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IntroductionRealize your Dreams


We help decide a vision for individual and help them break it into small achievable action points so that they feel that they have the power to make a choice about their lives which will positively influence their future path of life. What we offer

Is Individual focused Based on the principle that the client which in this case is the youth is responsible, accountable and drives the agenda for the sessionThis will help themBe more confidentBe More FocusedFeel more in command of their life goalsBenefits

About DirectorNupur Pandey is a Life coach with 14 plus years of experience in people management, community service and international relations in development sector. She has done training on Culture adaptation for foreigners, work life balance with students and numerous coaching on achieving a better quality of life for both students and executives.Her personal motto in life is, Dare to dream it, then Want it Enough to have it.

Nupur (Dwivedi) Pandey, Director, Information

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