programme development and podcasting - chris bannon, vp, wnyc, new york, usa

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Programme development in the age of potcasting - session at Radiodays Europe in Dublin 23 - 25 March 2014, by Chris Bannon, vice president, WNYC, New York, USA


  • 1. Programme development in the age of podcasting Chris Bannon, VP, WNYC, New York, USA #rde14

2. 1# PUBLIC RADIO STATION IN THE USA # (WNYC FM, Weekly Cume, Fall 2013) LARGEST AUDIENCE IN AMERICA PUBLIC RADIO STATION IN THE USA(WQXR FM, Weekly Cume, Fall 2013) 3. IN DIGITAL AUDIO #1PODCASTS iTUNES (Radiolab & Freakonomics Podcasts, 2010-2013) # CLASSICALMUSIC STREAM IN THE USA (WQXR Monthly Stream Sessions, U.S. Classical Music Station Survey, 2013) LEADER 4. MONTHLY DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS 27,500,000 5. BRANDS 375+ HRS of Programming/Week NEWS/CULTURE 6. POWERHOUSE POTENTIAL Internal talent and ideas Co- production partnerships Acquired podcasts Class of FY14 Checkpoint Checkpoint OUR APPROACH: build a portfolio of new shows with 7. What is a POWERHOUSE BRAND? Meets our mission & is New York-centric (intellectually & emotionally) Reaches young & diverse audiences (30-40) Engages to create powerful loyalty (= sustainable financially) Offers multiple platform experiences (live events & digital) Can be distributed directly to the audience Supports womens voices and diversity 1 2 3 4 5 6 8. Initial screen First checkpoint Red light decision Annual review 1 2 3 4 4 Powerhouse Mid-tier Discontinue 12-18 months 3-4 years DISCIPLINE & FLEXIBILITY Structured process provides both 9. Radio Guest Book Series Podcast Podcast Radio Series NYTimes Column CASE STUDY: 10. DIGITAL FIRST DISTRIBUTION AND CONTENT PARTNERSHIPS EVERY SHOW SUCCESS STRATEGIES 11. THE MEMBERSHIP UNDERWRITING ECONOMIC MODEL 12. THE FUTURE POWERHOUSE BRAND POTENTIAL MISSION COMPATIBILITY HIGH PERSONALITY VEHICLES ROOM FOR US TO ADD VALUE CONTENT HAS POTENTIAL FOR DEEP AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT CONTENT GENERATES HIGH LOYALTY Youthful 90-year-old media operation seeks 13. Questions?