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Quagnitia- iPhone, Web Software Development Outsourcing http://www.quagnit ia.com

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Offshore software development company Quagnitia provides custom software development services including iphone app development, ipad application development and android software development. We are a Leading software development outsourcing company from india Pune that also provides iphone training, custom web site design which includes ecommerce web site design, development and SEO (Search engine optimization) services.


  • 1. Quagnitia- iPhone, Web Software Development Outsourcing http://www.quagnitia.com

2. Application & Web Development Quality Engineering Business Process Outsourcing Mobile Development Internet Marketing 2 The Offerings Excellent project management capabilities leveraging our delivery model. 3. Total experience of software development exceeds 100 man-years. Quick Facts One project of 20 man-years, four projects of 5+ man-years.. Excellent project management capabilities leveraging our delivery model. Well defined Quality Management System.. Well adapted in agile software development methodologies.. Microsoft competency in Custom Development Solutions.. 4. 4 Services & Solutions Quagnitia aims to provide the most suitable software solutions to organizations of any size and ultimately turn the service into a great partnership. Quagnitia offers cost effective, best-in-class technology solutions for every business activity that translate into real business value. Keeping in mind today's increasingly dynamic and competitive market, and customer's requirements, its service offerings has CRM customized solutions etc. that work best for your business. To achieve this, its teams work seamlessly with yours for an increasingly high performance and an improved ROI in technology. 5. Application Development Web Design & Development Application Maintenance Support Re-engineering and migration Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Quagnitia is a Website Design & Web Development Services Company, Headquartered in Pune, India with offshore Website Design & Development centers in India. Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals through customized Web design & development solutions and various Web-marketing programs designed to maximize return on investment. 5 Web Design & Development 6. Quick Facts 6 Quick Facts Customers in more than ten countries. 80% clients repeat business. Current customer satisfaction index 75% (CSI). Satisfied clients turned into business partners. Top clients have stayed with Quagnitia since inception. Diversified client base from different domains like Infrastructure, Manufacturing, CRM, Service Industry etc. 7. 7 Mobile Development Features Google Maps to display address Push notification Zoom-in Wi-FiMulti-touch functionality Bluetooth Camera GPS Web Services Integration 8. Quagnitia provides mobile development services for a broad spectrum of domains like Enterprise, Business, Banking, Custom, Gaming, Social and Health related custom software's. 8 Mobile Development Web Services Integration GPS Google Maps to display address Push notification service Multi-touch functionality Camera API, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and third party integration 9. 9 iPad Development Social networking Converting iPhone applications to iPad Multi-media Educational (Excellent PDF Viewer API with Multi-touch) Games Advertisement and glamour world 10. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Extensive quality analysis with focus on continual improvement Web based defect tracking system, accessible to clients.. 10 Certification & Assessment Customer Satisfaction Index continually measured as a part of continual improvement initiative. Current customer satisfaction index is 75% (CSI). 11. 11 Contact Us Contact Us Company Address Pune 105/106, Times Square, Pune-Satara Rd, Pune- 411037, Maharashtra (INDIA). Tele-Fax: +91-20-2426-1597 http://www.quagnitia.com Contact Us