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2. City of Shadows Alexey TitarenkoLong exposure shots of crowds in St. Petersburg, Russia. The City of Shadows collection conveys the chilling effect of using long exposure to generate an almost unrecognisable blur of matter. 3. The photographs represent community in a polluted space such as towns, cities.There is no identity or individuality to distinguish the ghost-like people from one another. Showcasing the world as a dark and haunting place from the eyes of the photographer. 4. Another image found on Flickr showing what Id like to achieve with my photographs by having more people in the frame and using busier locations for a better exposure. 5. Technique Previous long exposure photography taken on Brighton Pier of a funfair ride. 6. My objective is to represent society as pollution, as people pollute space. By using long exposure techniques, I also want to dehumanise people in my photos to convey humanity as a combined force of matter. 7. Test shots using long exposure to represent the polluted spaces and to grasp the concept of transitioning to daylight long exposure / possibly reverting to night exposures. 8. Experimenting with ideas of combining the images together to add more people to the frame and gather a better motion blur. Also using Photoshop layers such as multiply, darken and screen to add more contrast between images. 9. References 1. By Alexey Titarenko, accessed 8/11/2013 From "City of Shadows" accessed 03/11/13 from: 2. the_matt1, accessed 8/11/2013 from:, posted16 April 2009 3., accessed 8/11/2013 from: