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  1. 1. A Glass of Care A Plate of Love A Spoon of Peace A Fork of Truth & A Bowl of Duaas. Mix with spices of QURAAN. Enjoy This Meal. RAMADAN MUBARAK
  2. 2. May This Ramadan beas bright asever. May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to all of you.
  3. 3. May this Ramadan bring in you the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have everWished for.
  4. 4. The holy month of Ramadan, Forall Muslims has begun. Praising Allah through the day, From dawn to dusk we fast and pray. We pay zakah (charity) forthose in need, Trying hard to do good deeds.
  5. 5. Its the month when the devils are chained, the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened. Its the month the holy prophet used to pray to witness. Its the blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah shower his blessings and grant you forgiveness in this holy month.
  6. 6. HeistheoneGOD; theCreator, theInitiate, theDesigne To Him belong themost beautiful names HeistheAlmighty, Most Wise. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan.
  7. 7. May ALLAH honor U , Forgive U , Purify U , Accept Ur IBADAT & DUAS , Elevate U , Inspire U & Shower U With His NOOR , Mercy & Protection During HOLY RAMAZAN "
  8. 8. May ALLAH bestowed u peace, serenity , tranquility and health in this HOLY MOINTH of Ramadan Along with his blessing and bliss.
  9. 9. May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony
  10. 10. .. Ramadan Mubarak, may Allah accept your fasting and prayers http://www.slideshare.net/effat57

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