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  • VisionTo be one of the best organizations in India in the field of management of natural stones

  • Mission

    To be known as the best experts for maintenance and restoration of natural stonesTo create awareness on how to achieve longevity of natural stones

  • About Us

    Operating since 2004, providing services related to maintenance of natural stonesRestored millions of sq. ft. of all kinds of natural stones since inceptionHandling diverse client portfolio from top hotels to corporates to HNIs to retail spacesOne of the only companies having developed expertise on how to extend the life of stones in a focussed mannerHigh skilled staff and streamlined operations

  • Why Us?

    Our forte has been stone management for all these yearsHandled almost every type of stone We have a long list of highly satisfied clientsAnnual maintenance contracts with some of the prestigious organizationsWe have been getting repeat work and new business mainly through references from existing clients We treat our team well therefore have high retention which means least work overflowsWe work closely with architects & interior designers as their partners for stone related work

  • Services Offered

    Our services include the following for both annual maintenance and one-timeprojects:ConsultingRestoration Sealer application Honing Re-Polishing River-Wash Stain Removal

  • Consulting

    Site Audit on the present status of the stone/ floor surfacePost stone installation advise on sealant application on stone as per site conditionAdvise on way forward with respect to restorationAdvise on stone sealer applicationDeveloping a maintenance schedule according to the trafficAdvise on the cleaning re-agentsDevelop site specific checklists

  • Stone RestorationGrinding activity is carried out using various stages of abrasive grits to remove any uneven or damaged surfaceA new surface is exposed, which is further buffed to arrive at the shineExtreme care needs to be taken to implement right sequencing of grits to ensure minimum marble is removed

  • Sealer Application

    The very nature of the stone being porous makes it viable to absorb, thereby adding some thing unnatural which interferes with the structure (lattice) and also causes a stainTo reduce the above phenomenon sealers specific to the stone are applied to reduce stone porosity

  • Honing

    Honing is an activity to remove micron scratches without removing much of marble

  • Re-polishingWith continuous usage, passage of time and exposure to environmental pollutants, the marble tends to get dull and fadedThe complete sheen of the marble is lost, if dust, grime and abrasions settle on marbleRemoval of all these pollutants is imminent, if you want to retain the original lustre of your marble floors

  • River-Wash

    River wash is an activity conducted to achieve a slightly textured but smooth surface which brings out the natural beauty and colour of the rough stoneThe rough surface stone is treated with special abrasives and solvents

  • Stain RemovalStain remover is ideal for eliminating stains that are set deep into your stone such as wine, coffee, tea, smoke and some oilsIt comes in a powder form containing absorbing clays mixed with strong cleaning agents for easy application on both vertical and horizontal surfacesStain remover may be used on polished or unpolished surfaces without fear of discoloration or etchingIt is appropriate for interior and exterior use and will not harm adhesives or grouting materials

  • Case Study Morgan StanleyLower ParelBeforeAfterComposite Marble Having etch marks & small pits Process Filler, Grinding & SealingArea 3,500 Sq. Ft.Status - Project in progress

  • Case Study AtmosphereColaba Italian Marble Having cracks & pitsProcess Filler, Grinding & SealingArea 2,000 Sq. Ft.Status - Project CompletedBeforeAfter

  • One Indiabulls Center Tower-1Red Travertine Having cracks & pitsProcess Filler, Grinding & SealingArea 12,000 SQ. FT.Current Status Annual Maintenance Contract

  • One Indiabulls Center Tower-2Italian Marble Having cracksProcess Filler, Grinding & SealingArea 12,000 SQ. FT.Current Status Annual Maintenance Contract

  • ITC AndheriItalian Marble Having cracksProcess Filler, Grinding & SealingArea 25,000 SQ. FT.Current Status Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Partial List Of Clients MANNAT

  • Partial List Of Clients

  • For Enquiries:Eshan Dhawan+91-9773998678, [email protected]