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1. Raising App-y Readers Apps to build early literacy skills Clara Hendricks, Childrens Librarian Wellesley Free Library February 13, 2015 2. Technology and the Young Child All screens are not created equally Tablets/smartphones are multi-functional: camera, notepad, picture book, TV, arcade, etc. Tablets are more develop- mentally appropriate Engage with your child when using technology Consider your own tech use Technology Pyramid provide healthy doses of nourishing choices Limit screen time in bedrooms Photo by Joe Shlabotnik 3. Content, Context, Child Content Thoughtfully assess apps, rather than just setting time limits Anything can call itself educational Context In what context is the app being used? What role does technology play in the childs life? Child Children have individual developmental needs Guernsey, L. (2012). Screen time: How electronic media-from baby videos to educational software-affects your young child. New York: Basic Books. 4. Technology and the Real World Quality apps give kids tools that they cant access in the real-world Make connections between technology and real-life experiences Use technology to enhance, not replace real-life experiences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v =UnyHMSz7JDE 5. Apps for babies? AAP says no screen time under 2 but Research based on TV doesnt always apply to interactive technology Individual doctors have changed their stance based on this Christakis, D. (2014). Interactive Media Use at Younger Than the Age of 2 Years Time to Rethink the American Academy of Pediatrics Guideline? JAMA Pediatrics, 168(5), 399-400. Council on Communications and Media. (2011). Media Use by Children Younger Than 2 Years. Pediatrics, 128(5), 1-6. NAEYC and Fred Rogers Center: Technology use under 2 should be interactive and strengthen adult-child relationships. Position Statement." Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8. NAEYC & Fred Rogers Center, January 2 2012. Web. 15 Oct 2013. . 6. Swimming in a sea of apps: criteria for choosing quality apps Option to turn sound/narration on/off No ads or push-to-buy Ease of use Plain, clear, legible fonts Not busy/distracting Lasting power Supports exploration, creativity, interaction Customize your apps! Dont use an app if there is a better real-life solution 7. App Reviews & Recommendations Wellesley Free Library http://www.wellesleyfreelibrary.org/Childrens/Apps.html Common Sense Media: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ Reading Rockets: http://www.readingrockets.org/teaching/reading101/literacyapps/ Parents Choice: http://www.parents-choice.org/ Digital Storytime http://digital-storytime.com/ Moms with Apps (search tool, not all reviewed) https://momswithapps.com/discover 8. Developing Early Literacy Skills TALKING SINGING READING WRITING PLAYING 9. Apps to talk with: Storytelling & drawing apps Doodlecast for Kids Draw & Tell Sock Puppets - FREE Felt Board 10. Apps to talk with: Building vocabulary & letter knowledge My A-Z Tiny Tap - FREE Banana Cat Learn a Language 11. Apps to sing with: Mother Goose on the Loose Feltboard -FREE Musical Me! 12. Apps to sing with: Everyday Grooves - FREE Grow a Reader - FREE hoopla- FREE 13. Apps to read with: Overdrive Media Console - FREE International Childrens Digital Library - FREE Whenever possible, choose book apps with: Options to turn off automatic narration Individual word highlighting Animated/interactive features that do not distract from the story. 14. Apps to read with: Sandra Boynton book-apps Dr. Seuss book-apps Byron Barton book-apps Book apps by Nosy Crow Find more book-app lists on the WFL Website 15. Apps to write with: Drawing/scribbling apps Drawing Pad Fingerpaint with Sounds - FREEDoodle Monkey - FREE Drawing with Carl 16. Apps to write with: Apps that teach letters & numbers Interactive Alphabet Intro to Letters Numberland Endless Alphabet 17. Apps to play with: Games that build vocabulary/background knowledge PEEP and the Big Wide World - FREE Dr. Panda Toca Boca 18. Apps to play with: Play and Learn - FREE Apps that encourage play in the real world Lets Play - FREE 19. Questions? My contact information: Clara Hendricks, Childrens Librarian Wellesley Free Library 781-235-1610 x 1108 [email protected] www.wellesleyfreelibrary.org