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  • 1. Innovations in Teaching and Learning the NSW Journey Raju Varanasi, Director, NSW Curriculum & Learning Innovation Centre

2. NSW CLIC Services and Products Raju Varanasi, Director 3. A new dynamic in the classroom... Quality learning design Flexibility of delivery Engagement Authenticity Collaboration CompetitionRaju Varanasi, Director 4. Data to inform engagementRaju Varanasi, Director 5. Data to inform engagementRaju Varanasi, Director 6. Leveraging success Use knowledge gained from MuM Focus on specific syllabus content Rapid development Very popular with students 100,000+ visitors For example: Raju Varanasi, Director 7. City of FearSyllabus History for 10 to 14-year-olds Engagement youre immersed Authenticity students working with original documents andphotos to conduct genuine research theyre learninghistoriography. Students learn about 19th century Sydney societyin the context of solving a mystery about an outbreak of bubonicplague yes, it really happened. Format easily adaptable for individual,collaborative, group or assignment activity.Raju Varanasi, Director 8. Digital DilemmaSyllabus Digital Citizenship for 14 to 16-year-olds Your digitalfootprintEngagement youre immersed in a music festivalAuthenticity Players must make decisions in a simulated socialnetwork Tracebook and deal with the consequences of theirdecisions.Format easily adaptablefor individual, collaborative,group or assignment activity. Raju Varanasi, Director 9. The Taste of DangerSyllabus Food Technology and Science for 12 to 16-year-oldsEngagement youre immersed in a laboratory, a hospitaland a caf.Authenticity students working with current health protocols andhealth documents. They track down the cause of a food poisoningoutbreak and make decisions about how to deal with it.Format easily adaptable for individual,collaborative, groupor assignment activity. Raju Varanasi, Director 10. The Digital Education Revolution NSW journeyWhat were our teachers and students faced with?Raju Varanasi, Director 11. The DER journey to dateWhat we provided... Wraps content and skills Tools4U tools UCreate process Now add teacher professional learning? User generated resourcesNow??Student generated learning resources Raju Varanasi, Director 12. Teacher capacity buildingWe have the resources, now we need to build teacher capacityPublicly available coursesInternally available coursesDigital Citizenship GeoGebra for beginnersCreating a laptop wrapDigital stories for early learnersBuild a personal learning Using the Intel Visual Ranking Toolnetwork for higher order thinking Raju Varanasi, Director 13. Learner centred awards Digital ArtDigital Story Short Film Web DesignGreetingAnimation Radio News Awards AwardsAwards AwardsCard Design AwardsAwards AwardsPrincipalMajor SponsorsSupporting Sponsors In association withSponsorRaju Varanasi, Director 14. A winning entryFrom these ..to this .. 15. Digital CitizenshipRaju Varanasi, Director 16. So, how do I find all this?http://www.tale.edu.auRaju Varanasi, Director 17. Point to point collaboration solutions A suite of video conference cameras, desktop sharing software andIWBs in all schools Adobe Connect enterprise solution Desktop videoconferencing Virtual selective high school Virtual gifted and talented primary classes Remote 1:1 literacy intervention Future - Speech pathology, adult literacy, early childhood screening Raju Varanasi, Director 18. 1:1 remote literacy interventionRoyal Far West School Needed to deliver ongoing intervention support to students inremote schools Framework design that can be repurposed for different interventionstrategies Literacy package rendered in Flash within an Adobe Connect pod Intervention delivered to the students classroom Expertise in metropolitan areas supporting remote communitiesRaju Varanasi, Director 19. Royal Far West School SOLVE-ITUser guides [pdf 589KB]wall chart [pdf 229KB] 20. Challenge natural classroom collaborationMultipoint to Multipoint crowd collaboration iSee used in an immersive learning platform Natural classroom communication Active collaboration rather than consumption of online content Students immersed with high definition spatial audio and livewebcam video instead of avatars Equity of access anywhere, anytime Live, rather than summative data Everything can be saved andreplayed from any perspectiveRaju Varanasi, Director 21. ContactRaju Varanasi, Director [email protected] www.clic.det.nsw.edu.au www.TaLe.edu.auRaju Varanasi, Director