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Protech is a software engineering company focused on the full development cycle: from idea to design, production and maintenance of complex software solutions. One of the company’s specializations is computer vision and machine learning related software. Protech has solid domain knowledge in this area and experienced engineers. Software platforms are custom made and tailored for specific clients’ requirements.


  • we create software tailored for you!
  • COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 2004 Specialized in: Software Development and Maintenance (Desktop, Web and Mobile applications) Computer Vision Machine Learning Experience: 14+ years of scientific and applied research 20+ years of software development Cooperation with: University of Novi Sad, Serbia Ghent University, Belgium Software engineering companies throughout the EU Security systems manufacturers, developers and integrators Engaged in various European projects Supporting innovation and startups through technological partnerships 1
  • SERVICES SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT designing system architecture from scratch database design and development desktop, web and mobile applications development of multi-user, multi-platform solutions software maintenance COMPUTER VISION AND MACHINE LEARNING vehicle detection and tracking people detection and tracking recognition of human actions and abnormal behavior pattern recognition eye tracking and recognition of facial expressions development of advanced digital signal, image and video processing algorithms real-time algorithms for embedded processing data mining 3 OUTSOURCING in-house development of full platforms, applications or modules for an existing platform or application technology research and development for custom applications agile methodology with custom reporting for clients
  • SOFTWARE AND WEB TECHNOLOGIES: C/C++, CLI, C#, .NET Java (SE & EE) , JSP WPF ASP/ASP.NET LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP / Python) Adobe Actionscript, Adobe Flex HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XML MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle OpenCV, DirectX, DirectShow, ElasticSearch MOBILE PLATFORMS: iOS Android Windows KNOW HOW 5
  • FLEXIBLE MODELS Fixed price model fixed price with precisely defined scope of the work Engineer/hour model monthly invoicing of hours of development with precisely defined tasks Extended office model our engineers as part of clients team with clients e-mail address Joint R&D partnerships model sharing intelectual property or licensing rights BOT ( Build Operate Transfer) model acquisition of the team built in accordance with client needs FLEXIBLE MODEL FOR STARTUPS Reduced development rates for % of shares in the company Additional set of values next to development itself (direct contacts with business angels and venture capital fund representatives on various markets, consulting and mentoring, providing investment and additional resources) Position of technology proficient partner in the company (outsourcing of CTO and complete technology development) COOPERATION MODELS 7
  • 9 CountPRO is a software for people counting based on intelligent analysis of videos received from IP cameras It can be installed on a standard PC computer connected with IP cameras through a TCP/IP network In the same package we deliver a web application designed for reviewing the data and creating custom reports PostgreSQL database Science engine: Computer Vision and Machine Learning Technologies used: C/C++, C#, .NET, OpenCV, HTML, PHP, CSS, Apache OWN PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS PEOPLE COUNTER
  • 10 TrafficPRO is a software for traffic surveillance and red light enforcement It utilizes high definition images from video surveillance cameras and license plate (ANPR) cameras Vehicles are detected, tracked and their movement is analyzed to detect traffic violations, while at the same time license plates are detected, converted to text and recorded in the database TrafficPRO also has an integrated module to generate reports for police or other authorities PostgreSQL database Science Engine: Computer Vision and Machine Learning Technologies used: C/C++, C#, .NET, OpenCV OWN PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC SURVEILLANCE WITH RED-LIGHT ENFORCEMENT
  • 11 ONLINE EYE TRACKING FOR ANALYSIS OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Webcam eye tracking platform Database design and development Desktop applications Web applications with integrated database Client-server model, multi-user environment Science engine: Computer Vision and Machine Learning Technologies: C/C++, C#, .NET, DirectX, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, MySQL OUTSOURCING
  • 12 CMS platform for travel agencies, developed from scratch Front-end and back-end engine WYSIWYG editors integrated for easy update of the pages Full pricelist editor support with different schemes Travel costs calculation Recording of the bookings or any other action from users MySQL database design and development Technologies: HTML, PHP, CSS OUTSOURCING
  • MANAGEMENT TEAM 14 Marko Macesic, CEO and Managing Partner Germany He has 9 years of working experience as a programmer and a manager. He has experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, C/C++, C#, PHP, databases, management, marketing and design. He also led research projects, such as Eureka E!4924 international IT project. Dusko Rakin, COO and Managing Partner Serbia He has worked successfully in IT sector in the last 10 years. His experiences are in the field of project management, planning by prioritizing customer, employee, and organizational requirements, marketing and sales. He also has experience in implementation of information systems and programming. Borislav Antic, Technology Advisor and Managing Partner Germany He currently works as a postdoc researcher at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He has worked as a researcher on various international projects in computer vision and machine learning, ranging from industrial quality control, traffic monitoring to people surveillance. His papers are published in the most prominent scientific conferences and journals in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. Vedran Jelaca, Business and QA Advisor and Managing Partner Benelux He has rich experience as a manager and technology/business developer. He did a PhD in computer science engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. He worked with Traficon on computer vision solutions for traffic management, and with Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs on a new generation video conferencing system coupled with virtual and augmented reality. He has also worked with promising startup companies.
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