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QUESTION 4- How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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QUESTION 4-How did you use new media

technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation


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PREMIER PRO – editing software We used Premier Pro to create our music video. It was quite difficult to begin with, especially as we had used a different editing programme last year. However I feel that I learnt how to use the software relatively quickly, learning how to cut and copy clips, altering the size of shots and speed.

For example • Fades in/out and cuts

throughout the entire video• Overlays/transparency of the

master shot• Resized the lip shots, so that

they were side by side, and later, shrunk to the beat

• Slowed down the drum clips to emphasize the flour rising into air (reduced to 50%)

• Various colour corrections

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PHOTOSHOP- editing picture I was not very familar with Photoshop, as I had only used it a few time before, so using the software this time, I was determind to learn exactly how to use it.We used photoshop to edit to the photographs for the digipack and magazine advert. One achievement I was particularily please about, was that I was able to erase a band name from one of the jumpers without making it look obvious.

We placed dark brown filters over our photos then transformed them into overlays so that the two would merge, to create a more natural edit that looks warm and follows the colour scheme too. I also discovered the ‘burn’ tool which gently added colour, darkening the shot. We used this tool primarily around the edges and to exaggerate shadows.

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YOUTUBE- group channel

We used YouTube in a variety of different way throughout this process. Firstly we used it to gather information and ideas as we researched different artists and how they created their music videos, and as inspiration towards our own.

We used it to back up our ideas, gathering examples from youtube, we also used youtube to learn various Photoshop skills before we started editing. We did this by watching (and copying) tutorials.

And lastly we used Youtube to upload our work once we had completed it. This was so that it would be easily reachable by the entire group, and so that we would be able to embed it into other pieces of work.

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Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-users. It was developed by Pyra Labs. We use Blogger to upload all of our work, for the coursework. This means any research, planning or information for our music video.

Features on Blooger include: being able to insert images and embedding videos and other applications such as Prezi and Slideshare.