puppet camp dallas 2014: configuration management in the enterprise

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Configuration Management in the Enterprise Puppet the Foreman and YOU

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Puppet Camp Dallas 2014: Configuration Management in the Enterprise by Byron Miller


  • Configuration Management in the Enterprise Puppet the Foreman and YOU
  • Disclaimer This is how I do it. This is my experience. This has a lot to do with people. This has a lot to do with design & thinking. This has a lot to do with before you run install.sh twitter: @byron_miller
  • Enterprise Lots of interconnected stuff.. Oracle Linux.. Windows. Weblogic ERP / CRM / Financials VMware.. Cots.. Not much in cloud for me with the exception of SaaS (sales platform) twitter: @byron_miller
  • BHAG: Configuration Management Start here puppet its your big hairy audacious goal. Start Simple ntp, provisioning (yes, its easy), sysctl.. Source Control everything gitlab/github twitter: @byron_miller
  • Achieve our goal Brainstorm about your smaller goals Iterate Test/Experiment Think Experiment/test Pilot Programs Think iterate twitter: @byron_miller
  • Define your goal Write down your goals Write down the context of your goals Write down the priority of your goals Think of value Think of service Think of utility Lets brainstorm some here.. twitter: @byron_miller
  • In case you didnt notice Implementing puppet in my environment has been less about learning the technology. Puppet is easy to learn, Puppet Enterprise even more so. Its more about applying puppet to solve complex problems. Problems are never completely solved dont automate & forget We iterate and iterate to improve ourselves (do some A/B) Puppet enables continuous improvement Puppet enables lean & agile Puppet enables our design and systems goal(s) twitter: @byron_miller
  • Easy goals: Configuration Drift Establish and maintain consistency Foreman ENC, Parameterized classes, hierarchal parameter storage. Dashboards! twitter: @byron_miller
  • Foreman twitter: @byron_miller
  • Host Groups CM management twitter: @byron_miller
  • Easy Goal: Reporting / Auditing (monitoring) PuppetDB Puppet Reports / Dashboard Foreman Reports, Metrics & Trends twitter: @byron_miller
  • Foreman Reporting twitter: @byron_miller
  • Reports twitter: @byron_miller
  • Easy Goal: Provisioning twitter: @byron_miller Repetitive Process Needs standards Easy wins often live here, especially in legacy enterprise difficult place to have drift Yes, RHEL/OEL all the way
  • Foreman Provisioning twitter: @byron_miller
  • Hard Goal: Automating other stuff By automation, I dont mean basic configuration.. I mean, building & deploying a process and automating that pesky stuff such as databases, deployments, pipelines et all. This other stuff is where you should really begin to think about your work and how to appropriately attack it. twitter: @byron_miller
  • How to do hard stuff? Build patterns Flow describe the process flow & state of flow Complexity - Apply puppet to knowledge, derive your knowledge before you try and automate Think of your complexity in terms of contexts remember when I asked you to write down the context of your work? twitter: @byron_miller
  • Sense Making: Hard stuff is hard twitter: @byron_miller
  • Complex Retrospective Probe -> Sense -> Respond This is where you operate in retrospect relation between cause & effect perceived in retrospect. Sense emergent practice what to do next (This is where experimentation pays off) Safe to fail experimentation - amplify what works, suppress what doesnt. Innovation happens here. Collaborative Leadership Not the best to automate. Build rails to guide / influence but remember, that what happens here, may not be repeatable. twitter: @byron_miller
  • Complicated Expert Knowledge Sense -> Analyze -> Respond Respond and apply good practice. Relationship between cause & effect requires some form of investigation / expert knowledge. Analytical Leadership Fairly automatable, your rails can be more restrictive here as your building on good practices. twitter: @byron_miller
  • Chaotic Novel Act -> Sense -> Respond NOVEL solutions NO relationship between cause and effect at systems level No automation here. (usually a symptom of automation failure) Take Control leadership Lead and get out twitter: @byron_miller
  • Simple - Bureaucratic Sense -> Categorize -> Respond Apply best practice Bureaucracy lives here Warning: When bureaucracy / simple dies, it immediately goes CHAOTIC Complacency leads to failure Bureaucratic Leadership Automation LIVES here. twitter: @byron_miller
  • Disorder Im not making any sense This is where we start.. State of not knowing what type of causality exists. People will revert to their own comfort zone in making a decision here. Biases.. Biases everywhere.. twitter: @byron_miller
  • With these sense making skills Think about your work Think about your tools Think about your systems Think about your goals Think about design Think about THE goal Think about value Think about appropriate leadership twitter: @byron_miller
  • Sometimes the best tool Is a human being Software is great at repetition Software is great at repetition Software is great with bureaucracy Novel processes require specific leadership Complex/Complicated systems require humans Simple systems still need people twitter: @byron_miller
  • Systems thinking & design twitter: @byron_miller Think of intelligent orchestration mcollective perhaps? Think of a city system Garbage pickup at 7 a.m. Newspaper at 6 a.m. Schools from 7:30 to 3:30 What is your intent of work? What is the goal of your automation? How will you achieve it? Orchestrate wisely tracking drift? Applying change? Auditing? Ephemeral instances? Do you need 30 minute checkins?
  • More wins System cloning sudoers RPM / Package management (katello is being integrated soon) SSHd config Iptables.. Logstash/collectl/statsd (good packages here) Augeus all the things List goes on forever.. Just do yourself a favor and finish one before starting another twitter: @byron_miller
  • Collaborate It takes a village yaddy yaddy yadda Collaborative Leadership is a very effective way to lead your puppet pipeline. I have a story I read.. You may have too twitter: @byron_miller
  • So I read this book It got me thinking.. It was written about me.. Ive lived this story.. But it felt like a manager story.. twitter: @byron_miller
  • What if Erik gave ME (Brent) that advice? Have I heard it? Would I listen? Would I care? Some of us trying to do puppet are techies What if were not management? Not decision makers? twitter: @byron_miller
  • What defines Brent? Driven by thinking logically Applied DevOps help me DevOps, youre my only hope Our Management manages expectations Management relies on me. Self made.. Product of environment.. twitter: @byron_miller
  • Leading like a Brent No one listens! Im Overloaded I dont want to burnout Im sort of a BOFH Excuses.. Excuses.. Excuses.. Just automate it! twitter: @byron_miller
  • Were here because we see improvement DevOps Puppet Foreman Virtualization Agile Lean Philosophy Systems Thinking twitter: @byron_miller
  • The hard way Logical Strongly Stated Position Assertive Closing the deal twitter: @byron_miller
  • Strongly Stated Position Only speaking to Facts Mimicking success of others Strong / Defensive Views Applied Thinking Applied Lean, Applied DevOps, Applied Agile twitter: @byron_miller
  • Assertive Supporting Arguments My way or else.. Logic makes us feel assertive We expect everyone to obey our logic twitter: @byron_miller
  • Closing Deal Resist Compromise Using only logic / extreme passion to speak Assert as if everything is Objective twitter: @byron_miller
  • Stop! twitter: @byron_miller
  • A new way: The Collaborative Way! Work together Break down silos Build bridges Trust & be trusted twitter: @byron_miller
  • Establish Credibility Dont overestimate oneself! Experiment! Experiment! Dont jump to applying Recognize small wins as a catalyst Positive action twitter: @byron_miller
  • Frame for common ground Lead to positive results Steer the story to align to your org Make it yours twitter: @byron_miller
  • Connect Emotionally Work through gatekeepers Put on their shoes Strategize to reach broader audience twitter: @byron_miller
  • Evidence Stories Examples Metaphors Experimentations Pilots twitter: @byron_miller
  • Brent Transformation Dont need to be manager to lead GROW into leadership GROW yourself! twitter: @byron_miller
  • Patterns, not ideologies. Skills People Ideas Experiments Make it YOURS twitter: @byron_miller
  • Now you can begin Tools to think Tools to collaborate Tools to make sense of your work Tools to manage your work Tools to automate all the things Ive given you lots of hammers, use wisely. If youre a Spock trying to automate with puppet, make sure you find a Captain Kirk who knows this! twitter: @byron_miller
  • Thanks Automate wisely Collaborate all the time Think about your work Think about your systems Hope this helps you enable your Puppet/DevOps journey Email: [email protected] Twitter @Byron_miller twitter: @byron_miller