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Checklistan för Integration 2016 Radar i2i

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  • Checklistan fr Integration 2016

    Radar i2i

  • Entiros - A few of our dear customers

    Carl Borg, CIO Anna Cobdal, CIO Otto Dyberg, CIO

  • Welcome!

    Gustav Rosn Founder of Entiros Integrations


    [email protected]

    Thank you for sharing me your valuable 30 minutes! I am available after this presentation as well

    This slide deck contain a lot of details, it was made for you to take home and can be downloaded right now at www.entiros.se/i2i2016

  • Entiros Mission To serve you as a true integration partner

    We are here to enable openness. We get information flowing for people that collaborate, share and empower each other within and between organizations.

    We challenge and develop the integration industry by being the most innovative and open integration provider on the market - a trusted advisor in integration - a true and complete integration partner.

    Entiros means complete. Our vision is an entire world, not one in pieces. We believe in an open and integrated world that is innovating above self, that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and great fun to live in.

  • State of the

    integration market

  • Fast fish eat slow fish

    Only 12% of the Fortune 500 firms in 1955 still were in business in 2015

    The average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has decreased from 90 years in 1935 to 18 years today

    82% of organizations are making changes to their policies and IT infrastructure to support the proliferation of personal devices

    86% of lT decision makers say they are under "moderate" to "extreme pressure to deliver IT services faster than they did last year.

    Entiros your integration partner

  • Biggest challenge IT can not go fast enough!

  • The integration market today

    26 BUSD Integration SW Spend 347 BUSD Integration Svc Spend 220 BUSD Internal Integration Svc Spend

    593 BUSD 1 of 6 IT-dollars spent on integration

    Entiros Integrations - We challenge and develop the integration industry

    Figures by Mulesoft Inc

    The largest unsolved IT problem

  • Actors on the integration market

    Integration partners Integration catalysts C4E Center 4 Enablement Leaders, API-led connectivity

    Integration providers Focus e2e centrally provided integration IDC - Integration Delivery Center Consultants, Connect offerings

    Integration plumbers Hard wiring applications ??? - No strategy Developers, Custom code

    Entiros your integration partner

  • Checklist for

    Integration 2016

  • Checklist for Integration 2016

    1. API-led connectivity 2. Hybrid integration platform 3. Center 4 Enablement

    Top 3 takeaways 2016

  • API-led connectivity

  • Plumbing >> Providing >> Partnering with API-led connectivity

    More efficient but central delivery bottleneck

    Most efficient and agile a distributed enabler with all involved


    1. API-led

  • API-led connectivity

    mainframe FTP databases

    legacy ESB

    SaaS apps

    biz apps

    web service

    custom app

    System APIs

    Process APIs

    Experience APIs

    1. API-led

    Central IT

    LoB Dev/IT

    App Dev

    Accessibility & Ownership

  • API-led get all involved!

    API portal for developers with discovery and self-service

    API analytics with ops and business traceability

    API management, go from build to run with a few clics

    Examples from Mulesoft AnyPoint Platform for APIs, but similar in other offerings by e.g. CA, Mashery, Axway, Apigee and others as per Gartner Magic Quadrant for Appl. Service Goverance as per April 2015

    1. API-led

  • Hybrid integration plattform

  • Hybrid Integration Platform


    The ESB how we use it Modern Integrationwhat we need!

    2. HIP

  • Hybrid integration platform (HIP) March 2016

    Gartner's Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) Capability Framework Source: Gartner March 2016

    2. HIP

    Traditional integration platform vendors have added, or are planning to add API management, iPaaS and, in some cases, even iSaaS offerings to their portfolio. But often these capabilities are relatively new and unproven and, at times, not even generally available.

    iPaaS providers deliver excellent support for cloud service integration and are usually quite "ad hoc" integrator-friendly. But some of them may have only limited A2A, B2B integration and/or API management support .

    Pure-play API management vendors provide minimal integration functionalities and in most cases are not committed to adding a full range of integration capabilities

    iSaaS providers are extremely good at addressing simple, point-to-point, cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-mobile citizen integrator requirements, but usually they do not support cloud-to-ground, ground-to-ground and B2B scenarios.

  • Hybrid integration platform (HIP) Ask your partner


    Think short-, medium- and (if possible) long-term Think business and technology needs Identify gaps in your current integration infrastructure


    Evolve strategically toward a self-service-oriented HIP by incrementally filling gaps in your current integration platform and by developing the relevant skills

    Adopt a tactical, best-of-breed approach to implementing your strategic vision for the HIP by focusing on supporting short-and medium-term needs.

    Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) Tactical Roadmap Template

    2. HIP

  • Center 4 Enablement

    IT as owner (CoE, IDC) IT as enabler (C4E)

    Goal Reliability Agility

    Approach Waterfall Agile, Kanban, MVP

    Governance Continuous, Process based Plan-driven, approval based

    Cycle time Long (months, years) Short (days, weeks)

    Sourcing Enterprise suppliers, long term deals Short term deals, responsive

    Culture IT-centric, removed from customer Business centric, close to customer

    Talent Good at traditional projects Good at new and uncertain projects

    3. C4E

  • Radar i2i 2016 Get a free FlowTarget fast track session

    API-led connectivity

    Hybrid In

    tegration Platform

    Center 4 Enablemen


    For your company!

  • Case study

    faster than Netflix

  • your integration partner

    Entiros Flow - Catalyst integration by

  • Business Goal: Launch Netflix competitor in 36 weeks to get first mover advantage on select markets

    Customer Case API-led connectivity

  • Entiros FlowTM Catalyst Integration




    Entiros Flow - catalyst integration

  • nable API-led connectivity inject in your environment

    mainframe FTP databases

    legacy ESB

    SaaS apps

    biz apps

    web service

    custom app

    System APIs

    Process APIs

    Experience APIs

    Experience APIs

    Process APIs

    System APIs



    Customer Product Order

    Generic IoT


  • 36 Weeks




    Goal Launch Netflix competitor in 36 weeks

    Set integration strategy and scope for minimal launch Enable 8 system teams to specify, integrate & test Enable 50+ process use cases Enable 4 experiences in different channels


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36


    HIP = Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

    Entiros Flow catalyst integrations!

    From first contact

    to catalyst start = 2 weeks

    Go Live

  • Success

    4 Experience APIs

    50+ Process APIs

    8 System APIs

    CRM, Marketing, Billing, Finance, BI etc.

    Launched tactical (just enough) Super growth 12 markets in Saudi region

    >> Scaled to region and performance

    8 OEM customers approached, new users >> Rapid launch of more experience APIs

    Entiros Flow - catalyst integration

  • App teams enabled to create integrations

  • Summary

    We need to be faster open up! Use API-led, HIP and C4E Start now talk to your integration partner!

  • Radar i2i 2016 Get a free FlowTarget - Fast track

    API-led connectivity

    Hybrid In

    tegration Platform

    Center 4 Enablemen


    For your company!

  • Only 3 weeks left!

  • www.entiros.se