profesia days SK/ CZ2. HR days SK/ CZ3. January conferences 11. - NEWSDOWNLOADS in SK - 8633 apps for iPhone (from april 2012)3518 apps for android (from august 2012) 12. In case there is anything we might help you with, do not hesitate tocontact Sales Team7/9/2012