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  • 1.THE RECRUITERSSURVIVAL TOOL KITCVS that give you the Edge !CVS vs. RsumsCVS PrerequisitesCandidate AssessmentCore CompetenciesReference Taking Skills and StyleBasic Telephone PrerequisitesFuture Employees AttributesCompetent Employers Check listCandidate Interview TechniquesFuture Career Management

2. CVS THAT GIVEYOU THE EDGE !Decision Makers commit no more than 75 seconds unlessprovided with an incentive to further study a visually invitingCV which is exceptional enough to stand out from the rest!!Whilst Skills may render your Candidate employable only aProfessional CV enables an Applicant to secure and survivethat Life Changing interview!!As CVs must mirror your Candidate to win trust, excite andexhibit potential!Poor Formatting, Bad Grammar and Typing errors are thereforeTotally Unacceptable!!Remember luck is a Matter of Preparation meetingOpportunity!! 3. CVS THAT GIVE YOUTHE EDGE! We are what we repeatedly do Excellence then is not anAct but a Habit! You do not want to be considered the Best at what youdo! You want to be known as the Only one who does whatyou do! The measure of Success is not whether you have a toughproblem to deal with, but whether it is the same problemyou had last year! 4. CVs VS RESUMESRESUME = Concise personal and catchy account of candidatesEducation and Professional Experience describing candidates uniqueprofile as a value contributor to future employers.It highlights the Candidates key features and benefits on offer toa specific future Employer reflecting sufficient passion to interest theEmployer by creating an Identifiable listing of relevant skills inresponse to his advert analysed and appropriately aligned utilisingthe following headings: Personal Information Current Position Current Responsibilities Previous Experience Career Interests Core Competencies 5. CVs vs Rsums cont CV =A clinically accurate and up to date, detailed, chronological document of personal data, career specialisation and progression including educational qualifications and employment record under appropriate headings. It must be up to date for representation to Placement agencies, HR departments, Tender evaluations, Procurement officers, Contractors, Bankers, Bursary committees, Governing bodies and Chairmen of seminars, Conferences and workshops. A recommended Format should include: Personal Details and a willingness to relocate Education, Courses and Qualifications Computer Literacy Detailed description of recent working experience References Current Income Package Anticipated Remuneration / Availability 6. CVs -PrerequisitesComplete Identification and Contact infoStructured, concise, uniform and logical presentationClear and specific truth only with no ambiguityAccurate details re previous Employers, EducationalInstitutions, Qualifications and MembershipsReferences, Full names, Job titles and all Currentcontact detailsCareer Achievements proving tangible contributionsCore Competencies (see slide 9) 7. CVs Prerequisites contUse smart nouns and action wordsHobbies, sports, interests and ContinuousProfessional DevelopmentHighlight Community and Green involvementAlign candidates experience to jobspecificationsAvoid tired dull style/ use crisp languageNumber pages to ensure C V copy completeReveal demonstrated abilities and potentialapplications on offer 8. CVs Assessment ofCandidate Smart / Competitive / Creative Sophisticated / Calm / Presentable Astute / Self-assured Presence / Respected / Authorative Behaviour / Assertive / Genuine Global Knowledge Operational Agility / Convincing Technical Literacy / Current Style / Adaptable Personality / Honest / Sincere Attitude / Positive / Flexible Character / Dependable / Trustworthy 9. CVs - Core CompetenciesCognitive Knowledge = KNOW WHAT Accountants must knowabout Accounts, Budgets, Cash flows, Taxation, Working Capital,Profit Margins and Interest RatesApplication Skills = KNOW HOW Accountants acquire ability toproduce accounts reconciliations and to report accuratelySystems Thinking = KNOW WHY Accountants must know andunderstand the dynamics of reinforcing and balancing theoutcomes when they take action and become agents of changePerformance Instinct = CARE WHY Accountants respond topassions, preferences and instincts which determine theirbehaviour and performance in the workplace .Some are obsessiveabout their freedom to create, face and overcome challengeswhilst others prefer the security of being part of a largestructured teamRemember every person comes to work to findgratification for those passions which dominatethem!! 10. CVs Future Employer AttributesNon toxic = Respects Human Resources and encouragescontribution from staffPractices timely Acknowledgement of DemonstratedInitiativeHighly rated by International / Local competitionStrong local Corporate Responsibility conscienceInvests in Human Capital buildingMulti-National Product portfolioInternational Workforce / AssociatesSignificant Offshore Asset base and Revenue streamsOffers International Exposure & Training (3% of operatingBudget committed) 11. CVs - Future Employer Attributes contPerformance Measurement and Career DevelopmentShare participation schemes / Retention bonusEstablished Brand identity = Employment securityPositive Market Place Image( both Vertically and Laterally)Growth Industry offering market penetration andsustainabilityBold Mission Statement and Strategic intentRecord of Organic Growth of Core Business( devoid ofMergers and Acquisitions)Good IR record and relationship with Trade UnionsActive Website illustrating positive Performance HistoryReward offered, Location and Working hoursEffective and Tangible Career Growth on offer 12. CVs -Competent EmployersChecklistAvailability of candidate to accommodate Ideal Starting DateDo candidates skills, knowledge, experience and trackrecord align or relate to our Job Specifications?What attracted him to apply? Challenges / Careerenhancements / Job Security?Does candidate demonstrate personal influence, network ofcontacts, physical presence and style?Culture fit and Propensity to Add Value by application of hisproven prior achievements?References meaningful and genuine?Outcomes of Aptitude Testing?Do Candidates Strengths outweigh his Weaknesses?Are qualifications / experience appropriate for positionDo his specialised Core Competencies differentiate him fromrival applicants? 13. CVs - Competent Employers Checklist - continuedIs Candidate well groomed, distinguished and professional?Is Candidate a sincere, open and spontaneous communicator?Is Candidate a Team Leader or Team Player? Does he share /acknowledge role inputs and experiences (not I but we)What Key projects has he started and successfullycompleted?Is his attitude positive or negative about Life, Government andLocal and Global Economies?Did he show interest in our Industry from personal researchhomework and preparation?How strong is his work Ethic and Balance of Life Style? 14. CVs -Candidate InterviewTechniquesPunctuality get directions/do dry run/ allow for traffic! Being late = Goingfishing with no rod or bait and the Tide is Out!Personal appearance (neither over-dressed nor too casual)Limited jewellery, firm friendly handshake and make eye contactListen showing enthusiasm, sincerity and interest by correct body postureBe prepared and concentrate on how to answer instead of what to answerEstablish rapport, but be polite and not over friendlySpeak truth slowly, clearly and in a polite manner you only have 1 chance!!Answer in a brief and effective manner (no longer than 2 minutes)Anticipate / Rehearse answers which demonstrate and highlight yourachievements in a humble mannerAsk appropriate questions about Company and positionPresent your portfolio of life values and beliefsDo not bash present / previous employers and express your futureaspirationsDiscuss strengths/ weakness to demonstrate your competitiveness andshare just 2 of each and how you turned a weakness into a strength 15. CVs-Candidate Interview QuestionsWhy do you require someone for this position. Is it new or as a result of apromotion with no Internal substitution?What are the day to day responsibilities?What types of projects would I be involved in?Will I work alone or with a team?What are the major challenges for this position?Are employees encouraged to contribute new ideas?Will I be asked to relocate?How many people would I supervise?Is there an organogram which indicates my line of reporting?How many people have held this job in the past 5 years?What would be my career route and criteria for promotion?What are your expectations on my deliverables?How will I be evaluated / performance managed?Is there induction / initial training to bring me up to speed?What are the employee benefit details?What are your companys future plans any mergers / acquisitions?How soon will you decide on your successful applicant? 16. CVs - Candidate Interview Techniques contShare your core competencies to demonstrate confidence and convictionList reasons why you want to work for the companyIdentify expectations and job fulfilment which you require for careersuccessReveal passions that align job offerings and the ManagementsPerformance Incentive ProgrammesMarket your organisation savvy to eliminate rivals by smart communicationAchievements should indicate Team work, Networking and Best PracticesDiscuss hobbies / leisure activities evidencing healthy balanced life styleAcknowledge any influential Mentors and Role Models to project ambitionIndicate balancing of demands and ability to cope with stressHighlight successful conflict resolution by identification of root causeShare Time Management style: Priority ranking, Time allocation, Graphicmilestones, recording and remindersLoyalty comes with Job satisfaction, progress, freedom to deliver and personal growthShow pride in your achievements and growth statusIndicate long term plans of Career growth and goals 17. CVs Future Career ManagementTarget your own