public speaking tips from a beginner

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1. Public Speaking Tips from a Beginner Khaled I. Ghattass, PhD Admissions Committeeme 2. You have probably attended hundreds of BORING presentations. One More Wont Hurt You!!! 3. Public speaking has 5 basic elements: - The Speaker: Thats you - The Subject: Thats what you will be talking about - The Audience: Thats who will be listening (or sleeping) as you speak - The Medium: Thats what you will be using to deliver the speech - The Environment: Where and when are you delivering the speech Lets just take the basics from the pros. 4. Tip # 1-Be Well Prepared I wish I can tell you Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton or Robin Williams did not prepare for their speeches, but they did Two non avoidable preparations: 1- Know the subject very well 2- Know your audience very well 3- Know how to present the subject equally well Lets assume you are done with numbers 1 and 2 move forward!!! 5. Tip # 2- Invest in Great Openings If you make them laugh at the beginning, they will stay awake hoping you will make them laugh again - Its nicer if someone else introduces you - An early joke reduces tension and anxiety - Laughter connects you to the audience 6. Its all about Confidence and Spontaneity, if you can fake these two you will do great Tip # 3- Look Confident - Over preparation is the way to confidence - One can be prepared and seem Spontaneous ... - It always sounds nicer inside your head, thats why you should rehearse LOUDLYYYY!!! 7. Tip # 4- Get Emotional Involvement Some things are just contagious by nature, if you sneeze people sneeze, if you laugh they laugh, and. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED , THEY WILL BE INTERESTED!!! 8. I. Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development Tip # 4 Emotional InvolvementTip # 5- Tell Stories - Prepare 2 or 3 interesting stories to share - It is OK if the stories are not very closely related to the topic, sometimes it is even better if they are not - Know exactly when to tell your stories Most probably, stories will be the only thing your audience will remember 9. Tip # 6: Manage Your Time No one has ever walked out of a presentation complaining that it was short -Be very clear and concise -Have a single Message per slide -Never ever exceed your allocated time 10. Tip # 7- Collect Instant Feedback Dont wait until it is over to fix it - Maintain eye contact with the audience - When you see half closed eyes, speed up or engage the audience with a question!!! 11. Tip # 8- Use Visuals and Body Language If you have something important to say, dont say it, show it - Use a lot of visuals, reduce text - Act normal, walk around, drink water - Rehearse your body language 12. Tip # 9- Dont trust Technology Its already a bad sign when you start with: Can you hear me? Is it working? Is there a technician over here? - Make sure it is working before the presentation - Carry back ups with you - If you are allowed to rehearse on site, DO!! 13. Tip # 10- Invest in Great Closures As contradicting as it may seem, but open ended closures are the best - Often discussions start when you close, so you have a chance to direct discussions and questions the way you prefer -After summering your talk in One Take Home Message, close with a story or a question 14. Rewards of Public Speaking 3 out of 4 people have GLASSOPHOBIA (fear of public speaking). If you do it well, you are that interesting 4th guy who does not have it - Brings Self Satisfaction !!! - Boosts Confidence !!! - Enhances Communication Skills !!! - Better Interviews - Better Meetings - Better Relationships 1 more Slide 15. The End A good speech should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest. Winston Churchill - Widens Your Network !!! - Increases Observational Skills !!! - Boosts Your Memory - Brings Publicity Rewards of Public Speaking 16. Please send your feedback on: - [email protected] - Khaled Ghattass, PhD - Khaled Imad Ghattass