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  1. 1. PURUIIii}PLASTICS 8L RUBBER MACHINERY9i$$%I%ViiIs? iIIJ| mEiIz 11311]:: i
  2. 2. BRIEF INTRODUCTIONFUHUI PLASTICS 8: RUBBER Machinery E I5 '1} iIEl$M9!}tl7JEI ifiitt.EINEIBI iie Eli!20 5$B9Ak: ik; SILl7,Z(EE%S9! k?7kePUFtU| It| i'Khii.&1lI7F{! =1IHlIlt3&fl IFNI.Ii-IEIIJ.fillkiliii.Iik liibkiille PURUI Iif( 71ilERF'i1!I.Ifitihqil.iltmliiifthl.lil1!&iti&iE9EI2Ri"e E%'3i&Ii237 11IfIliI4?MO iilfilleFrom the beginning,PURUI PLASTICSLRUBBER MACHINERY CO , LTD is specialized in the production and researcri at plastic granuleter,plastic recycling GQUIIJMSVIIS Based on constant eflorts and pursue tor many years,we have ohtalned much exliellence and perlect prafesslonal techniques on the solutions lrom technical design to extrusion systemPURUI promise,what we oel Is not only the ulasralton equipments with reasonable price easy to operate,but also the parlect technical solutions and quick alter sale service we can meet the requirements on quality and price at clients,as welt as supply reasonable equipments and related kit equipments Wllh the best cost pertorrnence tor users,so we are the truly cooperation partners at our clientsRespected customers,we will treat your requirementssenauslyf= %. %fa%f,i%fr?9// /i? fl7/ $%Er7S7/E5Continuous Innovation,Highest Economics and Best Quality01 l wwwtpurui-ch| na. comWE CAN DOwww. purul-cnlna. coiii 1 oz

3. Hii-'t.itiiitlPlastic Recycling Machine With High Effectively Exhausting, || tersen; Evlr.mama,ltttzliemmhti mil.lF iiinlilt.BOPP, CPPMDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PA, EPE # 19VI41liIIIlIS$I! i1E19ltii}! I1I: '?1.i? EI3'(? L. wtvllttiix Atxltlmanll.swat.iltuikeFuluns: High elriciency and high perlormanceMatenal is cut,planned,prerledlet1,prehnntogentzsd and compacted in the shredding drumManv materials can be processed directly without need ol the upstream preshleddlng,resulting in a dramatic reduction in operational costs Less power consumption cost per kilogram,nigh throughput,reduced ltoor space occupanoii and operator attendanceApplication: Appllcahle plastic materials BOPP, CPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PA, EPE etcMatanalshnes Fllnl,baaMatenat typeswoven oag,printed LDPE rilm, nlmtrotls,|oosa, bunt1lat1), agnculIuraI tilin wasIe, Iosmet1 pIasItcs(EPE)ant1 raliiaNOTE Depending on matenal property,various downstream equipment are available How it worksFIIIllg is automatic accordlng to customer requirements in the patented cIlllOr computer the material is cut,mixedheated,diied, denstl'ied and butteredThe tangentially connected sxlmdsr is tilted continuously In the tgloxtnidor so-my the matenal is pliisticiseoin the Qisogiisaliiii done the homogenised matenal is degassed The melt is conveyed oy ms tottowing meter zone to the QICIIIII changer and (5). ; tin:Main Technical Parameter: WM Nomtal "9 MLB6 ultltm | II. I!Kl MLIBII Mum Model Elumm) 120-tall ztln-350 400-550 soil-can am-tzooma.may High output,low consumption :#3,,mass MLIOOB ultimo uuatla MAE)!Elumm) mo-350 Mln5so amano emt zotl tmot5oo03 l www. purul-chtna. coin www. purul-chtna. com l 04 4. The compact recycling extrusion system with short single screw,_ without degassing,it's ideal for norvprinted edge trim.cutting waste, rolls.loose leftevertilm end regrind materialDouble degassing conguration is for the processing of slightly printed material or Industrial waste and technical polymers. 05 l www. purul-crilria. eoiri www. purul-arilrie. eein l oe 5. www. puru| -l: h|na. l:orn l ason www. purul-crilrie. eorn 6. Optimised triple degassing Deqasslllg In tile cutter comnacior lakes Dlace Dreheehng and predrying the materialThe opliinurn screw design (turned to me rnislenel to tie processed) enables lhe reverse degassing in be fine in me culler comnedon lrius relieving lrie degassing zone or lrie exlruderGas inclusions in me mall are removed in lira degassing zoneonly lhrougmy rnetled,lrliered and homogenized rnalenel can pass the degassing zone oi the eximder Heavllv nnnled PE illm Washed PE lm akes Melalllsed BOPP lllm Heavily prlnled BOPP lllme"(sss'. : -re. 'iim*li, '_; .: 1| if V V l Eng? -___ ' 2' ., U |fa , ig " V l .asl www. purul-cnina. carnwww. purui-ciiine. corn l 10 7. iiE| JiJiiiF= iHt$r'-Force feeding lm pelietizing production line. ;. $%s