reconstruction & industrialization

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{ Reconstruction & Industrializatio n Quick Look at What Happened

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Reconstruction & Industrialization. Quick Look at What Happened. Policies were based on Lincoln’s goals He insisted on the banning of slavery His focus was to get the Southern states back into the Union He did not focus on helping former enslaved people. Reconstruction under Johnson. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Reconstruction & Industrialization

Reconstruction & IndustrializationQuick Look at What Happened{Reconstruction under JohnsonPolicies were based on Lincolns goalsHe insisted on the banning of slaveryHis focus was to get the Southern states back into the UnionHe did not focus on helping former enslaved people

Radical RepublicansCongressman who favored using Federal power to rebuild the South and promote African-American rightsPushed for full citizenship for freed African-Americans

Black CodesLaws that limited the freedom of formerly enslaved peopleSouthern states passed these laws that were similar to slave laws

A Federal Agency set up to assist former enslaved people.Set up Schools & Hospitals for African-Americans & gave out clothes, food & fuelFreedmens Bureau

13th AmendmentThe amendment to the constitution that banned slavery

Stated that all people born or naturalized in the United States were citizens, had the same rightsGranted equal protection of the lawsThis meant Southern states would have less power if they did not grant black men the vote.14th Amendment

{{15th AmendmentCitizens could not be stopped from voting on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitudeThis did not apply to women or Native AmericansGave African-American men the right to vote

SharecroppingFarmers would rent land on creditLandowner provided tools & seedAt harvest time, farmer gave a share of the crop to the landowner as paymentCaused African-Americans to stay in poverty

CarpetbaggersWhite Northerners who rushed to the South after the warSome accused them of seeking wealth or political power

ScalawagsDefinition is ScoundrelsDemocrats called delegates who were Republican poor white farmers scoundrels for going along with Radical Reconstruction

Andrew Johnson ImpeachmentJohnson had many disagreements with the Radical Republicans in CongressIn 1867, Congress passed a law that said the President cant fire officials without Senate approval.In 1868, Johnson fired his Secretary of War over disagreements over ReconstructionSo the House impeached him for breaking the law

Ku Klux Klan (KKK)Racist Terror groupThey were poor farmers to former Confederate officersGoal was to restore Democratic control of South & keep former slaves powerlessThey wore robes & hoods (hid their faces)Beat & Tortured people, burned schools, churches, and homes, lynched people

Compromise of 1877Deal made to end ReconstructionRepublican Rutherford Hayes became PresidentRemoval of Federal troops from SouthGovernment would provide loans for railroad linking South and WestDemocrats promised to respect African-Americans rights

Plessy vs. FergusonIn 1892, Homer Plessy (African-American) sued a railroad company arguing that segregated seating violated his 14th Amendment right to equal protection of the lawsRules that separate but equal is legal!