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Advertising Vehicle Prep

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QEK Advertsing Car Prep Experiance & Capabilities.


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Advertising Vehicle Prep

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Welcome to QEK

QEK is an integrated fleet services company providing cost-effective

asset administration solutions designed to maximize efficiencies

through best practices, quality controls, and on-

site management.

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• 24/7 Operation Hours Capability• Manned Security• Total Staff of 65 Employees

– 22 Technicians• 55,000 Sq. Ft. Facility• 180 Unit Parking Capacity (in and outdoor)• 12 Hoists


• 14 Flat Stalls/Workstations• 4 New, State-of-the-Art Paint Booths• Latest Special Diagnostic Equipment and

Software• 6,000 Sq. Ft. Secured Parts Storage• Quality Light Tunnel Inspection Area • Close proximity to General Motors Tech


QEK Showcar Division Warren, MI

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Welcome to Focus on Cars/South Bay Studios

Focus on Cars, Inc. (FOC) provides west coast automotive prep and

transportation services to the motion picture, television and commercial


South Bay Studios provides on-site shooting/filming capabilities and has been designed to accommodate your

entire filming needs.

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• 24/7 Operation Hours Capability• Manned Security• Total Staff of 70

– 15 Technicians• 158,000 Sq. Ft. Facility• 200 Unit Parking Capacity (in and outdoor)• 3 Hoists• 6 Flat Stalls/Workstations• 2 State-of-the-Art Paint Booths• Latest Special Diagnostic Equipment and



• 15 Photo Studio 1 with Turntable• Fabrication Heavy Equipment• 1,400 Sq. Ft. Secured Parts Storage with

25 Ft. vertical storage• 5 Loading Docks for Shipping and

Receiving• Fleet of 15 Trucks and trailers for Vehicle

Transport• Quality Light Tunnel Inspection Area

Focus on Cars/South Bay Studios Long Beach, CA

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World-Wide Location Experience

QEK’s headquarters is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan FOC’s headquarters is located in Long Beach, California

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Leading Customers Around the World

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Partnership Service Offerings

Client Conference Room and Work Station Wireless internet connectionComprehensive Security:

• Facility and Grounds• Vehicle and Accessory Storage • All Enclosed Transportation Fleet

Fabrication and Engineering:• Vehicle Cutaways • Engine Cutaways• Platforms/Seat bucks

Specialty Rigging: “RIG TECH”• Film and Still On Car Camera Rigs• Motion rig• Rotisserie Rigs• Proprietary Mobile (Studio/Location) Car Lift• Vehicle Hoist/Crane Rigs• Tow Rigs

Company Personnel Training Programs:• Tech• Quality Control

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Full Automotive Painting Facility • Body Work • Hard Paints and Strip Paints (Peel Coats)• Custom Paint Designs

Electronics Department• Light/Remote Dimmers• Diagnostic and Prototype capabilities

Detail Department• Hand Polish• Buffing• Wet Sanding

Graphics and Art Department • Vehicle Wraps• Decals

Dedicated Quality Control Department • Photographed Inventory

Domestic and International Location Logistics• Customs• Port to Port Transit

On-Site Shooting/Filming Capability > South Bay Studios

Partnership Service Offerings

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Show, Event and Marketing Services

•Stewardship & Administration•Mechanical/Body•Static, Cut-Away, and Functional Displays•Auto Shows•Ride-and-Drives•Motor Sports•Press Fleets•New Model Launch Support•Advertising Location Support

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Location Support Services

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Vehicle Rigging Capabilities

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Cutaway and Fabrication Services

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Auto Show and Manufacture Display

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Custom Paint Capabilities

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QEK and Focus On Cars Experience

Show & Event96’ Atlanta Olympics00’ Sydney Olympics02-06 Super bowls06’ 84 Lumber Classic PGAPGA Masters AugustaUS Open MedinaBuick Lucerne PGA Tour06’ NFL Kick-Off06’ GMT 900 & 901 New Vehicle LaunchDaytona and Indy 500UAW-GM NASCAR SeriesDemocratic and Republic ConventionNorth America International Auto ShowChicago Auto ShowNew York Auto ShowLos Angeles Auto ShowSouth Florida Auto ShowTexas State Fair Auto ShowEtc…

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Contact Information

QEK Showcar 7047 Murthum Ave

Warren, MI 48092 USA586-268-8050

Focus On Cars 20434 S. Santa Fe Ave

Long Beach, CA 90810 USA310-762-1370

North American Headquarters 6001 North Adams Road, Suite 100

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 USA248-729-5400