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    Rebecca Trahan

    Office of Sponsored ProgramsDecember 9, 2015


    NSF Updates NIH Updates Uniform Guidance Updates and Reminders

    ORED Limited Submission Update OSP Updates Q & A


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    NSF 16-1 effective 1/25/2016

    Effective for proposals submitted or due on or after 1/25/2016.


    Deadline of 5pm submitters time will be strictly enforced by FastLane.

    FastLane will not accept proposals submitted at 5:00:01 or later.

    Only Authorized Representative can submit proposals, proposal file updates, revised budgets, and notifications and requests. Source: Jean Feldmans webinar, NSF Proposal &

    Award Policy Update, 10/29/2015


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    Biographical Sketch Collaborators section will no longer be a part of biosketch. Page limitation remains 2 pages. Can no longer upload biosketches as single PDF under PI.

    For compliance checking Special treatment of biosketches for Other Personnel and

    Equipment Users. Included under Other Supplementary Documents and clearly labeled Other


    Single Copy Documents Collaborators and Other Affiliates will now be uploaded here.

    Removed from Biosketch Used to help identity potential conflicts of bias in the selection of reviewers.

    Removes demographic Information about PIs and Co-PIs since this is part of PI profile in FastLane.

    Include email address and institutional affiliation in List of Suggested Reviewers


    Project Summary Stresses that only summaries that use special characters may be

    uploaded as a PDF under Supplementary Documents.

    Project Narrative Results from Prior NSF Support

    Clarifies to include NSF funding with a start date in the past five years. One each per PI and Co-PI

    Provides examples of types of awards to include. Clarifies to provide one award for each investigator.

    Additional instructions to address use of vertebrate animals.

    Current and Pending Support Can no longer upload Current and Pending Support as single

    PDF. For compliance checking

    Clarification that internal funds allocated towards a specific project must be listed.


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    Supplementary Documents The content of any letters of collaboration should be limited to

    the language included in this section.

    Additional changes Clarifies the information that must be included for proposals

    that include the use of vertebrate animals. Incorporates NSFs implementation of Dual Use Research of


    Reporting Final project report and Project Outcomes Report for awards

    issued under NSF 16-1 will be due 120 days after end date.


    NSF-PAR (Public Access Repository) created to act as NSF publication repository Will be launched at end of 2015.

    PIs can voluntarily deposit publications into NSF-PAR

    Required for awards made from proposals submitted on or after January 25, 2016

    First awards are expected June-July 2016 First publications requiring deposit into NSF-PAR will be in

    Fall 2016.

    See NSF Public Access FAQs.


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    Program Solicitation Specific Compliance Checks

    Warning messages will appear if the following are not included: References Cited


    Budget Justification for Primary Organization

    Budget Justification for Subaward Organization

    Current and Pending Support

    Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources


    Effective October 24, 2015 Most NSF Notifications and Requests have moved to Notifications and Requests that remain in FastLane are:

    Requests to add a Subaward PI Transfers Change PI and Add/Change Co-PI

    You can view status of all Notifications and Requests in both FastLane and

    Use NSF login credentials for


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    NOT-OD-16-004 and NOT-OD-16-029 Effective for due dates on or after January 25, 2016.

    Revised FORMS-C application guide (posted November 25, 2015)

    Updates to address Rigor and Transparency See NOT-OD-16-011 Purpose is to enhance reproducibility of research findings through increased

    scientific rigor and transparency. Revised instructions to Significance and Approach sections of the Research Strategy

    attachment New Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources attachment to

    be included in Other Attachments section of Other Project Information form. Limited to one page Not required if not part of the proposal.

    Reviewers will be asked to consider additional rigor and transparency questions.

    NIH Rigor and Reproducibility website:

    NIH Rigor and Reproducibility FAQ:


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    NOT-OD-16-004 and NOT-OD-16-029

    Revised instructions for Vertebrate Animals sections.

    Redefining the age of child as 18 (vs. 21) for NIH inclusion of children policy related to human subject research.

    Changes to Research Training Plan for training grants to institute above.

    Revised Sample NIH Adobe package version C will soon be uploaded to OSP website.



    Effective for due dates on or after May 25, 2016. New FORMS-D application guide

    Includes Institutional Training and Individual Fellowship Applications

    Revised instructions and program announcements expected by March 25, 2016.

    Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources attachment moved to PHS398 Research Plan Not required if not part of the proposal.

    May see changes to Appendix Policy.

    Adding PHS Assignment Request Form to provide consistent way to request institute and study section preference, potential reviewer conflicts, and list of scientific expertise needed to review the application. (see NOT-OD-16-008)

    New Font Guidelines (see NOT-OD-16-009)

    Clarifications to Biosketch instructions


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    NOT-OD-16-017 and NOT-OD-16-030

    Issued November 25, 2015.

    Applies to awards with budget periods beginning on or after October 1, 2015

    Reminder that NIH may withdraw an application without review if non-compliant (Sec.

    NIH will allow recipients to reduce effort during a no-cost extension without prior approval (Sec.

    Inventions and Patents will need be reported electronically to NIH using iEdison (Sec. 8.2.4) See NOT-OD-15-080



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    Incorporation of the Uniform Guidance.

    Draft posted to federal register on 10/14/2015.

    60-day public comment period.

    Posted on NSFs website.

    Would apply to research and research-related grants issued by: Dept. of Commerce/NOAA/NIST

    Dept. of Energy






    Dept. of Transportation/FAA

    Dept. of Homeland Security


    200.343 Closeout Proposes to change due date for final financial, performance and other reports from 90 days to 120 days.

    200.332 Fixed amount Subawards Proposes to waive prior approval requirement in UG provided amount is less than $150k.

    200.413 paragraph (c) Direct Costs Proposes to waive the prior approval requirement in UG to direct charge salary of administrative and clerical staff provided conditions in 2 CFR 200.413 are met.

    200.456 Participant support costs (PSC) Proposes to waive the prior approval requirement in UG to add these costs to budget. Note: 200.308 requires prior approval to rebudget funds budgeted for

    PSC to another category. Note: Agency Specific Requirements could differ from RTC.

    Stay tuned.


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    2 CFR 200.328 and 2 CFR 200.331

    As a Pass-Through Entity, LSU is responsible for oversight of the Federal awards issued to LSU.

    We must monitor activities under the Federal award to assure compliance with applicable Federal requirements and performance expectations.

    LSUs monitoring of subrecipients must include review of financial and programmatic reports required under the Subaward.



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    New ORED Info Ready Portal for all limited submission competitions:

    The portal will also be used for ORED internal competitions

    Competitions will be announced via the ORED Newsletter and the Deans and Directors list serve

    Email notifications will come from or [email protected]

    Letter of Intent vs. Competition All programs will initially be listed under the Letter of Intent

    heading. All faculty may submit a LOI for open programs. Once a program moves to the Competition stage, only those who

    have submitted a LOI may submit an internal preproposal.


    Award Cycles and Deadlines

    Award Cycle Due Date ActionOpen Internal Submission Deadline Competition is open and accepting

    letters of intent.

    Available Agency Deadline The internal submission deadline has passed, but LSU has not reached the submission limit. Proposals will be accepted on a first-to-notify basis. If interested, submit a letter of intent.

    Pending Internal Preproposal Deadline/ Funding Agency Deadline

    The number of letters of intent exceeded the funding agency limit. LSU is conducting an internal competition, and additional LOI are no longer being accepted.

    Closed Funding Agency Deadline Proposals have been selected to apply for the program, and no additional applications will be accepted.


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    Updated to address Uniform Guidance (UG)

    Definition of Institutional Base Salary added (I.C.8.i)

    Revised definition of Administrative/Clerical Support per UG (I.C.8.i)

    Clarified that fellowships do not receive tuition exemptions (I.C.8.iii)

    Added Fabricated Equipment (I.C.8.iv)

    Added Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination from UG (I.C.8.vii)


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    Added 10% de minimis F&A rate for subrecipients with no negotiated rate from UG (I.C.8.vii)

    Added Participant Support Costs (I.C.8.xii) Clarified that this category does not include payments to

    participants in research studies.

    Included reminder for department administrators who assist faculty by creating and routing proposals in SPS to consult with investigators to answer the Special Approvals/Proposal Information questions in SPS. (II.B.2.b)

    Added export controls and financial interest to Special Approvals section to coincide with recently added SPS coversheet questions (II.B.2.b.i.h and II.B.2.b.i.h i.)


    Did you know that OSP has a budget template modeled after the SF 424 (R&R) detailed budget template?

    Key features: Calculates individual fringe benefits Calculates tuition remission Ability to calculate F&A using different F&A base types (e.g.

    Salaries, Wages, and Fringe or Total Direct Costs) Includes a signature line on Cumulative Budget if using for a

    proposal when LSU is the Subrecipient.

    Reminder: Make sure to use current budget templates on OSP website that include signature line for Darya Courville.


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    Welcome our new staff!

    Stephanie Scheffel, Operations Coordinator


    National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) conferences in New Orleans

    Financial Research Administration (FRA) March 7-8, 2016 Optional workshops on March 6th

    Pre-Award Research Administration (PRA) March 9-10, 2016 Optional workshops on March 8th

    Early Bird Registration ends January 22nd


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    Location: 202 Himes HallWebsite:

    Phone: 578-2760Fax: 578-2751

    Email: [email protected]

    Rebecca Trahan: [email protected]