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  • Rebranding NTU Library:

    A Transmedia Approach

    Samantha Seah Siew Cheng

    Noverinda Bella Ratmelia

    Thavamalar Mohan

    Office of Information, Knowledge

    & Library Services

  • Introductions

    Samantha Seah


    Advisory & Consultation

    Bella Ratmelia


    Advisory & Consultation

    Thavamalar Mohan

    Senior Assistant Manger

    Communications & Outreach

  • Overview

    • Part 1: Background and some definitions

    • Part 2: Rebranding NTU Library

    • Part 3: Crafting content strategy

    • Part 4: Campaign design and using social media

    • Part 5: Takeaways from the past year

  • Before NTU Library, we were

    • Main strategy: saturation

    • Platforms:

    – Physical i.e. posters, in person during orientation

    – Web e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TV screens, Channel NTU, NTU

    Event Calendar, Website Banners, Blogsite

    – Library communal PC wallpapers

    – Emailers

  • Workflow

    • While the Library Promotion Division were the main team in charge

    of library promotion, other teams also had their own ideas and were

    given the freedom to execute

    • On the flipside, this meant there wasn’t any standardization across

    the libraries

    • In 2016, there was a change in NTU Corporate Communications

    Office which lead to rebranding and stricter control over any

    communications from departments


  • Name and identity


    NTU Library

    Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services

  • Poster templates


  • Platform Branding



    Social Media - Platforms

  • Platform Branding



    Social Media - Platforms


  • Transmedia Storytelling

    • Definition of transmedia (Phillips, 2012):

    – Multiple pieces of media that are, by themselves, whole and standalone but

    complement each other and interweave

    – Tightly woven content, spread over various platforms, for a set duration of time.

    Typically heavily reliant on social media

    • “Transmedia storytelling is a marriage of various forms of technology

    and media … to invite audiences to connect to a story across

    multiple platforms.” (Thomas, 2015, p.19)

  • Transmedia Storytelling

    • In contrast to entertainment, storytelling for marketing

    purposes refers to use phrases or images to tell stories

    that are bigger than the sum of their parts and elicit an

    emotional response

    • Balance your brand against the story

  • Decide on your story

    • Things to think about:

    – Show don’t tell

    – Values/adjectives you want associated with your brand

    • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes

    – Find the heart of your story, why should people care about your


  • Content Strategy

    A content strategy was devised to achieve the following with

    our users:

    1. Connect

    2. Communicate

    3. Collaborate

  • 1. Connect

    • Educate users on the various communication platforms they can use to connect with

    NTU Library and the various locations their resources are available at both physically

    and digitally.

  • 1. Connect

    • Inform users on the services that can help them with the resources they need and invite

    them to our physical spaces to let them experience how the library cares for them.

  • 2. Communicate

    • Inform users on the various events, workshops, talks, contests and seminars the

    library organises and invite them to participate.

  • 2. Communicate • Librarians connect with the users in person at events of all nature to advocate the

    value of the library and importantly gather feedback. Some of these feedback are

    documented into videos which are produced and uploaded onto the library’s social

    media platforms to keep others informed on the experiences they can get with NTU


  • 3. Collaborate

    • Seek collaboration opportunities with members of the NTU community and outside the

    university to promote their products/services, host their events or partner in their


  • 3. Collaborate

    • To provide effective value propositions for stakeholders and users who will in turn

    support the library’s initiatives and campaigns through participation or publicity.


  • #NTUsgLibrary

    A hashtag is a label for content.

    It helps others who are interested in a certain topic,

    quickly find content on that same topic.

    Introducing Hashtags

  • Introducing Hashtags

    Branding Hashtag: #NTUsgLibrary

  • Establishing Hashtags Sub-branding hashtags Campaign Hashtags

     #ReadsofNTUsgLibrary

     #DiscoverNTUsgLibrary

     #CelebratewithNTUsgLibrary

     #ResearchatNTUsgLibrary

     #ResourcesatNTUsgLibrary

     #DatabasesatNTUsgLibrary

     #WorkshopatNTUsgLibrary

     #QuizatNTUsgLibrary

     #ContestatNTUsgLibrary

     #TalksatNTUsgLibrary

     #ExhibitionatNTUsgLibrary

    Digital Scholarship Workshop Series

     DS: #NTUsgLibraryDS

     Python workshops and consultations: #Python_NTUsgLib

    / #PythonProgramming

    Education & Learning Workshop Series

     EndNote workshops and consultations:

    #EndNote_NTUsgLib / #EndNote

     Information & Research Management workshops:


    Research Talks and Seminars

     DR-NTU Data: #DataNTUsgLibrary / #DRNTUsgLibrary

     Open Access talks and seminars: #NTUsgOA / #OAweek /


  • Campaign #ReadsofNTUsgLibrary

    • When: July 2018

    • Why: Tie-in with National Reading Week and eBook Day

    • How:

    – Selected 10 titles, took photos, crafted short synopsis/reviews

  • Instagram: 20 posts with a total of 360 likes and 23 stories with 845 views.

    Facebook: 18 posts with a total of 62 likes and 23 stories (no stats for views).

  • Campaign: #SpookedatNTUsgLibrary

    • When: October 2018

    • Why: Tie-in with Halloween and revision period

    • How:

    – Decorated entrance of Lee Wee Nam Library

    – Dressed up in costume on 30 Oct and went around LWNL to give

    out sweets to students

  • Instagram: 18 posts with 161 likes and 808 video views / 59 stories with 2,660 views.

    Facebook: 18 posts, 37 likes with 125 views.

  • Social Media Strategy


    To increase followers across our social media platforms –

    Facebook & Instagram


    - To raise awareness and promote the services of NTU Library.


    - Like, Follow and Share @NTUsgLibrary / #NTUsgLibrary

    - Populate relevant and fun content for our target audience to read,

    participate in and engage with.

  • Choosing your platforms

    • Not all platforms are equal; some are more equal than others: – Understand who you’re reaching out to, and

    – How best to engage your audience, but

    – Consider what kind of content you can sustainably generate

    • As of Q3 2018, the leading social networks in Singapore are – YouTube (87%)

    – WhatsApp (86%)

    – Facebook (82%)

    – Instagram (59%)

    – Facebook Messenger (59%)

    – Twitter (34%)

  • Instagram



    Instagram Users in Singapore

    < 35 year old 35 and older

    Adapted from Statista’s Share of Instagram users in Singapore as of December 2018, by age and

    gender [Graph]. For the original graph, please refer to the appendix.

    WARC Best Practice, August 2019:

    • Globally, 87% of Instagram users

    have engaged with the business

    after seeing a product

    information post on Instagram.

    This includes liking, commenting,

    sharing, etc.

    • Highlights growing importance of

    visual communication

  • Twitter and Facebook

    • Facebook and Twitter users in Singapore have been steadily

    increasing and this trend has been projected to continue (Statista

    Digital Market Outlook, 2018)

    • According to Hootsuite:

    – Tweets with videos get 10 times more engagement than those without. They are

    also 6 times more likely to be retweeted.

    – Tweets