question 3. emily hemmings. question 3 emily hemmings

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Question 3. Emily Hemmings. Question 3 Emily Hemmings.

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Question 3.Emily Hemmings.

Question 3Emily Hemmings.

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Independent and Mainstream Distributors

There is a big difference between mainstream films and independent films:Mainstream: Mainstream films are described as films that are widely released in cinemas, examples of this would be Hollywood movies and blockbuster movies. Typical Mainstream movies are released in cinemas for a short period of time and are commercialized to attract customers and are then released for home use and sold in usually popular stores. Examples of mainstream film distributers: Universal, Paramount and New Line Cinema.

Independent: Independent films are described as films that a produced outside a major film studio, independent films are usually distinguished both by the style and the artistic way the director chooses to show them. Independent films have a considerably lower budget than Mainstream films. Independent films tend to have a limited release and are heard of by word of mouth usually and reach out to specific audiences. Examples of independent film distributers: Pathe (Alduthood), Film 4 and Vertigo Film.

There are many key differences from a Mainstream film to an Independent film; these differences are easily noticeable when watching the film paying attention to certain aspects of the way in which it was shot. These elements are decided early on in production such as; Actors, most independent films tend to use unknown actors whereas mainstream films often use A-list actors to appeal to an audience. The location, where the film is shot, this is usually a huge indication if the film is independent or mainstream, Independent films due to their budget cannot afford to film in expensive locations but mainstream are known for filming in expensive locations that their audience can recognize, like famous cities.

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Hidden.The film we have produced together would fall into the ‘independent’ production companies as it is low budget with actors acting for free unlike the big mainstream films which costs thousands to produce with free use of public places.I think that the independent film production company ‘Working Title Films’ would like to take our film on. This independent production company produce many thrillers which my film ‘Hidden’ is.Working Title Films is a British film production company, based in London. The company was founded by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983. It produces feature films and several television productions, including films starring comic actor Rowan Atkinsonm, Eric Fellner and Bevan are now the co-owners of the company.

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Role of Film Festivals.Although the list of the most prestigious is subject to constant change, here are the international "A" list festivals. They generally all have exclusivity requirements so that new films must be premiered at one of them, and only one of them, before they are shown at any other festivals.This are all mainstream festivals:Sundance Film Festival (mid-January) Toronto International Film Festival (early September) Cannes Film Festival (late May) American Film Institute (early November) Berlin Film Festival (early February) South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) (mid-March) Telluride Film Festival (early September) Los Angeles Film Festival (mid-June) Seattle International Film Festival (late May) Tribeca Film Festival (early May)

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Applying our film to different film Festivals Tips:

• To get into film festivals you must submit a judging copy of your film, usually a VHS tape or DVD copy, along with an application and a fee and submit the film during the time period when the festival is open for submissions. The fees range from free to a few hundred pounds but are typically £20-£60 at most festivals.

• Before you send anything in, do a test screening of your finished film for a group of people who've never seen the film. Listen carefully to their comments. If you don't get a 100% positive reaction then seriously consider doing more editing. You've been living with the film a long time now and it's hard to see the forest for the trees.

• The judges at the festivals will react much like the audience in your test screening. Why waste hundreds of pounds and months of time on festival entries if you're going to be rejected from the best festivals? If a few more days of serious editing could improve your film--do it!

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Different Independent nominations that our film could be

included in.• BEST FEATURE (Award given to the Producer)• BEST DIRECTOR• BEST FIRST FEATURE (Award given to the director and producer• JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD• (Given to the best feature made for under $500,000; award given to the


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How we would promote our film:Mainstream ways.

• .Facebook would be a useful place to promote our film, for example on the side of Facebook place it into the adverts, to keep the word going around, offering a prize to see the film for free out of a draw if they share the link to the film trailer, so more people can view this.

Twitter would also be useful to spread the word all around as we would try to make it a top trend so more people knowing the name of the film and what it is about. We could also do promotion on this.

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• . On YouTube we could also produce sneak peak trailers before the original video comes up that the person would like to watch, or put the cover photo around the sides, although this would be expensive it would be worth it.

We could also put the trailers on mainstream channels such as BBC1,BBC2, Channel 4 or MTV.We also could make punlic adverts for example on bus stops etc so people remember the name and picture.

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Independent way of promoting Hidden.

• .ITunes.


Local Newspapers.

Tumblr Sound Cloud.