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Idea1 : Net Aooni Arcade Idea2 : Shooting Arcade Project Brainstorming Project Brainstorming Computer Game 2011 Fall 2008-11683 Lee Sang Min

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Computer Game 2011 Fall. Project Brainstorming. Project Brainstorming. Idea1 : Net Aooni Arcade Idea2 : Shooting Arcade. ♣ 2008-11683 Lee Sang Min. Net Aooni Arcade. Based on original Aooni game. Aooni (want to kill Hiroshi). Hiroshi (must be alive). Original Rules. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Idea1 : Net Aooni ArcadeIdea2 : Shooting Arcade

    Project BrainstormingProject BrainstormingComputer Game 2011 Fall 2008-11683 Lee Sang Min

  • Net Aooni ArcadeBased on original Aooni gameAooni(want to kill Hiroshi)Hiroshi(must be alive)

  • Original RulesAooni game is horror arcade game

    Hiroshi, main character, have to escape the haunted mansion

    Aooni, scary blue ghost, appears surprisingly and wants to kill Hiroshi

  • Original RulesBut this arcade game always gives same course to clear

    Once cleared, loses attraction

    Offline (inactive)

  • Net Aooni already existAooni VS Players

  • Problem & SuggestionOnly competition among peopleNatural Aooni, who kill both Aooni group and Players group is needed

    Mission is too simpleDifferent mission for each member

    X-man systemOne member for each Aooni group and Players group is trap

  • Game PlayMap is randomized20 ~ 30 maps are linked randomly. (but limited map resources)

    When start, Players group receives missionEx : find secret jewel, meet NPC etc.Usually no mission for Aooni group (just kill players)

    Natural Aooni appears at random time and spaceAppears more frequently as time elapses

  • How to victoryIf Players group success all missions then win

    If all players are killed by Aooni or Natrual Aooni then loseEx : find secret jewel, meet NPC etc.Usually no mission for Aooni group (just kill players)

    If all Aoonis are killed by Players or Natural Aooni then winPlayer can kill Aoonis with some items

  • Technical IssuesNetwork game is very hard!!Synchronization challengesBut offline multiplayer mode as a alternative is boring


  • Alternative : vs CPUReplace Player group and Aooni group as CPUOf course fun factor decreasesNo Natural Aooni

    Challenge : algorithmNot that hard, but movements have to seem natural

  • Shooting ArcadeShooting game + RPG + User match

  • Original RulesPlayer aims to destroy all enemy planes.

    Enemy planes shots several bullet, which damages player when touched

    Player can get several item (usually powerups such as bomb etc)

  • Original RulesPlayer meets several stages with various enemies

    Usually there is a boss at the end of stage

    Sometimes games carries with small or large scale of stories

  • ProblemsThere are numerous shooting games but its principle is essentially same

    Game is focused on either difficulty (bullet) or visual performance (graphic)

    After once cleared, users are interested in scoring (repeating with same course)

  • SuggestionRPG concept is addedEnemy = Monster (HP/MP/ATT/DF) One may gather golds and buy items which makes various effects to playerImportant : all player goods are saved as internet! (like common online RPG games)

    Dynamic stage mappingEach stage is reconstructed time to time by some algorithm

    Supports online tradeAlso important factor of RPG gamesMake users want to be strong addiction(?)

  • Technological IssueGraphic, fast collision detection algorithmIt is not that easy to keep 50~60 fps with various effects and many number of bulletsDevelopment environment is important

    Optional : resources (images, icons for enemy, items etc)

  • Thank you for attentionThank you for attention